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What Others are Saying

Waluigi68 | 100/100

Great level!!! :D It has a great amount of scenery, and I love the challenge... It was medium for me. This level has no defaults so 100/100 :)

05/29/17 at 4:30 PM

Q22 | 100/100

I have to say that the level is kinda short,but I have lots of levels even shorter than this :p so 100/100 anyway

05/05/16 at 9:35 AM

Multi | 100/100

I thought it was pretty easy, but I've been around for 3 years.

GOOD LEVEL DANG it was fun and Neo Edition made it even better. Think Neo Edition as the butter and your level as the bread. Really nice combo. Great job Josh!

Overall Score: 100 / 100

05/03/16 at 6:55 PM

The Flying Dutchman | 100/100

nice grammer in the textbox, nah i'm not gonna distory you with a bad rate now, it was a good level. (that dot was for the 100th character)

05/03/16 at 6:15 AM

FullMetalDragon | 100/100

Overall, you did a very good job in this Neo Edition level, using a good amount of scenery, good tiling, challenges, and the concept. I remember playing this level when it was known as "Neo City" back in PG before Pouetpu went on a massban and wiped you from PG. I will now go in-depth on what I liked about this level:

First off, you did a good job putting effort in challenges and tiling. The tiling put together with the scenery made me feel like I was physically in the future, in the heart of a city, and navigating it. I didn't spot any flaws with the tiling at any point in the level. The concept in this level is very neat.

Also, the way you put challenges in the level is very nice and it is one of the factors that make the level deserve to be replayed once this level is played. I especially liked how you placed enemies and made use of backtracking, to add up to the challenge in this level. I liked how in the end, when you fight Boom-Boom, you put spikes near the ends of the boss area, making the battle more challenging.

To conclude with, this is a very good level in Neo Edition, making use of nice challenges, tiling, scenery, etc.

05/02/16 at 10:53 PM

Softendo | 100/100

&1-4&enjoy my level thanks&lord J&you made it do far but can you distory bowser's mini robot it get in the tower witch will be the final leve in the world&

-1 for Cutoff in "leve"


05/02/16 at 9:44 PM