• Description: So it's been one year. One whole year since Brendan released Level Palace to the public, one year since the SMF community was revived. It's thanks to Brendan and Chairo that I'm able to post this mega-tag at all. It's taken quite a while to get this tag done and halfway through it the leader of the League changed from CarlosV to me. Now, finally, here is the tag. It's well worth the wait.

    I have provided the entrance numbers for each section so it is easier to set doors to play each part.

    Lord Luigi2014 X0 - X2000
    FullMetalDragon X2000 - X4000 (entrance 2)
    Orangetack X4000 - X6000 (entrance 3)
    Thejanos X6000 - X8000 (entrance 4)
    CarlosV X8000 - X10000 (entrance 7)
    Qwertyquop X10000 - X12000 (entrance 9)
    Mario Blight X12000 - X14000 (entrance 11)
    Multi X14000 - X16300 (entrance 12)
    Orangetack X16300 - X19000 (entrance 13)
  • Contributors: The League✧
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What Others are Saying

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

This is an interesting level and what a great way to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Level Palace. Anyway, about the level. I think this was a masterpiece.

Lord Luigi:
So starting off with x0 - x2000 (Lord Luigi's part) This was without a doubt a great way to start off the level to say the least. Though this was one of the relatively easier parts of the tag, it's one of my personal favorites as well. The chucks and spitfire piranhas couldn't have been placed any better than they were here. Another cool thing about this was the thwomp placements and that thing in the middle that bounces (i forget what you call that but you know what I'm talking about). I also liked how you had to carefully hit the pink palace switch and backtrack your way to the warp pipe. However my one and only problem with this section was the munchers on the wall at x:1940 like was that really necessary? Anyways, this section was none other than amazing.

If I can be truthful here, the tiling wasn't the prettiest but it was the gameplay that matters and this section has proven to have wonderful challenges such as the one thwomp that you have to eliminate by hitting the grey flexible blocks, in order to further advance. Monster placements were on point - the sparky challenge too was done well. My concern for this section is within the x2680 section where the tiling may have been a bit confusing to the player due to the layers and the various tilesets but aside from that, this section was great.

This section was really good too. Though the tiling wasn't as neat either, the creative challenges made up for it. I liked the different hard jumps that this section had to offer such as the ones where you had to jump on the bone sprites but the ones where you have to bounce off of the shell-less koopas do get kind of tediously irritating after a while. Otherwise, this section was still good, all in all.

Definitely a good section of the level. This part had decently built tiling but just like the previous section, the challenges are the highlight of this section. There were several good challenges that were implemented including the thwimps followed by the spineys. x7120 tiling could have been done better because it came off as disturbingly unfitting but good area for the most part.

This could likely be my second favorite part in the level. Everything was just so well layed-out. Possibly the best section of the level in terms of scenery, at least that's what I think of it. Tiling was done incredibly well and another thing to note was that this section was the first to use vines and that's something that separates this from the other sections. I also enjoyed the p-switch backtrack. This section was definitely one of a kind.

This section wasn't bad, despite the beginning being a bit of a let-down because right away when you enter this section you may catch a death if you aren't quick enough to react in time. One thing that really got on my nerves was the moles in this section. As far as the overall tiling design goes, it was also wasn't bad but however it did come off as utterly confusing. Otherwise, this section was decent enough.

Mario Blight:
Also a fantastic section for the most part, but I criticize some enemy placements within this section such as the chuck at the very beginning. I think that should be deleted since it throws you off guard the minute you enter this section. If you jump, you lose too because you come in contact with the munchers that are only just above. It's almost impossible to avoid it without taking damage. Another enemy placement that I think should be altered would be the piranha plant placed upon the ceiling at x:12500. Sprites like that should have been placed in a pipe instead. This section was still good for the level because the gameplay was good enough.

What an outstanding section this is. It has got to be one of my favorite parts of the level not only because of the incredibly neat tiling but the challenges in this area were consistent throughout. The placement of enemies were also excellent. I don't really have much else to say for this, to be honest.
100/100 which brings me to the 9th and final section of this tag level.

