Super Mario 32: Generic Plains 1.3 close

By BreadBoi64

Welcome to the new Series! There is lag in the first map so bare with me! There will be 9 levels in total. Story: Today Mario is craving for an adventure so he wanders off to some plains and finds some stars to collect. Stars are goal orbs, and switches will activate caps! In this level the Wing cap is present. There are 3 stars to collect.

Pantheon of Babylon - Don't Get Pushed to Death! close

By Mesopotamia

As the name suggests, don't get pushed to death by these rotating platforms!

Boom Boom's Invasion 2-1 close

By wolf870

This is a improvement of the original.

Ultra Bopshroom (MM2 Remake) close


Remake of my favorite level I made in level palace but now in Super Mario Maker 2!

Desertic Puzzle close

By kellnerdilo

This is the third parth of my levels. There is now a puzzle, can you pass the test? How was the level

One Screen Level 2 close

By KoopyLoogy

This one also easy too. I've made like 4 of these, ranging from easy to hard. I'd post them but this upload timer is in the way -.-

windws zp boom boom fight close

By dominic sorry this level is garbage

One Screen Level close

By KoopyLoogy

I couldn't remove the water for some reason so I managed to fit it in

Shell jump tutorial close

By YouKH

This level depends on your skills with the shells although it's a tutorial level if you clear this level you are a shell master

2-2 fallover canyon close

By dude647

2-2 of marios new adenture

Good bye Super Mario Flash close

By BananaMan 248

Before the end of SMF 1/2 and 3, I decided to make some levels. Probably this is my last SMF level, but I hope you enjoy it.