• Description: Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI0ToszEHzo

    This level is also in memory of JMuth561, Markeyruiz97 and luigibonus.

    Difficulty: 5.65/10 (Medium-Hard)

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What Others are Saying

William | 70/100

Much shorter than I thought, and I'll be honest with you, this has not been my favorite World 5 level so far. For one thing, the monty mole challenge can completely be derailed by walking underneath, and allowing yourself to jump on the monty mole once you get out of this area. Because of this, you can skip the whole top part and managed to beat this area really quickly. I also noticed a few floor glitches with your upside down slopes that could damage you if you weren't careful, and I didn't like the double jump trick happening at 2140x if you had the chuck running at you. The p-switch section previously wasn't much of a challenge either since it was simply jumping, as well as avoiding sparkies. The jump at the beginning killed me the first time trying it out since you quickly fell, until I saw what actually happened. I actually really liked this beginning area since it had some noteworthy challenges, but the ending was the big dagger of this level since you left a lot of unused space open. Not to mention that you can use your trampoline from the beginning of this level.

07/18/17 at 8:50 PM