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SpectreTheLevelMaker | 15/100

Pretty boring level, the hub/level select is laggy, and the Bowser fight is very easy but hard at the same time, No seriously. It takes me 20-80 seconds to get one hit on him.

05/23/22 at 11:26 PM

DragooniaShade | 1/100

It could have been a decent level if we could get through the Boom Boom part on Map 3, so sadly i'm gonna have to give you a 1 since the level's not beatable.

05/22/22 at 5:42 PM

HappyAyo | 30/100

Aesthetically pleasing but impossible to beat and the fact tha are no checkpoints removes the fun from the game 30/100

05/17/22 at 12:42 PM

T_Sonic54 | 15/100

What King Dominator said is true, how what he forgot to mention is there is a hammer bro where when if you don't move in X amount of time he will kill you instantly.

05/14/22 at 4:29 PM

Vortoxium | 20/100

It doesn't seem like it's possible to beat the level so I have to rate based on what I've seen so far. The beginning area of the level is really flat. Some enemies are placed in a weird and unfair way. You can run to the right for a while after having reached the warp to area 2, but there is nothing there. It would have been nice to place a barrier to the right of the entrance of Bowser's Castle so you can't go to the right there.

There is another entrance on the first map that leads to a pointless different area where you can collect coins, but when you exit the area you are at the beginning of the starting area again.

When you enter Bowser's Castle there is a giant stack of Goombas blocking your path and if you weren't quick enough to get past them you have to wait till the slowly walk to the right into the lava. After that there's a bunch of unnecessary One-Ways placed below a moving platform which serve no purpose whatsoever.
Then of course we have a Boom Boom fight which gives you a P-Switch after you defeated him, but to my knowledge that P-Switch doesn't do anything at all and since there was a One-Way below the Firebar part you are stuck at the section, not being able to continue on your way. There is also an On/Off-Block at the Boom Boom fight which seems to be intended for an earlier part, but since you can't go back it seems pointless.

Overall, not such a fun experience and you can't continue at one point. 1/5 Stars based on what I've seen.

05/13/22 at 8:51 PM

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