• Description: Video if you're having trouble: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OQn3Du3Hck

    Mario enters a pipe structure built 16 years ago...
    Yep. June 23 1996 was when Super Mario 64 was released (in Japan)

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    Difficulty: 5,95/10 (Medium-Hard with the puzzles
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What Others are Saying

William | 70/100

This is also an interesting level of yours. The tiling isn't the best thing in the world, but I can see what you were trying to go for. Another thing, but be sure to shadow the top parts of your ghost house pillars. One thing I noticed about this is that the checkpoint doesn't work and warps you back a little further than you had anticipated. I don't like how this p-switch section doesn't indicate you needed to get the green switch at 3080x0y, and I had to die after my hard work. I thought this was just about the p-switches at the bottom portion of the level, but I was wrong. It can also be tricky to get around thanks to time. I was just about to give up until I saw your video. Besides this, the level itself on terms of gameplay wasn't the best thing in the world either, having a lot of the repeated enemies throughout this level, especially the piranha plants and chucks that made flying by this level easier than I thought once I got the hang of it. I can also tell your coin placement was there to fill in level space, not as much to guide the player.

07/18/17 at 9:46 AM