Mario's Boss Rush 3: Differed Paths close

By Cammario

There are 4 stations containing 2 bosses each and you need to complete them all before you could fight bowser. Bosses: Station 1: Boom Boom 1 King Boo 1 Station 2: Red Mole Boom Boom 2 Station 3: King Boo 2 King Boo 3 Station 4: King Gjede (/gʒid/) Boom Boom 4 Finale Bowser

A Random v8 Level close

By Bonus

I made this a while back and decided to post it because why not? Here's the link for v8:

Super Mario World: A New Journey - World 1-1 close

By randommariomaker

Super Mario World: A New Journey World 1-1: Pleasant Path _______________________________ This is sort of based off of Paper Mario 64 and the Thousand Year Door, but this is not a recreation since it is much different than Paper Mario's Pleasant Path. _________________________________ Bowser has taken Peach like he always does, but this time Bowser has taken Peach to Koopa Planet and now the Princess is trapped! On top of that, Bowser took all of the 7 Emeralds and Mario must get them back! Mario must defeat Bowser like he mostly does, and save Peach again! ______________________________ World 1: Grassy Plains World 2: Sandcastle Shores World 3: Dry Dunes World 4: Wild Woods World 5: Rocky Mountains World 6: Vicious Volcanos World 7: Koopa Planet

1-3 By GreySunC1%
1-3 close

By GreySunC

it don't work

The Legend of Mario - v1.0 [SMC V8] close

By CrazyCookiesOFFICIAL

I decided to port my old Open-World Exploration level into the newest version, and give it a full-on do-over. So far, it ain't very open-world. There's one dungeon to clear, and there's only two functioning maps. Let me know if there's any bugs, I'd be glad to fix them!

W2-C1 Spikey Castletin close

By Glove

Play Here:

LP Status: Story-Story close

By Mario00000000

Every Mario Story in a nutshell