• Description: If you are having trouble with the level, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-TkYHiI30U

    The 2nd ghost house of Mario's unique journey! (please ignore the text box! XP)

    Difficulty grade: 5.5/10 (Medium)

    If you fake rate, I'll ban you. THIS IS A WARNING!!
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What Others are Saying

William | 60/100

I managed to get the secret exit first, and I thought it was a cool idea the way you had it set up here. Unfortunately, it's bad level design the way you had it, but still had some challenges that required some backtracking. The level itself was tricky, and some enemies at the beginning came out of nowhere, unexpectedly killing me. The water placement I think is your biggest flaw on terms of tiling, and it wasn't properly layered in plenty of areas throughout this level. When I had a powerup on me, often times I would get stuck for no reason, but at least this level was a little on the perplexing side with the warps. You had 2 areas that only warped you back just a little bit, and it fits with this kind of theme. With the gameplay, the boos kind of got annoying when you were in the water, and some areas like 2640x were lacking gameplay. The underwater sections like at 1760x weren't the best either, and it was simply dodging some fishes and collecting coins. Still, I like what you did here, and this is probably my favorite ghost house level from you so far, despite it being an old level.

07/17/17 at 12:59 AM