Orangetack 2:
This section was better than your previous section. Though the munchers weren't as repetitive as your other section, that could still use some cutting down. In terms of gameplay, it was fairly good in this section with the bone sprites. As usual, you made excellent use of the munchers as the platform for the bone sprites. Another major reason as to why this section was significantly better than your other section was simply because it was slightly more tidier/cleaner in comparison with your other section that's full of munchers.

05/09/17 at 5:02 PM

cr8torGalaxy16 | 100/100

I absolutely loved this tag. The creativity, the gameplay, the design and scenery, they were just amazing. And it was so cool to look at the spread of different styles pf level-making across this level. I have to say this group effort was a damn good one. Well done!:)

05/08/17 at 1:48 PM

Soulshade | 100/100

My car is also blue. so blue it like this level maybe his car could of been red? but because you had to open your fat mouth we will never know, you are the reason I can't sleep at night

05/01/17 at 9:35 AM

CarlosV | 100/100

I did it soo, i cant say anything and i dont have really much time to write an vote and i need to go to a party of a girl sooooooooooooooo.


04/30/17 at 1:15 PM

bananaramen | 100/100

Oh, this is an amazing tag level!
Every part is at a wonderful level with their individuality.
I can not make a low rating to this level ...! Good job!

04/30/17 at 12:29 AM

LordApoplexy | 70/100

The review for this level can be found here in this level. I'm sorry if this score disappoints the many of you who worked on this level.

04/28/17 at 2:51 PM

creator | 96/100

there really isn't anything more epic than seing some of the best creators to ever start on this little thing called smf, make one level.

this was a really nice easy first part. the challenges where nicely done, and the tiling and scenery both where really nice. however, i don't think at X 1960, that you made that tiling really feel home in you're theme, in otherwords, it is just unfitting.


the tiling in this one really is outstanding! so endlessly creative, and with some really creative challenges! my favorite probably was this part, at X 2960, hitting the twomp under the blocks to progress. even though... i did feel like some parts may leave the player confused, or just don't have much time to react to. my problems with reacting time come in at X 2700 Y 0 under and the problems of confusing level design may come at X 3260 Y 0 above. none if these happened too me, but i think these may cause possible anger or cunfusement.

pretty amazing ,to say the least. every challenge here was very nicely inplanted. and some tiling like at X 5400 Y 0 was amazing, too! the only problem i have is that some jumps are a little bit repetitive.

the janos:
where are you man? you're never online. i want to see more levels of you, mate:P anyway, this part is definetly one of the best yet. lot's of challenges that are good inplanted, except maybe X 6600 Y 0. that challenges has been done to death. second problem, is tha tsome tiling mix-ups are really weird, and just don't simple look good personally. for example, X 7140 Y 0.

Carlos V:

this is one of the only users i don't excally now too much of. i now he made some amazing looking and playing levels, but i never played them. however, from what i can see here, he sure nows how to make two different tile-sets work together. seriously, that mix-up is platium. the challenges, while not bad to the slidest stretch of the imagination aren't bad, but not as good as others, honestly. too be honest, i can't find anything wrong with it, but it definetly ain't my favorite.


yay! another user creator doesn't now. yeah, while i knew who Carlos was, i have no idea who this here is. can somebody help me? however, from seing you're part... you're style is much different. it is one of those unique styles you can't put in words, so i'l just cal it "Qwertyquop's style". anyway, this was my favorite part. i love the jumps. i love the challenges. i love the everything. seriously, if this is how every level of this guy is, i need to play one of his level. NOW. like, holy cow!

