• Description: This level is Possile to Win.
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What Others are Saying

twisterjoyful26 | 6/100

200th rate Lol!!!!
Yo what happened to the actually playable level you just made?

It isn’t impossible guys, just not enjoyable in the slightest.
Did you even test this? VERY precise stuff going on. Everyone who starts the level has to die to the Thwomp, guaranteed. After 0.1 picoseconds, you have to move one block to the left and jump over the speeding Bill. Then you die to a grinder. Yeah no. The grinders are basically invisible and you have to have the exact right timing to proceed. Then you spin jump over Thwomp and get to jumping Chain Chomp. Better get out. After that, you basically play through a series of precisely-timed jumps. Not to mention the giant swarm of Boos in the middle. If you choose the wrong path in the P-switch section, you die. Troll. I should mention the very small timer. That just adds to the sheer anger I had while playing this. It was short, but you know, short timer. Make enjoyable levels thanks.

11/24/21 at 7:17 PM

decaghi | 1/100

no moron it isn't beatable...… the thwomp part IS possible but after that it isnt. going behind the thwomp you just randomly die to a grinder so that's unfair too

11/24/21 at 6:41 PM

NotSoCubic | 5/100

I'm sorry, not sorry, this is impossible. Since the Thwomp is put down so low it makes in impossible to clear it, added along with the stupid invisible block and the baddie box with the saw blade. Scenery was good (or at least it IS good) but don't make impossible levels. The whole point of Level Palace is for people to enjoy your levels from start to finish, not just a tiny bit of the level.

Impossible: -80
Unbalanced Gameplay: -15


11/24/21 at 1:36 PM

SuperO | 50/100

I think the big thwomp is unfair and it is very hard to complete first part. The scenery is good although it is some lacks and cutoffs. Also, the p-switch at last part is unnecessary. Already, the goal point is at same location as the p-switch.

11/24/21 at 9:48 AM

Blork | 1/100

This IS hard, but not the good kind of hard. It's the unfair kind, where you can't see things such as that grinder behind the scenery and the instant death with the thwomp. These are reasons why i stopped playing after the first screen.

11/24/21 at 8:34 AM

Cesar1 | 1/100

level of spam from enemies they kill you at the beginning it seems easy to the one I created the level but for us this is impossible
impossible: -10
Enemy Spam: -30
kill at start: -40
and instant death: -20
the worst level

11/24/21 at 8:31 AM

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