• Description: After leaving the ghost house and taking a nap in a bush Mario sees a desert and goes thourgh.
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What Others are Saying

redwolf018 | 10/100

yeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh naaaah

06/23/22 at 11:36 AM

babayaga0504 | 10/100

Desert theme is one of the more overdone themes in SMC. I made a desert section in one of my levels. This one could do better in a lot of areas tbh. More variation in height would have been good, as the layout is just too flat to be enjoyable at all. I almost thought it was a joke level or something, not that good joke levels can't be pulled off. But this just wasn't it.

06/22/22 at 12:22 PM

carl3 | 32/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/19/22 at 11:24 PM

HappyAyo | 10/100

First off: I whole-heartedly agree with what twisterjoyful26 said. I mean, even MY deesert level were better than this. The "rock tunnel" made thee first bit cheeseable, the challenges were boring and bland, and it was very, very flat. You really need to listen to feedback to make better levels.

06/19/22 at 2:01 PM

twisterjoyful26 | 18/100

It’s obvious that you did not take my or anyone else’s advice in terms of gameplay.

The music was unfitting as it is overworld and not desert. Cutoffs were fixed. Nice. At least I don’t have to stare at improper tiling. The rocks, however, are still spammed all over the sky to make it seem like a “rock tunnel”. Spamming one-tile blocks offers no natural addition to a level, since they’re spread all over like butter. So instead of hard, the level is plain boring. Gameplay is very bland and gets stale quickly when lines of enemies are literally the only challenge on the map. Please take a moment to playtest your level and say that it is not finished. Near the end, there’s just a run across flat terrain with nothing to make it hard or fun. Ok enemies were just drably placed. Take in mind that the Pokey in the rock tunnel requires damage-boosting as it cannot be jumped over (at least as big Mario) in the tight area. Make it shorter. Piranha Plants come out of thin air and not pipes. Please put them in pipes. Other than the regular enemy challenges, the map could be beaten with holding right. There was one pit which kind of caught me off guard with the poorly placed plants, but it was still a breeze to go through. Level was short, flat, and unfun. Scenery was thrown out the window. At least you took the effort to place a jar and a couple cacti, but this is not enough. The entire thing looked and felt very empty. Dragon Coins—there was one. One Dragon Coin is not a good choice because getting at least three or four provides exploration and optional tasks for the player. All it required was to go through an opening in the rock tunnel. That’s it. No challenge. No challenge in this level.

06/19/22 at 10:26 AM

Hellothe414_053 | 10/100

That was it? A short desert level? Anyways, try adding more and more decorations throughout the level because you only put a short amount of them at the beginning only and do not use Cool Mega Mole nor Platform Mega Mole because they serve as platforms as well while being a threat to the player, so use a simple Mega Mole. Nonetheless, there's a Pokey that can already damage Super Mario. If you're going to hide three Jumping Piranha Plants, put some scenery in front of them. Anyways, after the Goomba and Piranha Plant part, all you have left is to run towards the end of the stage and that's it.

06/19/22 at 4:50 AM

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