• Description: a short level
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Banana325 | 90/100

This was a fun level! The decoration looked great, and the enemies even added to the decoration. It was pretty easy, as the ice and hammer flowers are very powerful. The Hammer flower is a poor choice of powerup in a bossfight because you can duck down the entire fight until you need to throw a few hammers. I like that this was optional however, because it was a spike in difficulty from the rest of the level (if you ignored the hammer flower). There were a bit too many powerups, so removing some of them would make the level have higher stakes.

-5 for too many powerups.
-5 for bossfight being too easy

Total: 90/100
Difficulty: Easy

07/15/22 at 10:27 AM

mtn | 75/100

Nice level. The boss scene is good too. However, there is a major bug in this level that you must fix- at the end of map 2 there is a warp pipe that is set to take the player to point 4 on map 1. This point does not exist, so when the player enters the pipe he sees the beginning of map 1 but without Mario! (And the level cannot be continued).

07/08/22 at 9:09 AM

ninjago | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/07/22 at 3:08 AM

redwolf018 | 65/100

umm, it exits.....................................................................................................

07/05/22 at 2:40 PM

Hellothe414_053 | 80/100

Are you using SMW custom music I downloaded in a virus mp3-mp4 website link and converted it into Dropbox, fool? -100 points for stealing without using my permission. Just kidding, anyone can use it. Music wasn't made by me anyway, I always liked that music used from Chairo and kevinareco55's levels. Anyway. I like how this level was structured with cool decorations and all with even Munchers sticking out on the trees but try not to add that much enemies in one go like the Lakitu but at the same time, there are abundances of Volcano Lotuses and Spinies that I have to deal with. Custom background of the main section may not look good but hey, the level is alright and I do like the boss but you have to retry once you lose both Hammer Suits but you can just duck down to avoid Bowser's burning hammers. I like the volcano bonus section but why did you put volcano cavern behind the lava on Layer 2? You could have continued progressing the main cave tile set or extend the volcano tiles. No need to put that mini One-Way wall over a single volcanic platform since the player can normally stand on it. Overall, good short level.

07/05/22 at 10:21 AM

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