• Description: I couldn't put in qwertyquop's full name :P
    Story's in the Level Info, do yourself a favor and READ IT! Although it doesn't really tell you anything important. Still :P

    Epic Rainbow Face Guy is joining me in the tag, it was originally Multi, but things happened. Hooray for him reviving this level?

    Can't think of anything important to say... Oh yeah don't use your reserve mushroom! They're for testing purposes only! :P You can only use it if it's a feather :D

    I'm also pretty lazy :/ I feel like I didn't do as good as qwertyquop :(

    ALSO, when at my spikes part, crouch and jump! K?
  • Contributors: SirSword (0-3660 technically) qwertyquop (3680-7320 technically)
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