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What Others are Saying

Softendo | 55/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/19/22 at 1:08 PM

Build | 60/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/16/22 at 6:07 PM

valterriitsjames77 | 52/100

The start of the level was decent, then it kinda went downhill. There was just random enemies and platforms, and there needs to be a checkpoint before the unfair rising lift section

01/16/22 at 3:41 PM

Andecidreweye | 50/100

Well, this level had decent gameplay at first. But the rising lift with the paratroopas is unfair, as you have to time it right to get into the pipe. Plus, I would reccomend having a checkpoint somewhere before that part.

01/14/22 at 4:54 PM

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