• Description: difícil
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What Others are Saying

baronbrrrrettwastaken | 9/100

Challenging I will admit, but this is just an annoying boom boom fight and nothing else.

07/08/22 at 12:01 AM

javien322 | 28/100

I'm afraid boss-only levels aren't recommended to be published since they're only a testing device. Make them private instead.

07/06/22 at 6:44 PM

HappyAyo | 1/100

This is poop
Like seriously even my cat's vomit is more pleasing than this level
This isn't hard, just overpowered boom booms.
Play some levels that higher-ranked users have made. Those can inspire you

07/06/22 at 9:40 AM

babayaga0504 | 30/100

Kinda tricky at first but not bad once you get the hang of it. That being said, this is only a boss battle and not a fully fledged level. Thanks for sharing though.

07/06/22 at 2:40 AM

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