• Description: Here's the level's playthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eATlcZJmyR8

    3-9 is finally here. A park filled with gorgeous waterfalls.

    Difficulty grade: 4.75/10 (Medium)

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What Others are Saying

William | 60/100

Layering was the biggest problem in this level. Still, I like the concept and story behind it, but as I mentioned, layering really gets in the way of gameplay, and can be frustrating when you have a powerup. The water isn't properly placed in a lot of areas, as well as the pipes at the beginning that you didn't even drop down in Layer 2. Instead, they float in the water for some reason. Besides these, I like what you did at the checkpoint trying to make it feel as if you need to take an alternate route. However, after looking at your editor, you placed Entrance 3 as the checkpoint warp for some odd reason when it's Entrance 2. Besides that, I really like the design throughout this level, and it did fit well with the theme. I also like what you did with the bonus area adding a baseball chuck challenge just to grab coins and retrieve, and the dropdown at 3980x can be a little hard with the chuck in the way as well. The actual gameplay in this level wasn't as bad as I thought, but could be revamped some. That and fixing your major layering flaws, and many of these challenges might come out better.

07/17/17 at 1:21 AM