• Description: no this is a mountain not volcano level
  • Contributors: No additional contributors.
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What Others are Saying

Junbug0905 | 70/100

Okay deco, and cutoffs but good gameplay give it a 75.

01/25/23 at 4:19 PM

Cammario | 50/100

Good gameplay, but not good tiling. There are lots of cutoffs, and there is the wrong tiling-bg choices.

01/22/23 at 6:28 PM

DragooniaShade | 70/100

In terms of gameplay, it was okay but not that impressive, tiling quality though went.. up in the air (Get it?), there were plenty of tiling/scenery cutoffs and some odd tiling choices (Never seen ghost house tiling being used in a bonus-themed room before).

01/22/23 at 4:03 PM

randommariomaker | 70/100

So, I think there is wasted space in a few maps. And I think all of the maps. Plan your size before making the map. It could look weird even in the editor. But for the level, it had some cutoffs, and a random clock in the sky. But other than that, an okay level!


01/22/23 at 1:27 PM

Bonus | 75/100

The ground has tons of cut-offs (just use underground OR mountain tileset), there's a random clock in the sky, the volcano was pretty good, but... it's okay.

01/22/23 at 12:57 PM

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