• Description: *This level was made last year but I never got the chance to post it.*

    Originally the name was 7 Days in Russia: Operation Kaliningrad Takeover (Day 7), but I decided to rename it to 7 Days in Russia: Operation Amalgamation (Day 7).

    Play here:

    Part 1: 0x-7000x
    Part 2 (Mini Boss): 7540x-9260x
    Part 3: 9800x-11780x
    Part 4: 12000x-14400x
    Part 5 (Final Boss): 14680x-15000x

    Music for Part 1: (Credit goes to Lord Apoplexy for the music)
    Music for Part 2: Music 15 (Mini Boss)
    Music for Part 3:
    Music for Part 4:
    Music for Part 5: Music 9 (Final Boss)

    Vlad has taken over all of the Kaliningrad Oblast except for one city he has just entered.. Kaliningrad. This level is by far the hardest and bloodiest level you'll ever play within the series, and it's all up to Vlad giving Kaliningrad back to Russia. He either does it or he takes the walk of shame. First Vlad must battle the crapitalist pigs by battle tanks and airships which are what protects the city. Then Vlad must take on the Mini Boss which is a monty mole who makes you think outside the box. After that, Vlad has reached the middle of Kaliningrad and must be able to hold on to a mushroom to get past a wall that protects the President and the President's house. If Vlad breaks the wall completely, he'll have access to Sam Sr.'s house and he'll be able to fight off Sam Sr.'s style of attack and if Vlad dodges all of his attacks, he'll be able to fight the President. Can Vlad manage to get in the middle of Kaliningrad only to slice Sam Sr.'s head off? Can Vlad wipe out the rebel army completely? Can Vlad make the rebels surrender? It's all up to you, Vlad!

    * Please note that this level is fully tested, so there shouldn't be any impossible area.

    If you're interested in what happens after you kill the President, then read this section below:

    Treaty of Kaliningrad:
    Russia gets to take back the Kaliningrad Oblast and they get to have full control over it again. The capitalists agree to withdraw their army, and are also permitted to live within Kaliningrad under Russian rule. Vlad will be elected President of Kaliningrad with Vladena who was kidnapped as the Vice President. Vladena was President of Kaliningrad before being kidnapped, but agrees to be Vice President under the hero named Vlad.

    Vlad originally lived in Minsk before the invasion of Kaliningrad occured. After the Treaty of Kaliningrad, Vlad agrees to move from where he lived to the capital of the Kaliningrad Oblast, which of course is Kaliningrad. From there, he and Vladena worked together under the rule of the Oblast and their relationship got closer and closer by the day. A week after their reign, Vladena out of nowhere asks Vlad to marry her and admits her love with Vlad for liberating her under the former rule of Sam Sr. Vlad, with a reluctant look, admits that he was in love with her too the moment he laid eyes on her. Both were not sure what to do, until Vlad told Vladena that he'd invite everyone to their wedding by flyers and getting his followers to help get a place set up since after all Vlad is the President, and he knew people would wanna see someone famous like him and Vladena get married. After everything's set and done, Vlad and Vladena both get married in the middle of Kaliningrad, and both live within the President's house (also referred to Sam Sr.'s house during the invasion) until they died. They then adopted a bear who loves seeing anything with a hammer and sickle. They decide to call him Boris, and Boris behaves more like a dog than a bear. In a way he's like their "guard dog" since he knows how to protect Vlad and Vladena whenever something bad may lurk.
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