Mario blight:

this part was great, but not perfect. let's first start with that piranha plant at X 12480 Y 0. i'm sorry, but this is just not how you should place a piranha plants. you should plant a piranha plant in a pipe. i don't care if it is clearly visible, i just don't want this. i have never heard of a piranha plant in trees, and till that day, i'l continue being critic about this. second, the challenge at X 13000. i can't tell you how much times i have already seen this used, and some even did it better than here.


honestly, while i can't find flaws, this isn't my favorite part, since things like scenery or challenges really weren't that great compared to other users. the only challenge that stook out to me was X 15600 Y 0. like i already said, can't find something really negative too say, but also not something unbeliviably good.


then we have this final part, the tiling here is absolutely amazing! i'm sorry, but it feels like you really wanted to make the player feel good completing the level, and you definetly did that with you're tiling here! too be honest it also isn't what i excepted from you, but i am happy you chose this option, since it showed a hole other Orangetack than we know. the challenges...amazing. i'm sorry, but you really tried you're best here. every challenge is so uniqe, so creative, that i could write a hole review on them alone. the only problem i found was that at X 18420, you builded the atmosphere too look like it was gonna be indoors, while it is actually outdoors. a tiny nitpick.


99/100+ 90/100+ 90/100 + 95/100 +100/100+ 100/100+ 95/100+ 100/100+ 99/100 is 868/900 what is 96,444/100 or just 96/100.

overal, the amount of effort in this level is amazing, and i wish everyone another nice year! my final score after this monster review of more than 4500 letters is 96/100.


04/28/17 at 1:59 PM

Meyland12 | 100/100

What can I say:

You, guys from league clan made absolutely good job. Great scenery, awesome and extreme challenge. I don't beat this tag level but I'm not one who don't beat it. It's very difficult level but it's great level. Happy Level Palace anniversary and I hope Level palace will have tons of levels, million rates, and a lot of great people. I can give 100/100 and extreme difficult. :')

Review by Meyland12.

04/28/17 at 12:03 PM

Pichu | 100/100

Awesome tag level with some creative puzzles and nice team work, nothing about any flaws found so, this 100% is more than enough.

04/28/17 at 7:42 AM

PrzemekXD | 100/100

Really good job, guys! It's a very long, challenging level with lots of scenery. Each part was great but I personally think that Qwertyquop's part was the best. Don't really have much to say. Everything was perfect.

04/28/17 at 5:48 AM

GreenYoshiFTW | 100/100

Happy Anniversary LP and amazing job! Everyone that did this level did a amazing job! I really don't what to say. This was just beautiful. The challenges were creative! This level definetly deserves a 100%. AWESOME JOB EVERYONE!

04/27/17 at 10:00 PM

pedrosorenan | 100/100

This tag deserves a top rating on your initiative and the organization that the level had. Even being made by different creators, the level is continuous, it really was an impeccable teamwork!

Individual notes:

Section 1 (Lord Luigi):

Good scenery and a good introduction to the level, really was one of the easier parts, which matches with an opening part!
Even though it was easy, this part did not fail to have interesting challenges, such as the jump on Koopa in X: 500 and the Thwomps in X: 1400.
I liked the idea of ​​having to return after pressing the Palace Switch!
What bothered me a bit were the repetitions:
X: 320, X: 720 and X: 1360 are pretty much the same challenge: jump on Chuck in a tight spot!
The piranha plant in X: 1640 is without function, since there are no challenges there, just wait for it to enter the pipe to proceed!
The scenery here is very good and I have not see tile errors!

Overall it was an easy and fun part as I like it!

Rate: 98/100.

Section 2 (FullMetalDragon)

This part has some interesting challenges like Chuck in X: 2200, jumping Bill Blaster in X: 2740 and the jump in X: 3200, but I must admit this was not my favorite part!
I find it amusing to feel rushed in some parts, but I think that was an exaggeration here! In most of the section there is no room to think, which results in a rush and ... unnecessary deaths!
I also do not like the idea of ​​earning a mushroom just to lose it front!
The scenery here is very good and I have not see tile errors!

