Super Iggy Bros. - World 1-Secret close

By IggyHopxD

This is the first secret level of SIB. This one unlocks after you get the secret exit of World 1-2, so if you haven't found 1-2's secret exit yet, RUN! Go back to 1-2 and try to find it! Then, you'll be able to play this level. So I thought that, for the secret levels of SIB, I'm gonna go for a different approach: I'll take other SMB games' levels and give them my own spin to look different and have different gameplay and design. For example, this level is inspired by World 2-1 from the original SMB1, but with a snowy night theme rather than the original grassy daytime theme, and also, as you might see, with harder and different challenges, and a different kind of scenery design. Clues for finding the secret 1-up mushroom: "Somewhere, over the rainbows, way up high..." I hope you enjoy this level, and as always, feel free to share your thoughts with me. World 1-3 is gonna be published somewhere in this next week, so stay tuned in for that.

The haunted maze close

By Takato136

A maze haunted by terrifying ghosts!!!

SMMI I Autumn Island - 3 - Fall Fortress close

By Golden Apple

Mario has finally made it to the fortress. But it turns out that the fortress was destroyed. Mario's got no time to waste thinking about what happened to the fortress because he has got to find the princess. The fortress is so old that plants started growing in it. The wind was blowing while Mario entered the fortress. Will Mario find Boom Boom or will he not? Let's find out! :)

World 4-3: Spiny's Spiky Cave close

By Jack Mango

Hello Everyone, I return with world 4-3. Go follow the story of my world levels if ya don't know what is happening. Other than that... Story: After Mario was dropped onto the clouds by a friendly Parakoopa; he battled his way through the cloudy stage. When reaching the end he runs straight into Kamek and about 30 bomb-bombs. Kamek looking angry turns to mario and grins evilly. "Mario, today is your lucky day, you are about to plummet 3'000 feet to your death. BOMB-BOMBS BLOW MARIO DOWN TO THE GROUND!!!" Suddenly, the small swarm of bomb-bombs run toward Mario, all of them turning red. Uh oh!!! *BOOM* Mario begins falling straight to the ground, and is quickly saved by a small happy floating cloud. The cloud gently puts him down on the ground and scurries away. Mario looks around and sees a pipe with the sign; "This way to the princess -------->". Okay that way it is... Don't forget about my YouTube channel: Go subscribe Thnx

Super Glitch World close

By BananaMan 248

@Dale: What are the two imposible coins? All coins are not imposible...

Speed Level #5 close

By Vinicius BC

Play in: View code:

Chuck run (read desc lol) close

By Lyric_TheLegend

Frickity Frick Not much i think i can do with this idea so it's pretty short update: FRICK I PUBLISHED THE WORNG VERSION OF THE LEVEL

Bowser's Castle I close

By Shadomatrix

The start of a six part level series exploring more of Bowser's Castle than just lava pits and thwomps. Part one features the outside of the castle. Inspired by the early Castlevania games, Mario must explore all of Bowser's Castle and defeat the koopa king before he turns everyone in the world into breakable bricks. This is my first level that I've actually cared about enough to publish. There will be more of this soon, just much longer and bigger levels.

Super Hexagon World Level 1-1: Blocky Road close

By Hexagon42

So yeah I'm starting a new series. Idk if I'll ever finish it but whatever lol. Story: When Mario begins walking down the path to Toad Town, he realizes it has been invaded by monsters. What is Bowser up to this time?

Chapter 1: Mario goes to the beach 1 close

By BananaMan 248

Hello everyone! I was make my level again with the conditions, and now is ready to play. Enjoy!