• Description: This is a tag level with Mario00000000. It contains landscape of weird themes, so don't rate low for that.

    Music Name: New Super Mario Bros. Wii-Overworld
    CBG by MarioMaster7771
    Level Size: Mario00000000 0-2860x, LL2014 2880-6000x
  • Contributors: Mario00000000
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What Others are Saying

Deadfish388 | 95/100

Great level, but I died SOOOOOO much! I would consider this level hard, because it is (especially at start). although I am not gud at this game, I believe this was hard,

12/19/16 at 8:00 PM

Kawamo | 100/100

Very good level woohoooo soo much fun. I love this level because it has good scenery. please add me as a friend/fan

11/22/16 at 4:42 PM

GreenYoshiFTW | 100/100

NO MY GOD! This level was very amazing with alot of challenges and scenery! You guys did very well this is actually a very nice level, for me it was very hard to beat but i still did anyway Great job guys! (100/100)

10/09/16 at 12:28 PM

Luigibonus | 100/100

What a fantastic tag level, both parts were pretty dang amazing and you both executed the "weird theme" gimmick in this level very well - in the first half, the grass and forest tileset work really well with eachother. When it comes to scenery, I couldn't find any flaws but only bonus points. The scenery here is so creatively used, like the mushroom scenery at X:880 works really well with the forest tileset and looks awesome. In the cave section, I like how there's 2 cave tilesets mixed, and to see midway point scenery finally being used well was really neat too. Now, onto the challenges, and guess what? Yeah, no complains! :O There's not much to talk about these, other than they were fun & creative, and so was the backtracking here and there. One specific challenge worth mentioning was how you had to jump in between the Twhimps, like at the start. That one was really creative. Definitely one of the best tag levels I have played in a while, and definitely worth my 100/100! Awesome work guys!

10/08/16 at 9:01 PM

qwertyquop | 90/100

(British accent) I do believe this level is extraordinary. Every aspect of it is marvelous!

k, sorry for that, I'm bored lel

On to the review. Both parts were really good. The had good scenery, the backtrack and challenges are wonderful. But I think that LL2014's part is better. Sorry Mario :P

Mario00000000: Your part had good scenery, but the scenery was clustered across the whole level. I get that this is supposed to be a "=>Landscape of Weird Themes!!!<=", but your part just looks too messy for me. It takes themes and blends them uncontrollably. I didn't like the pipe cutoffs either, where there is just the pipe top and after that is a ground tile. It looks really messy. Overall, watch how you place scenery and cutoffs, k? k. :)

LL2014: Your part is amazing. The scenery and the tiles really blend together well. The bonus tiles adds a nice touch to the scenery as well. Backtrack is well made. One small thing I have to complain about, though, is your part is too crowded. I died several times from that bullet bill and thwomp and bullet bill and bony beetle at x3640 and x4820. Try to make your level kinda spread apart, but not really. It is a cave. ;) I really have nothing else to say about your part, so good job.

Overall, this level still has its flaws, but it's still a really good level that is enjoyable and fun to play.

Happy, ZM? I wrote a pretty long review lol (Not really Dx)

10/07/16 at 11:47 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

Very nice tag level. Let's talk about parts:
- Mario00000000's part has awesome scenery, very nice backtrack and challenges.
- LL2014's part is definitely awesome cave design, lots of scenery, very nice backtrack and challenges.
You guys did it very well. 100/100.

10/05/16 at 10:02 AM