Rate: 83/100

Section 3 (Orangetack)

This part is very difficult, and I have to admit that I hate that kind of level!
On the first try I did not know what to do several times (X: 4760, X: 4920 and X: 5380)!
I also think that the gameplay was very repetitive based on the same types of jumps ...
The scenery here is very good and I have not see tile errors!
I think it is unfair to give a low rate just because I do not identify with the difficulty imposed, so I will not do it!

Rate: Undefined

Section 4 (Thejanos)

I despise myself for saying this, but there is nothing interesting here:
The challenges to get to exit 5 are very simple and small!
The challenges for exit 7 are better, but they are not perfect! Between X: 6100 until X: 6500 there's nothing interesting, just jumps, this is a waste of space!
Does Mario really need a mushroom to pass X: 6700?
I really liked the water tiles on layer 2 in X: 7420, but I was not prepared for it!
The scenery here is very good and I have not see tile errors!

Rate: 75/100

Section 5 (CarlosV)

I liked the alternative paths in X: 8160!
The best challenges of this part were what involves Rex in X: 8400, Thwomp in X: 8800 and Chuck in X: 9640.
The scenery here is really cool and the tight space is cool!
The idea of ​​going back to X: 7920 is very good!

Rate: 98/100


Section 6 (Qwertyquop):

This part was not my favorite!
Early on, after Mario comes out of the barrel, he dies immediately if he does not move!
You have used the same heels with little viewing in tight locations as a challenge at all times, this is unnecessary repetition!
Between X: 10300 and X: 10640 the same challenge is used 4 times!

But the good part is that the scenery here is pretty good, almost the entire screen is overloaded with it, which leaves the gameplay nicer!
The challenge of jumping over Dry Bone in X: 10880 is very creative!

Rate: 83/100

Section 7 (Mario Blight)

This part was one of the most difficult and fun!

The challenges here are in abundance and there is a variation on the gameplay! It was a very nice part!

My favorite challenges were to jump over the bullet at X: 12360 and have to jump over Bony Beetle with the hull in hand at X: 13260.

The scenario is not very flashy but it does not disappoint!

The only flaw is that there is no power up and if Mario has a mushroom will have to lose it at X: 13750.

Rate: 95/100

Section 8 (Multi)

This was a fun and enjoyable section!
I think it was the most fun!
I loved the challenges surrounding the Palace Swich!
The early networks were a great idea!

I just did not like the challenge of X: 15600, because it could happen that the Volcano Lotus and Spike Top are out of sync and it is impossible to get there!

Rate: 98/100

Section 9 (Orangetack)

I think this section was easier than section 3, but I still think it was an exaggeration of difficulty!
It is difficult to reason so quickly in a few spaces and with only a chance of success!

However the scenery is nice and the challenge is more varied, I undo the jump on the Bony Beetle in X: 16900 and the passage through Thwops in X: 17420 as the most interesting places!

Rate: 95/100

Finally, the fight with Boom Boom was very difficult in a tight space, but nothing compared to the rest of the level.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this tag!

04/27/17 at 5:19 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

This is amazing tag level and Happy LP Anniversary! The gameplay is very hard with X19000 length. The challenges are also hard, but great and enemy placement were extremely awesome. The scenery is perfect. I can't beat it completely, but I could beat Lord Luigi's part. Anyway, well done and happy LP anniversary.

I give it a 100/100 and extreme difficulty.

04/27/17 at 3:45 PM

luigiXD | 100/100

this level is awesome! the challenges are awesome the scenery is great the enemy placement is great the tiling custom music... all great! (however is was expecting a bowser battle but its fine)

1000000000000/100 / A++++++++ / CROWN / Difficulty: Extreme /

04/27/17 at 2:36 PM

Zeldamaster12 | 80/100

Already explained what all I found wrong with it on Discord. I don't have the time or patience to review each individual part, so if anybody that participated in this has any questions on why I'm giving it an 80, feel free to DM me on Discord.

04/27/17 at 1:21 PM

William | 90/100

A nice level from all of you to commemorate LP's 1 year anniversary! Multi's was probably my favorite part as nothing was overly exaggerated on terms of sprites and tiling. So let's get into detail about each part, shall we?

