• Description: Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOMspMoWMus
    Play the music here: http://www.tuberepeat.com/?v=DF5RUTr6yrI
    Here's another sexy level just for my F/F's! ^3^
    Ok this level contains awesome stuff from the latest update of SMF2.Enjoy all the sexiness in here! :D
    This means you, TFKPillar76. ;3
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What Others are Saying

William | 55/100

This was an alright level overall, having some alright gameplay here and there. The first flaw I saw as soon as I first played this level was at 220x, and you can see a slight cutoff here, as well as bad layering. The scenery was nice, but once again, I think the design carried you away from actual gameplay, allowing most of it to be easily skippable. Coins also got overloaded quite a bit as this level progressed, and you can easily skip 2120x's section just by jumping over the green pipe. These fence sections were easily skippable as well, not providing anything unique about them either. I do like that I didn't see any floor glitches, as well as a creative, but hard jump at 2900x that made this level a little difficult. However, at 3060x, you can easily roofskip and get yourself stuck up here, as well as layering problems existing entering this section. Tile 2 above the pipe should have been in Layer 2 to prevent this from happening, and there wasn't any scenery in the way here, so it wouldn't have been an issue to fix. Also, where's the gameplay at 3640x? It's just like the previous fence section, but just as bad since there's no enemies.

06/27/17 at 1:30 PM