Level 1-1, 1-2 mix close

By Andrew crafter

A remix of level 1-1 and 1-2

Timer Test close

By YeezyCheezyYeetzy

This is just a test and does not need to be taken seriously

Mythical Jungle close

By Fail Meep

This is made in the latest version of SMC! Use this link to play this level: https://luigibonus.com/files/games/smcbeta/ Also, this level uses screen wrap.

Underwater Tutorial on tilesets (Serious tutorial) close

By Nitrogamer

So this aint an actual level, just me showing how certain tilesets are used properly using layer 2 or just normally. play here https://nitrogamer914.wixsite.com/remixed-flash-2 By using these tutorials, the levels you can make with this hack can have any aesthetic in your own special way.

SMF2 Remixed Playground Worlds (Part 1) close

By Nitrogamer

Just a level to express creativity using my hack. since as of right now only two people has made levels using my hack before. I wont continue it if noone will use it lol, i'd just forget it and work on SMC https://nitrogamer914.wixsite.com/remixed-flash-2

Mario and God close

By yolo

You've got two choices. Ignore the story and have mario sound effects. In which case use normal SMF2. If you want the story use the **BOTTOM** hack here: https://yoloswfhub.weebly.com/ Notes: Each stage is 1 screen large and checkpoints are given regularly. Note that some places may lead to an immediate death when entering. However it isn't a troll because these places either have warnings before them or are directly after a checkoint, meaning no progress is lost lel. Play with the volume on and direct any cheeses or queries to me on discord first.

Mario Shorties World 5-3 close

By SMLFlash

Lakitu is after you. Run from him and beat the level. But, is that all you have to do?

entrenamiento close

By frankito45

hola soy frankito 45 este es mi primer nivelde entrenamiento con bloques on y off,carrera de plataformas que caen,plataformas movedisas y un doble jefe.les agradeceria mucho si me enseñan a crear mas de un map

Air Fleet 7-2 close

By goldenemerl25

We are now entering the Air Fleet To Make It To The Space Base, Very Dangerous, Lots of Hazards, Asteroids, No Advance coins, So Much CANNONS! Note: Sorry For The Spam Warning: may be short Another Note: I Couldn't find any space Scenery, so i Just Made Space Trees!

Freezing Forest close

By deepysingh800

My first actual SMC level! I remember being really hyped for this game and when I played the first playable version it was decent but now they have alot of stuff coming back so ya...