• Description: This is a fairly difficult platform level. Ride the platform to the end.
  • Contributors: No additional contributors.
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What Others are Saying

Its who | 50/100

This level looks empty.

11/24/21 at 5:04 AM

kingkestro777 | 35/100

Could have been much better, it's not medium but neither easy, the positioning of the enemies...

11/23/21 at 2:42 AM

sanichedgehog2020 | 100/100


11/22/21 at 2:01 PM

trash creator | 32/100

is east but not cool

11/22/21 at 12:19 PM

NotSoCubic | 30/100

This level is a bit better than your last one, but it still doesn't make the cut. The whole challenge is dodging galoombas and parakoopas, the music is also way to loud to even hear anything. I will deduct only 50% of the points I usually deduct for this since you probably don't know, but in the custom music settings there is a dropdown called Volume, and you can change it to normal volume, -5 db or -10 db. This level also lacked scenery. There are really good sky decoration items you could've used like the rainbow semi-solids or the animated clouds. I know you are still new to Level Palace but we can do better can we?

Lack of Scenery: -30
Music Too Loud (50%): -10 (was -20)
Repetitive Gameplay: -30


We can do better can we?

11/22/21 at 11:18 AM

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