• Description: So it's been one year. One whole year since Brendan released Level Palace to the public, one year since the SMF community was revived. It's thanks to Brendan and Chairo that I'm able to post this mega-tag at all. It's taken quite a while to get this tag done and halfway through it the leader of the League changed from CarlosV to me. Now, finally, here is the tag. It's well worth the wait.

    I have provided the entrance numbers for each section so it is easier to set doors to play each part.

    Lord Luigi2014 X0 - X2000
    FullMetalDragon X2000 - X4000 (entrance 2)
    Orangetack X4000 - X6000 (entrance 3)
    Thejanos X6000 - X8000 (entrance 4)
    CarlosV X8000 - X10000 (entrance 7)
    Qwertyquop X10000 - X12000 (entrance 9)
    Mario Blight X12000 - X14000 (entrance 11)
    Multi X14000 - X16300 (entrance 12)
    Orangetack X16300 - X19000 (entrance 13)
  • Contributors: The League✧
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