Butterfly Ride ~ Pastureland close

By Hypermania524

Well, this level is like the basics I used to do, this one is inspired by a pasture called "Butterfly Ride", hence the name. The difficulty is medium, it is not very difficult. I hope you like it, high rate and enjoy! https://youtu.be/7aegvAKL65c

Grassy plains 2 close

By shreyas200113

My first SMF 3 level

Spinjump Only!!!! close

By TheTroll73

TRUE LEVEL ON THIS PASTEBIN: https://pastebin.com/gXdEHURM A spinjump level?! Well that can't be SMF2/3 then can it? Yup a SMC level where you're banned from doing normal jumps. TBH I am not enforcing it but you're making life harder, if not impossible, for yourself... Link: http://lbfangames.000webhostapp.com/SuperMarioConstruct/ Oh BTW be careful do not go on noteblocks as they cause you to do normal jumps by force, which is banned :P. Enjoy a faster and stronger boom boom when you're done, just watch out, you need 5 hits to defeat him! Yes this level has backtracking, enjoy! BTW you can consider each warp to be a checkpoint, just create yourself a warp since SMC does not have those at the time I made the level... Level's extreme so yea good luck! PS: Be careful when spin-jumping and holding a key at the same time, it can get messy! NB: I deemed that any future SMC update will not break the challenges in this level, as I have noticed most of these only alter how sprites interact with each other, for which I have placed precautions in the level... However, should the level's challenges break, then please let me know.

SMWF 3-4 Howling Cliffs close

By AllenCaspe9510

Super Mario World Fusion 3-4 | Howling Cliffs Mario Arrives in a Slippery Mountain, When the Blizzard stopped, There were Troopas that climb the mountain, and there were a lot of Koopa Outpost that needs to be cleaned out, and maybe a Chance to discover the Frozen Castle. -Increased Difficulty -A Yield will effect when you rate this level below average. -Be careful of the Death Slope Glitch at 60x 1760y, I'd recommend not touching that area

SMWF 3-3 Cold Mansion close

By AllenCaspe9510

SMWF 3-3 | Cold Mansion When Mario arrives at a Cold Mansion, He just realized that he needed shelter to keep himself warm, but there was a rumor that a lot of people who investigated this mansion never made it out and only a few escaped. There's also a Basement Entrance that goes underground which features a free fire flower if you could find it. Memory is Required to escape this Mansion. Will Mario Escape the Mansion? Find out by Playing Super Mario World Fusion! -Increased Level Length -Increased Difficulty -If you're stuck, and you need a solution, post a comment on my profile.

SMWF 3-2 Frozen Mines close

By AllenCaspe9510

Super Mario World Fusion 3-2 | Frozen Mines Somewhere in the frozen plains, There was a Frozen mine which leads to cold water, its usually a place where Fire was born but changed after the blizzard, Yet there's no other way to cross the Chasm but to go underground and swim through the cold water. Will Mario be able to survive in such cold conflict or will he freeze below and remain there forever? Find out by Playing Super Mario World Fusion! -Its been a while since I started to Build levels again, -Decreased Level Length -Nerfed Difficulty -Originally an Underground level, but I changed it to underwater

Gothique Palace ~ Lavaisse Castle close

By Hypermania524

A better version of this level. This level is a bit weird if it's compared to my other levels, please watch the video if they get stuck somewhere. Everything is possible at this level. The name of the level is based on a very depopulated city that I know called Lavaisse and I found it funny to make a story about Bowser installing a gothic and sombre castle in that city. Castle's doors are reset pipe Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPERtAC3Cnw

Mushroom Mesa-1:Mesa Scaling close

By solidfire

You have to find the next kingdom Which is the Shoreline Kingdom in Sunshine Land, but this mesa is in the way! We will need to cross it before reaching the next kingdom.

Boom Boom's Lava Fortress (2.0) close

By twisterjoyful26

Boom Boom has quite a plan up his sleeve... so trek through this dangerous castle.

Crescent Plume Village close

By Plume 4.0

Welcome to Crescent Plume Village! This level will have hidden items so, be careful. This level is a remix of 3 levels. This level 100% possible. Music:Crescent Moon Village from Wario Land 4.