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What Others are Saying

Blork | 90/100

Fun but nowhere near as difficult as getting over it

09/15/21 at 1:34 PM

babayaga0504 | 69/100

Not too bad a level, but a bit short and unexciting (which is ironic considering this level uses height as part of the gameplay). Top of the background doesn't loop correctly, but design-wise, it was satisfactory enough. Impressed with the scenery, but not much else. I think the final bit of the level can be improved by placing the boss elsewhere in a more convenient location. My original rate was a 6/10 but I'm bumping this up to a 7 because I quite liked your decoration.

09/15/21 at 2:54 AM

johnnypro | 70/100

It's good but too short

09/15/21 at 2:14 AM

javien322 | 76/100

This user did not provide a review.

09/14/21 at 10:35 PM

Blueberry | 80/100

I know you are trying! But put the Boom Boom somewhere else! also at the start at least give a warning that there's no ground!

09/14/21 at 6:07 PM

LogoFun13_YT | 75/100

I have to agree with Dale here, It's short, the boss comes to early, and should be in a separate room.

09/14/21 at 2:11 PM

Dale | 75/100

Not a great idea to have a boom boom, especially a flying boom boom, in a vertical level without making it a separate entrance (door/pipe/etc). In your level, the boss comes too early. I was able to beat the level and collect all four dragon coins.

Also, the level is kind of short. I will give you a 75 and hard.

09/14/21 at 1:50 PM

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