• Description: Tag Level w/
    Luigi Bonus (0-3000)
    InsaneSanic (3000-5180)
    BrawlerDayComics (5200-8000)
    Sonic Colors (8000-10740)
    Mario00000000 (10760-11000, Battle)

    As the Series Continues, Mario finds himself being held by a secret bowser crew. they locked him up. As he finds to escape the castle, the troops are being warned.

    Athletic Hour IV:http://www.pouetpu-games.com/index.php?section=4&id=107254

    AthleticHour VI:TBA
  • Contributors: Luigi Bonus (0-3000) InsaneSanic (3000-5180)(Not Here) BrawlerDayComics (5200-8000)(Not Here) Sonic Colors (8000-10740) (Not Here) Mario00000000 (10760-11000, Battle)
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