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    Mario has just arrived in Darklight district, not far from Fireisland district. Everything that is done is overcoming guards here and entering the dragon's cave. Getting out of that place is by Lavadoom district. Good luck!

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What Others are Saying

Luigibonus | 100/100

Wow! What an amazing level this is! This level makes wonderful use of Pyrogenic Edition! The tiling in this level is fantastic and pretty much flawless, and so is the beautiful scenery! Even with SMF1 not having that much content compared to SMF2, this level had unique and really creative challenges, both in the main and bonus zone. My favorite section is the bonus zone as I really liked the challenges there and also that really creative goal point. Enemy placement was also spot-on, and also really creatively used. This is definitely one of my all-time favorite SMF1 levels, fantastic work!

09/05/16 at 8:18 AM

luigiXD | 100/100

soooooooo it's a good level. but it feels like a bullet bill overload at a point because there's to much going on besides that good work (p.s that will not take of points:)

09/05/16 at 8:01 AM

SupaManta | 100/100

Another amazing level in the Bowser's Deadly Domain series. Tiling looks great, no cutoffs and great looking scenery. Gameplay is great once again, and is filled with fun, creative, and varied challenges. Nothing bad to say here. 100/100.

09/04/16 at 9:02 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

Awesome volcano level Vladut. It has awesome pyrogenic design as always, great challenges and scenery. I beat this level, so it was medium for me. You get a 100/100.

08/29/16 at 9:07 AM