• Description: A remake of World 4-3 from Mario Forever with a few new sections and more. This is my first level in years, and I don't have the greatest level design choices in my opinion. I decided that this would be Mountain-themed and not Sky-themed like it was for the original game. Also, since the Rotodisks seen later in the level weren't added yet (I think), they have been replaced by Ball 'n Chains. Enjoy I guess.
    Haha cry about it redwolf18 if you hate SMC remakes of Mario Forever levels then go play Action 52

    -EdFan Sus
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mandrut2003 | 100/100

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09/21/22 at 5:19 AM

ninjago | 100/100

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09/20/22 at 3:19 AM

carl3 | 73/100

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09/19/22 at 11:36 PM

redwolf018 | 1/100

You're acting like an immature toddler because I rated your remake a 1/100 for being unoriginal, and I'm still not too sure if remakes of fan game levels are allowed (It's a roller coaster of information). We could have kept this whole drama private, but you had put this in your description, exposing yourself to be the crybaby. If you're going to keep this up then I might as well put you on babayaga0504's bounty list. Also, you have layer 2 selected which is an actual crime which can sentence you to your whole life in solitary confinement.

This is my third 1/100 this week and we're only 2 days in. That's just sad.

09/19/22 at 7:35 PM

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