• Description: (IMPORTANT MESSAGE: You can ask me if you want to do a tag level for this series, and contribute to it! Remember that you can only help with three levels in this series! So choose wisely which level you want to help me with!)
    WORLD 2-1: The Tin-Blue Pipe Caverns

    Welcome back to the cave, dear explorer! While you were busy taking a break after going through the Copper Layer, an entrance to the second layer has opened up for you! You've gone through the Copper Layer now, and now it's time to head deeper into the caves to the Tin Layer.

    Your first challenge is the The Tin-Blue Pipe Caverns, filled with lakes and puzzles that you'll need to solve in order to get through this level. Rumors say, that this layer in particular houses something interesting, but I won't be telling you, just for the sake of keeping it a surprise, ehehehe!

    But alas, I believe we shouldn't be wasting time, then! You've claimed one out of the seven symbols required to get to the hardest layer to get through, where your treasure awaits you. Will you succeed in getting the Tin Symbol, or die trying? We'll find out! Let our exploration of the Tin Layer commence, and together, we shall find the Tin Symbol deep within this layer!
    CBG made by MarioMaster7771, A.K.A: 7SuperMarioBros7
    Level made by Lord Apoplexy
    Level Size: X: 3820, Y: 360
    Music Name: Jak 3 - Sewers
    World 1: Copper Layer (5/5 Complete)
    World 2: Tin Layer (0/5 Complete)
    World 3: ???
    World 4: ???
    World 5: ???
    World 6: ???
    World 7: ???
    World 8: ???
    (Warning! Level might be somewhat difficult for some players! This is made by someone who's played Mario games for almost over 10 years, and has his levels considered too hard for them when it's easy for me. Overly long message is overly long, by the way.)
  • Contributors: Arceus 2 for helping with World 1-3 Qwertyquop for helping with World 1-4
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