Part 1: Lord Luigi2014
On terms of your theme, everything looked good to start the level off. However, some of your coin placement can be misleading, 500x being an example as if you go in the path of the coins, you'll hit the koopa and fall. Although this might be my fault for not being quick enough. The gameplay was nothing too special, and the way you ended 1920x looked completely off with the current theme you had already. If it were going in some sort of tunnel to FMD's part or something along the lines, it would have made a better transition.

Part 2: FullMetalDragon
Ah yes, the classic 'make the player move or you'll die' scenerio, always seen in your levels. :P
Your complicated setup looked great, having challenges along the way that pretty much forces you to lose your mushroom from the previous part. There were no visual cutoffs, and the gameplay was smooth along the way, having complicated challenges to it as well. I thought the coolest challenge I saw was using the gray blocks from below at 2980x to kill the Thwomp to be able to proceed. On the contrary, I feel as if some of the sprites you placed didn't match up with the theme, such as the thwomps and spinies.

Part 3 and 9: Orangetack
Part 3 for me is very difficult, especially at 4980x which made for some clever jumps. However, the tiling was a big problem here, as it can easily draw the player away from the actual level itself. I'm not a fan of your spike placement at 4360x as the yellow spikes looked completely off (it would have been better to just use munchers), and 5460x doesn't have an exact border on the cave tiling, making it hard to tell where exactly you can and can't go. If you're not careful, you can especially slip. I am aware that you have to find a hidden door to proceed to the next part. It might have helped the player if you placed an arrow leading to it, but it wasn't a big deal. Other than that, the challenges were pretty difficult, and the tiling was the only real issue in this part.

Now, for Part 9. Again, like I said with the previous part, your scenery really gets in the way with your actual gameplay. You have nice challenges, but tiling was the only problem I found. The transition to the boom boom room was nice, but what I didn't like was how it transitioned. You made it feel as if it were going into an inside area to fight boom boom, instead the complete opposite happened. As complicated as the level was itself, the boom boom challenge should have been too.

Part 4: Thejanos27
I liked the challenges you placed at first, but towards the end it started to feel rushed, having only simple challenges compared to your creative ones you came up with at the beginning. 7520x was a great example of this. Tiling on your part also didn't visually look pleasing for the player, half of which was unfitting to the theme itself. Remember to also drop your scenery down in some areas such as 6180x and 7100x. Also, don't place tile 1 on top of the bone tile at 7260x.

Part 5: CarlosV
You definitely had a nice setup there at the beginning. On terms of tiling, the only downside to it was the unneeded tree tiling throughout your part. That was the only problem. I saw great usage of your gameplay along the way, especially at 8940x and 9620x.

Part 6: Qwertyquop
This section had the same issue as OT's parts: The scenery distracts the player from actual gameplay. I will say that 10360x was a creative way of setting up scenery, but that beginning definitely wasn't the best way to start your part off. On terms of gameplay, I want to see more variation instead of just monty moles and piranha plants.

Part 7: Mario Blight
Definitely not a good way to start the level off as you need to be quick about passing the chuck and monty moles. I liked what you did at 17280x telling the player where to go when you get a p-switch, but what I didn't like is you had to be super quick about even reaching that area, especially since it's a hidden door. If you just gave the player the p-switch the challenge would have worked out much better. Scenery wasn't a huge issue, but the castle pillars was the only unfitting thing I saw.

Part 8: Multi
I liked the way you placed your scenery throughout your part. It almost feels like the way I place it. :P
Challenges were creative with the nothing too special feeling added to it as you used many of the same ol' challenges, but done a little differently. Your part is easily the best I've seen as your scenery isn't overly exaggerated and doesn't distract the player from the actual level itself.

I don't have an exact rate for each section (5000 limit too), but because of how hard everybody worked, this level easily gets a 90 from me.

04/27/17 at 11:33 AM