• Description: Super Mario World: The 8 Orbs
    World 4-2: Haunted Hillside


    Second level of World 4.

    WORLD 1: Grassy Land
    WORLD 2: Dry Dry Desert/Snowy Desert
    WORLD 3: Sandy Shores/Waterfall Woodlands
    WORLD 4: Haunted Hills
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What Others are Saying

Glove | 75/100

1: Decorations | D | most of the level is bland, but the clocks were not really that necessary for the design, but at least you added some

2: Enemies | C | the lava bubbles weren't that important

3: Secrets | N/A |

4: Enemy Varity | B | pretty decent varity

5: Softlocks | A+ | no softlocks founded

Score: 77/100 [ Rounds Up To 75 ]
Level Grade: C
Its not bad but maybe you could do better hopefully!

01/24/23 at 7:46 AM

DragooniaShade | 68/100

This level is pretty much just like the previous one, with the difference is that i haven't found any cutoffs which is good, but in overall, nothing much to say.

01/23/23 at 3:19 PM

SuperSnarfy | 60/100

This is a really boring level, you can beat it while literally holding right and x the entire time. Very little challenge, but there's okay decoration at least.

01/23/23 at 1:02 PM

Bowser Blum Blum | 85/100

The level is much better than the previous one but there are still quite a few annoying enemies and it lacks decoration

01/23/23 at 11:40 AM

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