By Golden Apple

Now Mario made it to the tower. But there are black blocks that instantly kill Mario if he touches them. Can Mario do it?

ANNOUCEMENT!(Read Description,not play the Level) close

By arthurmaster2000

Annoucement-Im creating a contest!The 1st Short SMF2 Level Design Contest Create a level with the width maximum of to 2000 so good luck Also The Flying Dutchman,I Will Explain the name of my last level,the name is mixture of Peach and Peacefull,making a pun,Peachfull,there i explained,i thought it was simple and funny,but apparently i have to explain

Super Mario E: Level 2.1 close

By MarioRocks1

It was a clone, now Mario's in the desert!

TheJanos27's Dark Descent (READ DESCRIPTION) close

By Janos

THIS LEVEL IS NOT TO BE PLAYED BLIND PLEASE WATCH CLEAR VIDEO BEFORE ATTEMPTING COMPLETION Clear video: This level goes down.... very far down This level has a secret, and I forbid ANYONE to show the secret in the form of a level image or video... or anything at all

Level 1- The Verdant Gorge close

By Marcus

This is the first of 8 levels in a mini-series I am creating in SMF1, called "Super Mario Nostalgia". There are more details on my profile. In this level, Mario begins his journey through a lively gorge, filled to the brim with trees and other scenic things. This level shouldn't be too difficult, but we're just getting started.

MATG 1-1: Lost in the Desert close

By yoshimarioluigi

Mario Across The Globe 1-1 In this series, there will be four worlds, all different biomes, with four levels each! So enjoy, as I continue to upload not so consistently.

5-1 Mechanical Quartz close

By goldenemerl25

Lava, The Block Switch Gimmick returns, 5 advance coins

Super ascii art world 4-4 close

By Vinicius BC

Super ascii art world: Music Country ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< Level 4: Daddy Cool's Castle