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The platform in the narrow tree is really annoying to deal with. Also, the level is just not that interesting.

10/14/21 at 10:46 AM

javien322 | 50/100

This level wasn't all that interesting. It's below average. Not quite my cup of tea.


-Tree spam
-Bland and has minimal scenery
-Confusing tree jumping
-Some goombas do not fit the theme of the level
-Chuck spam in the 2nd map
-It's annoying for mushrooms to be in front of Mario, You can't see him
-Castle tiles at the end of the level don't fit with the theme

Overall Difficulty: Easy
Overall Score: 5/10 (F)
Overall Class: Unsatisfactory
Summary: Under Par

[] Don't spam trees right next to each other
[] Try adding a little bit more scenery
[] Make your levels less flat
[] Don't add confusing tree challenges
[] Make sure goombas fit the level
[] Don't spam chucks to make a challenge
[] Don't put random items behind the scenery

Good luck in your future levels!

10/14/21 at 8:49 AM

Andecidreweye | 60/100

Well, this level was ok. It had a nice idea and design to it. But, as babayaga0504 stated below, there are a few issues: The tree branch platforms were confusing, and it took me a few deaths to figure them out. There were also a few tile cutoffs with the bushes. I don't personally think that background changes were bad. I thought it was cool seeing the background and music shift like that. So in conclusion, this level is ok, but could really use some fixes.

10/13/21 at 4:43 PM

babayaga0504 | 55/100

Just gonna throw it out there right now. This level is bad. How it received the score below I have no idea, given the very lousy execution with your gameplay and unfairly placed hidden blocks as well as no clear clues with how to maneuver past the "tree branch" platforms until you find out by paying the ultimate price of death that invisible blocks were placed behind the branches. This level does not take into account the fairness of the obstacles at all. Why were there items behind scenery and random 1-Up blocks placed? Better yet, why the sudden background changers? If you want to change themes, I suggest you put them in separate maps because your way just does not work. Now, beyond that, the scenery is in dire need of a major facelift. I almost expected to see good visuals and aesthetics but it came across dry with nothing but repetitive tree decorations and layering errors that were not even done correctly half the time. It may look decent at first, but this level leaves so much to be desired.

10/13/21 at 4:19 PM

Bowser Blum Blum | 100/100

This level was lovely friend enjoy the challenges I will give you 100/100 you deserve it what I enjoyed the most was the forest landscape with snow and blue lava.

10/13/21 at 1:33 PM

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