• Description: Here it is! The first level of my SMF2 tag series with LightSage1331!
    To find more information about these unique series, go to this page: http://mariomaster7771.weebly.com/super-collaboration-bros.html

    x0 - x2000: made by 7SuperMarioBros7
    x2000 - x4000: made by LightSage1331

    Play the custom music here: http://tuberepeat.com/?v=FS8V_v8tu4k

    If you like this level, make sure to add us as F/F's, if you haven't!

    Here's the link for LightSage1331's PG profile: http://www.pouetpu-games.com/index.php?section=6
  • Contributors: LightSage1331
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