• Description: Super Mario World: Reborn - World 2.7: Crazy Cold Nights

    Now at this point, It's nighttime. Usually in the desert during daytime, It's extremely hot and dry. But during the nighttime, It's the complete opposite. COLD. Very ironic if you ask me. At least it's a time to cool off after that sweltering heat from the past 6 levels. Since it's summertime, I'll now have around twice as much time to work on my levels. Can Mario make it through this dark level? Find out now!

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What Others are Saying

carl3 | 100/100

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06/23/22 at 11:16 PM

Skopler | 90/100

I really enjoyed this. The challenges didn't felt too complicated but also they felt somewhat innovative, the yoshi coins were fun to obtain and each one challenged the player in different ways, and the scenery was brilliantly made, with the right amount of tiles and design combinations in my opinion. The darkness overlay wasn't a problem for me.

If I could change one thing about this level, though, is the part where you must pick one of two routes. None offered anything relevant nor made the section creative. It was short-lived and the only things that seemed to vary were two enemies. The invisible blocks usage was completely unnecessary as a one-way gate or literally any other item or tile could've fulfilled the job for what you wanted to do. Perhaps a power-up or an additional dragon coin placed at the bottom part could've made this section more appealing.

06/23/22 at 1:22 PM

Smeagol | 95/100

I really enjoyed playing your level! It had great challenges and pretty good scenery. I loved the places you put the dragon coins!!! They were fun to collect and sometimes pretty tricky. One problem is that the darkness does almost nothing to make the level harder or anything at all. and I think that it is pointless if all you used it for was scenery because your tile scenery looks great already. The enemies and scenery sometimes got a little crowded. It is better to have more simple scenery in my idea.

-5 for occasional crowded scenery

Rating: 95/100
Difficulty: Medium

06/23/22 at 10:50 AM

HelinhoPN | 95/100

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06/22/22 at 7:13 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

I see what you did there. Because pride day is around the corner and you're coming out /j
mfw level palace won't let me customize text color

Decent challenges, good placement of Dragon coins because they also make for good challenges. Not sure what to make of the scrolling night-time star background though. That might work for the cloud backgrounds but not for the stars background or else it'll look like the ground is moving. Similarly, the invisible wall is for troll levels so it's unfitting to find something like that used in a regular level. So overall I can say the level was enjoyable, excellent work. And great scenery, because that's all people look for nowadays. /hj

06/22/22 at 1:57 PM

Andecidreweye | 90/100

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06/22/22 at 12:51 PM

redwolf018 | 85/100

Very nice level and ideas, It does have some problems but they are something to blame the game for. But I do think the darkness is kind of pointless though. Still a really well made level so I will give you a lot for that

06/22/22 at 12:28 PM

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