• Description: Play here:

    Use this music (only in Parts 1, 2, and 4):
    When you get the Stalin coin (Star) in Part 1, it is your choice if you want the music to still play or not, but please don't use it in Part 3, aka. the Mini Boss.

    Part 1: 8000x-5180x
    Part 2: 4780x-3260x
    Part 3: 2840x-1320x
    Part 4: 900-0x

    After a month, the 2nd final level of 7 Days in Russia is out! Vlad is getting really close on Kaliningrad and his goal since the beginning was to reach it. In this level, have your last battle outside of Kaliningrad. If you win, you get access to Kaliningrad (City). If you lose, you must go back and prepare for another battle. Can Vlad get into Kaliningrad? Find out in this level!

    (Level won't be recorded for a week as i don't have Bandicam on the current computer i'm using, sorry for the inconvenience)

    Fact: Every 7 Days in Russia level is split into Parts. Day 1 is a 2-parter, Day 2 is a 2-parter, Day 3 is a 3-parter, Day 4 is a 4-parter, Day 5 is a 4-parter, Day 6 is a 4-parter, and Day 7 is a 5-parter.

    Fact 2: After you kill off the vice President in Day 4, Vlad starts fighting Mini Bosses, bosses not as big and dangerous as Sam Jr. in Day 4.
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