• Description: Hello friends how are you? I'm bowser blum blum and thanks to you I have the great adventure of mario part 3 if this level gets a gold rating I will continue doing the series and you will have the great adventure of mario part 4 this level is possible nothing impossible and they will not give 1 /100 on the Bowser 3 fighting map the only way to beat Bowser and throwing fireballs at him would be all the time gaining momentum with mario and walking and jumping successively I hope you pass it the first time I don't want to make a tutorial but if they say It's impossible, according to you, I'm afraid I'll have to make a tutorial since I would waste time recording it and uploading it to YouTube, that's why I don't like to record my levels, I rarely record them, so enjoy the level and have fun.
    The music that I personalize LazorCozmic5 does not sound good I will use one that I personalize bowser jr my son.
  • Contributors: Warning: Images contain sexual and death themes, viewer discretion is advised. I hope no one is offended as the images are for entertainment purposes and obviously have to do with mario and luigi. thanks to bowser jr and LazorCozmic5 for the custom music. personalized music that I personalize bowser jr 3 musics are on the maps. map 1 map 2 map 3 custom music that LazorCozmic5 helped me customize only one music can be found on the maps. map 4 map 5 map 6 map 7 I have a big surprise for bowser jr.
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What Others are Saying

SpectreTheLevelMaker | 85/100

It's pretty good, but sometimes Parkour and Decoration don't mix up together, it's still a good level!

05/22/22 at 5:26 PM

NimcsiFincsi | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

05/14/22 at 6:47 AM

babayaga0504 | 40/100

As much as I like the pixel art, I have to agree with some of the below reviews as far as the challenges go. Part of it has to do with the challenges being too tight for Big Mario. The falling platform jump near the wall of death blocks being a prime example of this. Inside the castle section also followed up with enemy overloads like the part with the long firebar and drybone beetles along with the pillar cutoffs, all contributing factors to unfair moments and bad design. I suppose the pixel art was cool, but there's still a lot of technical flaws.

05/12/22 at 9:11 PM

Cesar1 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

05/12/22 at 7:59 PM

HelinhoPN | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

05/11/22 at 9:07 PM

valterriitsjames77 | 63/100

some of the challenges were not fun to do, and one of the yoshi coins are a trap and is impossible to collect

05/11/22 at 3:24 PM

bowser jr | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

05/11/22 at 11:44 AM

baronbrrrrettwastaken | 100/100

I must admit, the challenges are pretty fun.

05/11/22 at 9:57 AM

Skopler | 30/100

This was an okay level, with a genuinely good pixel-art showcase at the end. The challenges in map 1 were actually fun and enjoyable. Map 2's challenges weren't that great but they still managed to be decent. However, realistically speaking, the level is short gameplay-wise. You can argue the level has a total of seven maps, but four of them don't truly offer any kind of challenge, and bowser's fight is, well, your average vanilla bowser fight, which quickly felt boring and graceless. My biggest complaint, however, is how inaccessible the gameplay can feel. If you're big mario, then good luck, because most of the challenges are thought for small mario. It's easy to instantly die as big mario as the height difference between floor and ceiling punishes anything that's one block larger. Same thing happens in bowser's arena albeit less dramatically. Map 2 has this wooden platform that contains a dragon coin and a mushroom, and the only way for getting out of there is by jumping while running, something that can be hard for big mario given, again, the height difference. Lastly, map 6 has the single most annoying jump part I've seen in a level. The height difference between the pipe and bowser jr's hand(? is six blocks, which can't be reached unless the player jumps while running, however the area that the player has for running is quite limited, which makes this task difficult, especially for big mario.

You've got to properly test your levels before publishing them, so you can avoid adding challenges that are annoying and tiresome.

1.5/5 stars

05/10/22 at 11:31 PM

carl3 | 100/100


05/10/22 at 11:06 PM

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