• Description: The Boss one is Hard
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What Others are Saying

bowser jr | 20/100

I agree with decaghi

11/28/21 at 3:24 PM

decaghi | 21/100

this isnt very fun. lakitu gives out infinite 1ups and its clouds can be used to cheese all the way to the castle. the tiling is garbage with a lot of cutoffs in it. the bully p-switch area was also very garbage since i had to wait for like 5 minutes just for a key to appear. why coudnt you just place the key there by itself instead of forcing the player to wait? that troll thwomp was very unnecessary too.

11/25/21 at 12:18 PM

twisterjoyful26 | 38/100

My god this level is all over the place. It’s not fun in any sort of way.

The Lakitu generating endless 1-Ups is just stupid tbh. Why would you give me infinite lives if this level isn’t that hard.
The first map had no actual tasks to do. Toad houses just exist to slow the player down and really have no gameplay addition.
The overall scenery in this level is thrown in the trash, as there is nothing to decorate the level in any map. The ice tiles just look very drab without any scenery.
Gameplay is bad. It’s boring, straightforward, has the same enemies for like 20 seconds, and is repetitive.
Map 3 isn’t any better. It’s an ambiguous mixed mess of paths and doors. No scenery and emptiness in some parts make it bland and time-wasting.
SO many cutoffs. Use Layer 2 or just don’t put red doors on two-tile pieces of ground.
Ice physics can be a real buzzkill and make the level very annoying, ESPECIALLY in slopes.
The P-Switch section involves all the switches overlapped in one tile. It very much irks me trying to get in the tunnel, grab the key (it takes 8 years to spawn), and get out when there are around 4 Bullies trying to push you into a small one-tile area of frozen lava.
Checkpoints are everywhere. More reason why this level is so mixed and careless.
Thwomp troll was trolly and useless.
After the total unfunness of this thing, there’s the boss. It’s poorly done with a bridge cutoff and like 3 different bosses on one screen.

Just make good levels.

11/25/21 at 9:59 AM

Andecidreweye | 45/100

Meh, this level had a few good parts, but other parts were boring and just dragged on too long. Also, there was some poor tiling.

11/25/21 at 7:53 AM

babayaga0504 | 45/100

This was a pretty bad level, to be honest. To start off, the beginning hardly introduced any gameplay and the ice castle section was very repetitive. I wasn't expecting the switch button challenge to be so annoying. Sure, the ice physics can be a bit of a pain in the ass but also the fact you overlapped all three switches in one tile AND added two Bullys. The troll thwomp later on didn't do you any favors either. Apart from the overall bad design there wasn't really anything that was notable in the gameplay factor aside from the repetitive thwomp challenges. Not to mention you literally placed solid tiles behind scenery in the worst possible place, like why would you even do that. The boss battle wasn't much better either tbh. Not because it was "hard" but moreso because it was just badly done. Not a passing level in my book.

11/25/21 at 5:30 AM

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