• Description: Toadsworth went to analyze a cave but was eventually captured by Bowser and it's up to Mario to enter that cave and rescue Toadsworth.
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What Others are Saying

kingkestro777 | 50/100

This user did not provide a review.

11/24/21 at 2:54 AM

TitoCapotito1513 | 65/100

detetive coelho is very sus.

11/23/21 at 9:25 PM

NotSoCubic | 45/100

Lack of scenery, lack of challenge, very ugly level. There are a thousand different decorations you could've chosen from. Also there are 2 cut-offs by one of the pipes. Bowser was stupidly easy although I died twice at Bowser cuz I was stupid lol. I agree with babayaga0504 on everything he said. So I will rate it a 45 as well.

Lack Of Scenery: -30
Lack of Challenge: -20
Cut-Off (2): -2
Pointless Item: (50%): -3 (was 6%)


11/23/21 at 8:01 PM

babayaga0504 | 45/100

Mediocre level with limited design. The design was very flat in most areas and there was no particular use for Yoshi other than to walk on munchers. You may as well have used the goomba shoe. Overall not much to see here. The Bowser fight was standard.

11/23/21 at 3:13 PM

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