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What Others are Saying

Sho Me | 1/100

it is impossible TO Play This.
it just take 5 seconds to Die.
Extreme Hard
I just Play super annoying Level
Why did I Play This

11/24/21 at 8:42 AM

luigiwins12 | 1/100

I LOVE this level SOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!

11/23/21 at 9:52 PM

SuperO | 1/100

It does not even need to play this level because it is impossible. You die immediately when the level start. As others said, there are many cutoffs. Please improve yourself.

11/22/21 at 2:10 PM

constructor9812 | 1/100

Is there even anything that needs to be said here? It literally takes like 10 seconds for the level to even start -- that's not a good sign. Then, there's enemy spam and cut offs everywhere. You can't even beat it. Stupid. Even I can make better levels than this. That's saying something.

11/21/21 at 11:45 PM

NotSoCubic | 1/100

I don't need to write a review to explain what was wrong with this level.

Cut-Off (100+): -100
Impossible: -90
Enemy Spam: -60
Trash: -75
Fairness: +226

1/100 (X)

Level Palace is better off without you.

11/21/21 at 8:22 PM

Cesar1 | 1/100

This user did not provide a review.

11/21/21 at 3:55 PM

Softendo | 1/100


11/21/21 at 3:54 PM

oxobun | 1/100

This user did not provide a review.

11/21/21 at 1:34 PM

twisterjoyful26 | 1/100

What the ever-loving hell did I just play.

This unbeatable, childish, messy, haphazard drivel of a level really takes spammy levels to a whole new level (haha). Not only is it unbeatable, but it’s so hecking riddled with fish that it looked like you drank 400 liters before making this level. May I ask what your motivation is for making these insane creations. Plus, there’s more water cutoffs than fish. This made my iPad lag like an old man in a leg cast. I question people’s abilities to make good levels.

11/21/21 at 1:26 PM

Hi dog_2 | 1/100

This made my school computer crash...
This level is worst then my dog biting me
It's just spam level

11/21/21 at 12:26 PM

decaghi | 1/100

well first of all its unbeatable. so that's an auto 1/100. but other than that its pure spam. i cant really say anything else since your stupid habit is to make spammy levels. do you think its fun?

11/21/21 at 12:22 PM


Tips for your next level:
1. Don't make an enemy spam level (especially if the amount of enemies causes for lags)
2. Don't use only one of the L's. There's a reason why there are 2 L's to make the level seem pretty.
1/100 an awful level

11/21/21 at 9:42 AM

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