• Description: Super Mario World Revival is finally back! After Mario successfully stopping the 5th Boom-Boom 4 years ago, he is sent to the freezing hell that is World 6. Will our italian plumber hero survive these horrible conditions? Well it will be up to you!

    Trouble on beating the level? Watch the playthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToUU9C6Wg_4

    Enjoy, as it is the first time a SMWR level is originally published in Level Palace!
  • Contributors: LightSage1331 (beta-testing)
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What Others are Saying

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

Actually a pretty great level with an eye-catching theme, I really like it! The gameplay had great versatility when it came to the platforming goodies. Starts off with an interesting challenge of using a koopa shell to clear the pathway of enemies at x:320 y:140. Clever usage of the bounding chuck in that one area near the green color switch as well; the fact that you had to bounce off of him to get to the 1-up. I also really dug the challenge with the fuzzball and spiney at x:760 y:200 as there is some timing involved with it, which I liked. The second half had a well thought-out p-switch backtrack mixed with some fresh challenges in places as well. As far as flaws go, ye did have a select few here and there, but it wasn't that bad, I'll be honest. You didn't necessarily need a galoomba to get across the row of munchers at x:1220 y:20 though, considering you could simply pull a reasonably precise jump from the slope. The checkpoint area was a unique add-on following up to the latter half of the level, but then again if you die, you can get a glimpse of the below area where the goal orb and final screen takes place. Anyway, minor flaws aside, I thought the challenges were actually pretty solid, as evident with what was mentioned earlier. There was a little bit of repetition with the monty moles in both halves as well, but nevertheless they made for a decent enough time-killer.

The visuals are praise-worthy too due to how well the theme was executed, with just the fitting selection of tiling and scenery to make for a good frosty atmosphere with cave tiling coupled with the normal skin 6 grass tiling. Overall the choices of design fit together really nicely. I guess that kind of includes the white solid tiles inside the ground. What more is there to say? lol. Good job, and take this 9/10.

04/07/18 at 9:50 AM

Luigibonus | 100/100

Nice to see a SMW Revival revival! It's awesome to see this series with the new added SMF2 content, along with the series keeping its good ol style.
My favorite thing about this level, is how diverse it is. You got the first half which is mainly focused on fun and creative challenges, like having to get carry the shell to the right place and throw it at the right time but at the same time, avoid losing it. That follows up with some cool challenges that involves going under cleverly placed grass tiling at the right time, as well as using a Goomba to get across Munchers. Sure, that has been done a lot of times before but now you also have to be careful of the Volcano Lotus which is what makes it more unique.
Then there's the second half, which offers great backtracking. Like OT said, it feels very open which makes it very immersive! The perfect custom music and background combination definitely helped with the immersive atmosphere as well.
Also, I like how the checkpoint area and goalpoint are inside caves. It's a small but nice touch.
Visually, also a pretty wonderful level. I love the grey solid tiles inside the grass tiling, they fit surprisingly well!
Also nice to see the white pillars (X:760) finally being used for once :p

06/11/17 at 8:03 AM

SuperDDOGLand | 100/100

I can't get past the first part. Thats why im giving it a 100, you made me rage quit and give up, cuz im a bad SMF player even if im a big fan.

02/18/17 at 2:38 PM

Mario00000000 | 97/100

Wow 7SMB7 glad to see your series is REVIVING GET IT!!! (Mario0000 jokes) BA DUM TSH. Lets get on to the review. This level is obviously a good level especially from 7SMB7. The level was challenging because the FIRST PART MADE ME DIE A LOT OF TIMES!!!!. 1/10. No. The challenges were very creative since you had like a time limit if you had a P-switch. if you didn't get to the certain location on time, you'd obviously fail. That was awesome but yet irritating. Also tiling let us talk about tiling. The Scenery was absolutely amazing but at the same time, a bit bland because there isn't much tiles used. I recommend putting trees or maybe even the striped pillars/tiles. Also I see you've fixed the tiling error. Good. Now for the misc. For some reason it doesn't feel quite right to put a bony beetle at x3700 because you know it's a snow level. It just doesn't seem fitting. All in All the level was absolutely amazing.

Status: 9.7 / 10 ASTOUNDING LEVEL!!!!

P. S. Your wish has been granted!

02/17/17 at 5:12 PM

Orangetack | 96/100

It's great to see that you have returned to SMWR after 4 years! It seems that even with SMF2's update, your style hasn't changed, which is not a bad thing at all. The design has a minimalist look, which fits well with the cold icy theme. The music is also a very nice fit. Also I have to mention I like the tiling at x3200 y240 the most.

The obstacles are very nice and have quite an open feel, the opposite of cramped. Oddly, the P-switch part in the first part of the level is the most challenging. The way you use the goomba to get across the munchers is another challenging part. Like the aesthetics, the challenges have a minimalist feel to them, like there isn't any unnecessary clutter. The only flaws I noticed is the glitch at x2900 y0 which makes you lose your mushroom, and the short cave areas seem kind of pointless as they lack any creative challenges.
Another thing that I really like is the layout of the level and use of Y space.

Overall a great return, and I hope you have time to finish this series!

02/17/17 at 7:23 AM

Lord Luigi2014 | 100/100

Yes 7, I'm glad to see your series reviving! I like the simple unique challenges you used throughout the level. The snow titles are cool and as always love the scenery. Some of the level was hard, but mostly medium. Great job 7! 100/100

02/16/17 at 6:18 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

Wonderful level 7. I'm glad that you resumed this series :D The tiles are creative than previous levels in this series. Awesome challenges and backtacks like Palace Switch. The design looks very cool. I hope you make more levels in this series. No flaws found. You get a 100/100 and hard difficulty.

02/16/17 at 5:26 PM

LightSage1331 | 100/100

I've tested this level a good amount of times, and after looking through it all, this is an amazing level you've made here, 7. Excellent scenery and nice gameplay are available here. The beginning is a little small which causes getting the actual koopa troopa a little bit difficult without accidentally resetting the area, but there wasn't much you could do about that at the time. Excellent level overall for a 100/100.

02/16/17 at 5:25 PM