Blood Rocket close

By Herobrinesword

After breaking Green free from his prison, Mario is led to the Blood Rocket stowed away within the construct. Green advises him to activate the rocket through the control room so they can ride it out of Crimson Valley. Unfortunately, Bowser heard about their plans through the walls, so he tasks King Boo to distract them as he sneaks aboard the rocket.

OTC 24 By SuperO72.5%
OTC 24 close

By SuperO

Only Two Colors

The Perfect Run 3.0 close

By CrazyCookiesOFFICIAL

This should be the last version. I added enemies because some people are massachists.

1-1 Super Construct World: Yoshi's Island close

By RetroFluff_YT

After you find that out that Toadstool has been kidnapped, (Wow, what a suprise!) You decide to go ask Yoshi for help, in Super Mario Construct World!

SSO -​ (Ch-2)(Ep-1) Fall down close

By MarioConstructor

Read a description please, all hints about how to beat this level are in level description. I made this level back in January 2021... Pastebin if code doesn't work. Please don't fake rate. -----Indicators----- Red girder platforms : instant falling platform Arrow signs - Magenta : backtrack switch indicator Arrow signs - Wooden : backtrack path indicator Arrow cloud - blue : jumping/landing indicator. Arrow cloud - yellow : pick up/throw item indicator. Yellow outline square : kaizo block. Custom backgrounds : Note : This level is 100% possible in every route, no matter you go through main area route or secret area route.

Super Mario Parkour close

By lgames

(yes i know about the fire flower that was supposed to be a 1up mushroom) this level includes spin jumping on enemy's over bottomless pits and may sometimes be a little unforgiving (not kazo level unforgiving tho) this may not be for everyone Bowser has destroyed the planet with his giant laser (sound familiar) Mario has to parkour across parts of his shattered planet to some how undo this apocalypse (this is my 2nd attempt at a story level this one has cutscenes lol also if ppl like this enough ill make some more episodes.)

block breaker close

By jacko0

break as many blocks as you can go in the door an win

Deserted Forest close

By David Gabor

You can mess up with the tiles around the level. P.S. To defeat Bowser, just slide down the slope and hold pressing the down arrow until Bowser is defeated.

Pilot training close

By CoolKat

Mario wants to become a pilot so he can fly with Princess Peach around the world! He also wants to impress her with his flying skills. Will he make it through the final piloting test over the ocean? Play and see!

On/Off Airship close

By Banana325

A level with on/off switch backs and challenges using springs. Good Luck! I started this level a long time ago, so it might be kinda bland. But, I wanted to finish it so I hope you still enjoy!