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  • Rating: 100%
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  • Game: See description
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Published: 11/25/16 at 12:33 PM
  • Description: Mario unexpectedly had a real dream that consists of an endless expanse of lanterns. No monsters. Nothing he can remember except his Princess Toadstool and Toad.
    Play here: http://cha.webcrow.jp/games/smf2-smf3/?br=1.5&gr=1
    If you have trouble with the brightness, play with a different filter.
    (This is a featured level!)
  • Contributors: Only me.
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What Others are Saying

Mayro SMF | 100/100

Great level! A bit too hard for me. It has a bit of a sad feeling to it, good job on that, and great tiling and music!

12/14/16 at 11:50 AM

Captain Ner Smitty | 100/100

Wow. This level looks amazing. I love the use of the filters on the site itself to give a black and white feel. I didn't clear very far, but one really cool part was the clear blocks between the spikes that give the illusion that you'll land on it but you fall through.

11/26/16 at 9:09 AM

rrou | 100/100

That was very good level with unique challenges and atmospheric scenery.My rate is 100 and hard difficulty.

11/26/16 at 6:08 AM

Delta JYK | 100/100

This level has the most intriguing, or should I say unreal, design I've ever seen. The gameplay is just as enigmatic as what normal dreams would be (I think so) and the scenery is quite sinister, also canon to the nightmarish concept of the level. I kinda got confused at some fake blocks; I feel that you could have marked those places with an arrow, but that shouldn't be much of a problem. Definitely, a positively outlandish level. I have another level to add into my favorites list :D

11/26/16 at 1:54 AM

Evol Vex | 100/100

This Level was sick!!!! I would go into to detail but I would basically just be saying the same as Luigibonus. Great work man

11/26/16 at 12:37 AM

Luigibonus | 100/100

Wow, a little speechless... this was definitely one of the most atmospheric levels I've played in my whole SMF career. The music is only a small contributor to the atmosphere; the eerie tiling & background and the color pallete you used all fit so well together and creating that creepy atmosphere. Onto the gameplay, which I actually don't have any complains about either thanks to the creative challenges and obstacles. When you get to the ending, you have to backtrack (almost) all the way to the start. In most cases this can be tedious, but in this level you made awesome use of the newly added one-way-gates and thanks to that, the way back to the start feels like a brand new challenge. Tiling is pretty much perfect as well, good and creative use of the small pipe tiles and the gimmick that some dark blocks are not solid while others are was really unique too. I don't think I have to go in-depth about the scenery, I'd just be saying the same thing over and over again how awesome it is.

TL;DR I have no complaints. :p Definitely one of the best levels I've played in a while, fantastic work!

11/25/16 at 5:38 PM