All SMC Power-Ups close

By 3mmyco0l9

Idk why I made this, I was just bored but hope you enjoy! And if this helped you in any way please tell me!

SSO - (Ch-1)(Ep-5) Rebellions close

By MarioConstructor

Read a description please, all hints about how to beat this level are in level description. Pastebin if code doesn't work. Chapter 2 would be published on the new site. > Level Share Square -----Important----- No fake rate please. Also if you took points away when rate this level, can you give me a reason you took points away please. I don't want to see my level got a lower points with no any reason. Finally, if you write a review in a language that's not English, can you tell the language you use please. -----Series Description----- Chapter 1 : Shiny Passion Episode 5 : Rebellions Story : 2 weeks later after Irwin did his first mission, Archmage Orion has rebelled against Farawayria. This time Irwin needs to stop the rebellions by himself. On the way, he met with another warrior of Farawayria, Luke Glimmer. -----Features----- Lives : 14 -3 Main checkpoints. -2 Different routes (First Half) -VS. Byron The Baddie (Avoid Route) -VS. Heavy War Machine (Fight Route) -VS. Archmage Orion -----Indicators----- Red girder platforms : instant falling platform Arrow signs - Magenta : tell the direction of switch you need to activate in a backtrack. Arrow signs - Wooden : tell the path you must go after activate switch in backtrack. Arrow cloud - blue : hint in quick reaction challenge, often use for tell you the landing position or jump position. Yellow outline square : kaizo block. -----Credits----- *Custom Music Credit. VS. Archmage Orion ( Other custom music : Read in my profile. *Custom background credit. Image used. (Every Maps) Note : This level is 100% possible in every route, no matter you go through main area route or secret area route.

The World of Munchers close

By kingkestro777

My first SMC level. Just for info: I deleted the level because it had some mistakes that I noted when I controlled it for the last time, the rest is yours to explore, and then you can rate it and tell me if something went wrong, thanks. Level info: 2 checkpoints, 3 dragon coins

Koopa Story close

By Arcade

Help the Koopa save his best friend.

My first day close

By Nicholas Alberto

This is my first level of the super mario construct.

El glitcheo cap 8 close

By Progamer5gmaker1

Este es el ultimo nivel comun mio que veran. el glitcheo cap 9 y otros niveles proximos seran diferente.

Bowser Planet ghosthouse close

By a dude

It is so dark will you find the exit or will you die by suffocation (remember, Mario can't breathe on planet bowser.Sorry for the softlock

AKM - Stage 4: Space Severity close

By Eduard

This is the fourth stage of the first world (1-4), but it is not on your planet, but in space, where you must pass it to return. ====== At this stage you will do several challenges with the gravity mechanics (in relation to the theme of the space phase), where you will see two parts, one of low gravity and the other of high gravity. ====== Custom musics: Rockface Rumble - Donkey Kong Country 3

SuperO World 3-2 close

By SuperO

Now we will go inside the pyramid. This pyramid has been intact for thousands of years and has become the symbol of this desert.