SMWTLI : W1-3 Sky High close

By Jesse Alexanderrr

World 1 : Forever Forest _____________________________________ Travel up above the forest to A cloudy area filled with bouncy mushrooms, tall plants, & rainbows. There is also a secret exit

Brainless Barry's Boring Backtrack (desc) close

By Adyj

This is a short memory-based story level of a guy who has, due to unfortunate events, has an earlier end to his timeline. He still lives, but what would be left of him and his wife? This is the first time I've tried a normal, non-puzzle non-troll level in a while (ignoring my Immune to Spikes level), so I'd like your feedback. Depending on what you guys say, I'll either delete this with an improved version or leave it as is. Anyways, couple of things to note here: 1) If the P-switch music destroys the forest atmosphere too much for you, use this link for YT music: Note that the end has different music, which if needed, can be found here. Remember to put the songs on loop so they don't end midway through your playthrough. 2) This is a story level. Therefore, I highly recommend that you read ALL of the textboxes you can to get the entire story. Otherwise, skipping some of the textboxes may make the other ones confusing. 3) Any textbox that is blocked off from the bottom will most likely be accessible while you backtrack. As the title suggests, this is also a backtracking level. 4) Please do not rate down too much for a lack of reset warps. The setups with this level require that nothing be reset, otherwise the entire level could break because of the On/Off switch statuses. Yes, I know that this is not ideal, and I'm sorry, but it is what it is, unfortunately. I tried to make the puzzles relatively straightforward because of the lack of reset warps. 5) One of the yellow switch blocks has a mushroom. Which one? The only one you can hit from below. This mushroom should be grabbed on the backtrack. I couldn't find a way to get a proper indicator of this, so I'm putting it here. 6) Hopefully, it's not as boring as the title suggests. Update: Made the key jump during the backtrack not as stupid. Update 2: Bricks now push munchers through solid ground, so I put stone blocks in L2 to fix that. Update 3: Poison water does not destroy bobombs anymore, so I replaced it.

snow place close

By Dhakill 029

bowser have a secret demain in snow you can defeat him?

Mystic Forest Mansion close

By Herobrinesword

Mario and his friends have entered a mansion to find a way out of the forest. He must explore and chat with the toads to find the way out.

medium kaizo level close

By Dhakill 029

have bugs sorry,is impossible fix that bugs

An average day for Mario! close

By koopaslayer1042

Bowser and Mario battle to the death!Face all of Bowser's challenges and save the mushroom kingdom!

castle of 3 rooms close

By Dhakill 029

Have fun,only have fun

Mushroom Isles 3 close

By Herobrinesword

In the distance, Mario can see the tower of the slimes. If he can glide across the barren pit while dodging the cavalry, maybe he can stop this madness for good.

Super Mario: a Wrinkle in Time. W2 - 2 close

By Mariobrigade2018

Sorry for the bad wrinkle in time idea. It was the only one I could come up with now that now that Wet-dry desert is dry.

Mario’s Adventure: The Aquatic Return close

By Plume 4.0

After knowing the Truth Mario and Cuncea traveled back to the ocean to meet Lactrus to get the shroom of Aqua. While doing his trail Mario meets a old foe. Pastebin if the level doesn’t work. This level is 100% possible so don’t even try. This is my second water level so results won’t be the best. (Quick hot fix because at Map 5 there was a layering issue)

ADMW 5-5 close

By Eduard

At this stage you must balance on the skeletal platform, where there are two types of speeds (fast and slow), dodging bubbles, koopa flying troops, moles and carnivorous plants.