• Description: Mario travels ancient buildings for an historical research. This buildings with thousand years has a hundreds of dead. Therefore, this travel of Mario won't be easy any because Mario fears ghosts.
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What Others are Saying

constructor9812 | 80/100

It's difficult. Also the grinders have NIIIIICE hit boxes. Lol.

11/28/21 at 11:54 PM

Yodelyy | 75/100

I am not good at kaizo type stuff but I like the look of the level.

11/26/21 at 8:40 PM

TitoCapotito1513 | 65/100

Oh this level has very exaggerated challenges, apparently for you it is possible and for the other users of the palace level community it is impossible because not everyone passes it and if unfortunately I played it, I got to where the ghosts and the peaked rock are. The same challenges of going under the saws are often repeated by pushing yourself and ducking as in your other levels.

11/23/21 at 7:50 PM

NotSoCubic | 60/100

I learned a new mechanic with the saw-blades: apparently the bottom of them don't have hit-boxes and you can duck underneath them by doing this. Although no matter how far I get I always die as soon as I stop crouching. I even tried going to the back left and running up and ducking that way, but still nothing. I'm gonna have to deem this as impossible for now, so if you could fix this I will change the rate, although I feel generous so I only will deduct 50% of points off of "Impossible" since it might be possible but I'm just bad enough.

Impossible: -40 (was -80)

60/100 or 3/5

Maybe get rid of the saw-blade so I can see how the rest of the level went :)

11/23/21 at 7:32 PM

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