• Description: Power-Ups Challenge!
    Try and do it!

    (Too Long and Too Hard!)
    (This level has 3 Checkpoints.)
    (This level has 5 Dragon Coins.)
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What Others are Saying



10/12/21 at 3:08 PM

Igames2010 | 100/100

Oh gosh!!!! This level is so hard and good to play

This level is so EXTREME but...I'm not used to playing difficult stages but I'll give credit because the challenges are interesting

10/12/21 at 12:02 PM

luigiwins12 | 85/100

This could be a level for SMB: The Lost Levels. It's pretty challenging. Yeah, I know, you said it was hard, and there are only 3 checkpoints, but I don't think that many people can even get past the first section. Luckily the carrot lets you stay in the air for quite a long time. Still, it's a creative level, although I suggest that there should be more carrots (because I'm a noob gamer lol XD) for other people like me. I like carrots. ;) (At the first part)


3/5 stars

10/09/21 at 9:06 PM

babayaga0504 | 80/100

This wasn't great to play tbh, but I do admire the ideas. They looked like they could've been great challenges if tested properly which unfortunately didn't seem to be the case. None of the powerups matched their respective sections' themes either, except maps 4 and 7 which actually made sense. Also, nearing the end, the level lost its appealing visuals. Gameplay side of things was very frustrating especially when you misjudge or mistime a jump and end up paying the ultimate price of death. This level had creativity, but the amount of trial and error needed to get past each map was ridiculous.

10/09/21 at 1:46 PM

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