• Description: This is a NSMB series-styled level, however it still has some SNES-styled parts (EG SMW tree/pipes) , so it's a theme-mix.

    It has got 5 (Formerly 4) A- coins, can you collect them all?

    Enjoy, and give me your opinion!

    UPDATE: I have changed the background, as the old one didn't work, because of Photobucket problems.
    BIG UPDATE 2ND MAY 2018:
    -Added a fifth A-coin
    -Replaced various enemies in the end to make it a bit harder (Still kept easy difficulty)
    -Changed the direction the pipe takes you after you exit the small cave where the last A-coin and the 1-up are
    UPDATE 12th of July, 2020: After some years, a "sequel" to this level is finally here! ...just that it's actually a remix of this one, just that in SMC and with different challenges/designs. Behold... Classic Hills! Here's the link: https://www.levelpalace.com/level?id=21898
  • Contributors: Luigibonus (Custom music), me (Creating level), MarioBlight and Level Palace (Recording for youtube)
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