• Description: Play the Level here: https://luigibonus.com/games/yoshisfabricationstation/

    This Level was finished on the 20th November 2021 and it is my 8th YFS Level overall.
    It's gimmick is that you have to look at the reflection above you to see the path that you need to tread on. It's a bit shorter and a little more experimental than my other Levels.

    Here is the Playthrough: https://youtu.be/oUop6wHTZ1U
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What Others are Saying

T_Sonic54 | 85/100

Very nice level, I just have a question. 2 actually. If these have been answered so be it. 1. isn't this level place just fo SMC? And 2. If it the answer is yes, do feel like having an entirely different level place for YFS? Because these levels are good.

05/12/22 at 5:43 PM

WeegeeLuigi | 80/100

This user did not provide a review.

05/12/22 at 12:36 PM

Ice Yeti | 85/100

I really liked the idea of the invisible blocks that are shown from above. It reminds me of some of the Minecraft maps I have seen. My only complaint would be the one jump where you have to jump far and then duck under something is really hard, and I couldn't get past that.

05/12/22 at 7:42 AM

Skopler | 70/100

This is one interesting level. While the idea has already been done and explored in SMC, I don't think anyone has been able to reproduce it in YFS besides you. This definitely makes the level stand out from the rest I've seen and played. I can also acknowledge that YFS has a lot of limitations (mainly the fact that objects cannot be put behind tiling). One cannot simply ask for more challenges besides the ones you added... or can one? What I think would have made the level a bit more varied is adding more tension between gaps (say, blocks scattered so even it's hard for the player to tell in which to land), some fast-paced parts (so the player starts reading the required data faster) and possibly other stuff besides this challenge (I happen to imagine this level as more of a part in a level, with the level having even more parts, and those parts having different gameplays). Hopefully the level is short so the concept doesn't get tiresome quickly.

3.5/5 stars

05/11/22 at 10:33 PM

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