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Plume 4.0 | 69/100

This was a fairly solid level which gives me NSMB vibes. Let's review this.

The gameplay was solid which gives me NSMB vibes in my opinion.

The scenery was good, however, I have to agree with Skopler about it being overused in map 1. The rest of the level that used the scenery was rather good.

Map 1 the checkpoint was rather unfair to the player due to the excessive bullet bill spam. I'm sure not even Yoshi could dodge that.

In total this was a decent level aside from its flaws, nothing really special but it kinda felt generic.


Level: 70/100
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Score: This level was moderately Meeting Expectations

10/01/21 at 7:42 PM

Skopler | 60/100

This level has two important flaws that makes it agonizing: excesive scenery and enemy oversaturation. The scenery on map 1 was a bit too much for my liking, but I guess it was still okay. The enemy oversaturation was my main concern, as you thought you could make a level out of adding excessive number of monsters in one screen. To make matters worse you also made the whole screen be filled with fast bullet bills. This isn't challenging, this is straight up annoying.

3/5 stars

10/01/21 at 2:03 PM

Dale | 90/100

Not a bad level. The level was pretty good even if it is kind of long. I will give you a 90 and medium

09/30/21 at 2:40 PM

Bowser Blum Blum | 75/100

good level was not bad has beautiful decoration and the enemies you have to kill them with the spicy flower.

09/30/21 at 2:07 PM

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