• Description: (IMPORTANT MESSAGE: You can ask me if you want to do a tag level for this series, and contribute to it! Remember that you can only help with three levels in this series! So choose wisely which level you want to help me with!)

    Qwertyquop's section: 0-1980
    Lord Apoplexy's section: 2000-4000
    WORLD 1-4: The Copper-Bronze Jungle

    Impeccable work on going through the Cabin of Copper and Mysterious Cave, dear explorer! You're doing excellently thus far in the Copper Layer, and now only one more challenge stands in your way in order to get to the Copper Core required to access the next layer: The Copper-Bronze Jungle!

    This is one of the Thirteen Wonders of the Cave, the cabin itself coming a close second despite it being man-made and not made by nature running its course throughout this cave. My, my, is this a sight to behold!

    Not only does it feel like going through a gorgeous jungle when traversing through this section of the Copper Layer, but the sound of the various lakes in this jungle will also captivate your mind into swimming within it, despite the dangers of getting stabbed by urchins or being munched on by piranhas.

    Don't give up now, explorer of this cave. Because thou must continue forward in order to find the treasure buried within the ruins of this layer so you can return home and take a rest. Or perhaps you will change your mind...
    CBG made by Markeyruiz97
    Level made by Lord Apoplexy & Qwertyquop
    Level Size: X: 4320, Y: 360
    Music Name: Crash Bandicoot - Upstream/Up The Creek
    World 1: Copper Layer (3/5 Complete)
    World 2: ???
    World 3: ???
    World 4: ???
    World 5: ???
    World 6: ???
    World 7: ???
    World 8: ???
    (Warning! Level might be somewhat difficult for some players! This is made by someone who's played Mario games for almost over 10 years, and has his levels considered too hard for them when it's easy for me. Overly long message is overly long, by the way.)
  • Contributors: Arceus 2 for helping with World 1-3 Qwertyquop for helping with World 1-4
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