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superfrog735 | 88/100

1 - at this level some challenges were missing such as puzzles or some secret that is worthwhile (- 5)
2 - I do not see so much sense that the level has curtains, but it lacked decoration to the sky and those curtains covered it, or unless those curtains are something like a work (+ 16)
3 - the design was at the top and it was a nice atmosphere and it gives you curiosity to know what is in the level (+ 20)
4 - the number of enemies is very decent and varied as piranha plants, football players, moles, koopa troopa, etc ... (+ 8)
5 - it would have been better if this level had something vertical (that you could upload) this maybe you would have used it to make a secret in this level or something like that (- 3)
6 - the difficulty is much more descente than the other levels I have played (+9)
7 - month liked the design that maintained the level until the end, but it would be better if you had more space for the end of the level (I mean that you can not see the enemies and the possible faults that the level has) (- 4)
8 - I loved that that variety of items were so hidden, the level would have been very difficult without the secret items (+ 22)

my points that I always use by default (+ 11)

my total score is (88 - 100 average, a passable level)

07/04/18 at 9:22 PM

Plume 4.0 | 100/100

Great level challenging let's review
Design 20/20
Level 20/20 short but fun
Challenges 20/20 monsters and tiles
Monsters 20/20
Bonus Points 20/20
For all the level was fun but great job points 100/100 difficulty Medium

05/02/17 at 8:38 AM

CarlosV | 100/100

This is a great level with the theater theme,for that curtains.The level wanst generic,or other thing on my opinion.This was fun and cool to play.Ok you can get 100/100.

100/100 - Medium Difficulty - CarlosV

07/25/16 at 10:42 AM

Denz | 100/100

Love this level! Short, but fast-paced and challenging. Excellent design and eye-opening scenery. I was rockin' out to the background music as well, so that was a good choice. XD Keep up the good work! I hope you reach 20 rates on this stage just like you want. Good luck! ;-)

07/23/16 at 9:23 PM

Soulshade | 100/100

This level was pretty fun the challenge was awesome and the scenery was stunning problem is I can't give amazing levels long reviews :( R.i.p anyway the level was nicely made with a lot of skill and effort put into it! and the scenery looked amazing I loved the feel of this level!!!
Game play 90/90 Awesome job M7?
Scenery 10/10 Looked nicer then nicist
Overall 100/100

06/21/16 at 9:45 AM

ZidaneZ | 100/100

I think it was fine. The music is obviously intended to evoke feelings of winter, but honestly, I think it's fitting. The level plays well and has some challenge to it. It feels like something out of a real indie game.

Someone below hasn't been buttered today, I see. :3

05/08/16 at 11:22 AM

William | 80/100

The only thing I can't agree with was the selected background and music. It kind of felt unfitting to the tiling you placed within this level. As far all challenges go it felt kind of straightforward and there were hard parts here and there that took some consideration. 1120x was one of these parts, and hey, that part even had a floor glitch. Remember to place S tiles in layer 2 to prevent Mario from going within them. 1540's usage of cave tiling within the ground tiling felt kind of iffy to look at, considering it also had a bush within it. Another issue with 1540x you had was with the fence tiling. Remember, if you want the level to have the classic SMB feel, keep the fencing all in one layer; placing it in layer 2 just makes it overly professional. 2160x had the orange and green blocks, which wasn't a huge concern, but like I said earlier, your choice of theme was not the best choice and I felt there could have been a change, maybe with the tiling, or maybe with the background/music. As far as sprites go I felt there could have been some variation as you pretty much went through this level fighting the same enemies, such as the koopas, monty moles, beach koopas, and some piranha plants here and there. Lastly, the only fence tiling I could love was the one at the end. It gives you the 'ol classic feel and isn't too professional in design. As far as the top part goes I have no complaints for it, it didn't really get in my way and was never a problem to the player.

05/08/16 at 10:18 AM

Michael | 100/100

I love this level. The only bland part was at the very start, there were few badly placed enemies in my opinion (although rip that Blue Beach Koopa who will never stop sliding). But I rather judge on whether the gameplay was good - did I enjoy the level and did those flaws obstruct my enjoyment? Said gameplay was very satisfying, and no they didn't.

05/08/16 at 5:07 AM

przem1994 | 100/100

Another awesome level Pichu. I like how you used the custom music. I also like how Hiro updated this game. The design is awesome and great challenges. Good work Pichu. 100/100.

05/08/16 at 2:01 AM

IggyHopxD | 100/100

AWESOME LEVEL WITH ALL THE NEW THINGS IN SMF! I think it's fantastic. So give a 100/100. ASTOUNDING WORK!

05/07/16 at 10:44 PM