MARIO VS COVID-19 part 1 close

By francy Y

the mushroom kingdom is in danger , mario you must stop bowser

Super BartekZioomPro Bros: World 4-4 close

By Bartek Zioom Pro

I moved to Super Mario Construct because of all SMF games Going away on May 22th. Anyways, this time is Poison Night. Enjoy! Oh and btw, I might try remaking all levels from World 1, World 2, World 3 and 3 Levels of World 4.

Di-Elemental(Fire/Ice) Castle close

By Build

Play it here: - Updated level, fixed the warps and exits so they work correctly. Mario enters a di-elemental Castle and there are some areas with ice and fire. Mario will have to beware of both elements and a icy boss fight at the end. Will Mario get pass this hard castle, or will he burn/freeze to death inside this challenging castle level?

Help Mini Mario! close

By Nathan nathan

I finally got the chance to upload this. I know this was late (supposed to be out on Mario Day), but at least I released this. This is the longest level I've ever made so hope you enjoy. Sorry for not posting levels for a month and happy April Fools Day. :3 SMF2 Remixed Hack:

just go up (and down) close

By francy Y

music : super mario powpowpow world 2

Arabian Nights (A Boring Traditional Level) close

By yolo

If you happen to be wondering. I hate this level. This is unimaginative, luckluster and not me at all. Blame Nitro. He's the one who asked if I was going to make a 'Traditional' level. So here's your average medium level- I hope you suffer playing it, Yours sincerely, yolo If you're recording, use this: Though if you are recording, note that if you opt to enter the door then there is a small chance the level is impossible. The code above could only go so far with dealing with SMC's jankiness. Walkthrough:

world 8-4 close

By francy Y

Mario has finally arrived at Bowser's Castle for the princess[4/4]

world 8-2 close

By francy Y

inside the castle , is this the right castle? [2/4]

Niro's Chamber: Nile River close

By Niro

I accidentally set the difficulty to Extreme .^. This one should be Hard but ehh :v PS. If you cant beat kaizo levels, stop reviewing them. Goodluck! Gameplay:

SMWX 2: Minty Mountains - 2 close

By Nitrogamer

Returning to this series I guess, um when you bounce on anything except ninjis, the jump height is opposite, i think idk. um here i guess If you switch to luigi, you'll have some fun.

The Cavern of Auto-Scroll (Read Desc) close

By yolo

Just a little something I cooked up. It's rather short, but it takes time to beat. Anywho, remove all coins and blocks in the level; basically, don't allow any of the munchers to be knocked off