SMW Custom Adventure | 1-1: The Journey Starts close

By qwertyquop

Video: Music: SMW Custom Music: Lineland Road - Super Paper Mario SMW Custom Music: Walking the Plains - New Super Mario Bros. (Variety 1) SMW Custom Music: Metal Man - Mega Man 2 (Variety 1) SMW Custom Music: Castle Theme - Yoshi's Island (Super Mario World 2) (Variety 1) Just a small note: I still plan to release levels on Level Palace, it just won't be the main website I'll focus my levels on. I'll pretty much be switching over to Level Share Square after that comes out... is what I would say if Level Palace is still being supported, which it isn't. This is the first of many of my older finished levels that I will post. They will mainly be from SMC v7 since uploading levels in version seven is not allowed on LSS. About the level: I had thought about the concept for this series for a while, and now I have the motivation to carry it out. If anyone's familiar with this SMW custom music playlist,, I plan to base levels around each song in chronological order.

Level 1 close

By FrikisaurusRex

The first level

Koopa Kingdom 1 close

By Dasanimations

My first level Youtube:

Machine close

By PlusUltra

speak with all the toads

(Working) Airshipped V close

By PansitoWorld

The fifth part of the Airshipped series. The main reason the code was broken is because looks like i deleted a { in {"newdata"}]}" which broke the entire level --- -This was supposed to come out tomorrow. -I improved the airship tiling (tell me if its bad or not) --- Edit: i forgot to change the music i can't edit the level anymore 😭😭

mario commits tax evasion close

By PansitoWorld

mario evades taxes, visits mexico, ohio and a emo graveyard -I thought Level Palace was dead (LSS release) until i saw new levels.

snwny By azprylag62.5%
snwny close

By azprylag

the levels comeback fetch quest editions close

By jacko0

play level here: fools flower. this version i stress version final level not done yet you have to collect all the collectibles you could just play the level normally but why would you do that.