• Description: ULTIMATE TROLLS
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What Others are Saying

HappyAyo | 1/100

Wait, this is a troll level? I thought this was one of your official "aj world" levels.
Anyways, please don't make any more of these levels. These aren't even trolls, they're just enem spam. Onto the grading:

Not good:

-99 points.

Easy since you just need both powerups and use your invincibility frames.

07/08/22 at 7:47 PM

mtn | 2/100

Yes, I knew at the first moment that I was going to rate this level in a low rating... but I still tried to get into all the pipes at the end of the level... and I succeeded.
So the challenge is nice but... the rating remains low, I do not have to explain why. but because there was a nice game here- get one more point in the rating ;-)

07/08/22 at 10:00 AM

Solid Elbows | 1/100

This isn't really much of a troll level. It is more of a sad excuse of a level and I hope you get better at making levels.

07/05/22 at 10:44 PM

Dale | 1/100


07/05/22 at 7:37 PM

redwolf018 | 5/100

What a disaster of a level. I honestly couldn't imagine you could make something worse than what you were already doing. I was hoping for a new level, but I was scared when I saw your name. There are cutoffs, enemies are lazily spammed everywhere, pointless stuff was placed, and the level is so short, that my popcorn for playing this level was cooked after I finished it. Terrible placements, horrendous puzzles and over the top insanity. I'm gonna say the first level you posted on this account was worse, but still incredibly rushed, with July 5th being the same day you published your last level. Put actual effort in and stop rushing levels so fast that they were published on the same day, jeez.

07/05/22 at 6:19 PM

babayaga0504 | 1/100

Yikes. So basically, this is a troll level. Not much else to say other than that. I had to check this level out in the editor to make sure there was an exit to beat the level. What I found was you can actually dodge the enemies pretty easily. Just jump on the red bullet-bills and keep jumping to avoid the spike basses. There is a goal, but without looking in the editor, it's just an unfair troll level that deserves a 1/100.

07/05/22 at 6:11 PM

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