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What Others are Saying

DragooniaShade | 1/100

Cute actually, but meh it wasn't really a 'level' wasn't it?

05/16/22 at 11:50 PM

baronbrrrrettwastaken | 5/100


05/14/22 at 9:13 AM


Uhhh... why was the pipe in the end invisible? Also, this level wasn't fun at all

05/14/22 at 4:18 AM

King Dominator | 10/100

This... wasn't even a level. It's really short and there is no gameplay at all. You could have placed a barrier to the right of the "School" to prevent players from wasting time when walking there, since there is a good chunk of absolutely empty land there.

Hm... idk what else to say since there really isn't much to see in this level. 0.5/5 Stars

05/13/22 at 8:58 PM

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