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    WARPS: 0
    Secret Exits: 1
    Moon here?: No
    Star/Yoshi/Dragon coins: 3 (Default)
  • Contributors: No additional contributors.
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What Others are Saying

MushroomMaker | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/29/23 at 10:22 AM

Bowser Blum Blum | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/25/23 at 12:05 AM

Cammario | 100/100

Initially: 94/100 but I added a +20 bonus because this is your first level, but I cant go over 100, so final score: a perfect 100/100

01/24/23 at 4:40 PM

DragooniaShade | 90/100

A short and nice first level, honestly really a fan of the decoration here, pretty consistent and it actually shows that you know what you're doing, the gameplay is.. well what you would expect for a rookie, basic enemies and a ON/OFF switch, I think yuu certainly have lots of room for improvement in future levels.

Now knowing that you're Ukrainian (from reading your profile info) and knowing the terrible stuff that y'all are going through, i'm going to give you some extra +15 points in form of support.

01/24/23 at 2:10 PM

Glove | 90/100

1: Decorations | A | I love the decortains but i found a bland part during the level if it had decoratins it wouldove been a A+

2: Enemies | A | enemies are in perfect places, maybe a bit too much koopas, its your opinion tho

3: Secrets | N/A |

4: Enemy Varity | B | Perfect Varity For A 1-1

5: Softlocks | A+ | No Softlocks Found!

Score: 90/100
Level Grade: A
Good Job On Your First Level!

01/24/23 at 10:59 AM

mammuth | 90/100

the level design is very cool, many different reliefs and combinations of scenes, I'm doing a new type of analysis and in LP, the level's scenery is very cool, it has a ''cute'' look ''cartoon'' is simple and gives an aspect of those smw hack rooms that make the graphics very beautiful, 1 star for the scenery, the other star goes to the gameplay, I really enjoyed playing this level because it made me nostalgic for super mario world hack rooms and modified versions of super mario flash and the times I played super mario world hack rooms, 1 star, the style of the level is unique and I loved the way he worked with the scenery and positioned the enemies, I loved the phrase he said to collect all the dragon coins to get a life and the part where there was a secret passage, this is very reminiscent of the smw hack rooms, even if that's not possible you found a way to remember this, 1 star, creativity, I thought so too something unique and not sure s about this level, maybe I will change my rating when the next levels are published, for now I give 0.5 stars, extra, I would like to talk about the enemies, you chose well the enemies you were going to place but I thought there were few of them, it is interesting to leave the enemies aside for the player to focus more on discovering secrets and having fun with the scenario, but the enemies are an essential and classic part, I think it could have more enemies in some parts that's why I'm giving it 0.5 stars, note: emotions, you you probably like smw or hack rooms a lot and you found the way to change the theme of the game even with the graphics being smw very interesting, i liked the way this level brought me very good feelings that made me remember old times, the level has a style unique, keep making good levels like these, I wish there were more enemies, I wish the next levels like castles or more advanced had challenges, puzzles, I think it would be a perfect match mind with this style, although it's a small level, it's better than many big levels, it's small but the emotion it brings is big, final grade 4 stars, 90 points

01/24/23 at 10:48 AM

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