Pipe Mania close

By Daftpunk5963

My first level after 3 years of not making one. It's short for a reason, planning to release bigger levels.

Mario Generations Chapter 1 Travel in the time close

By leonardo5645

A day like any other Mario quietly eating a cake with Princess Peach Realizes that in the sky there is a kind of flying islands that invade The mushroom kingdom and Mario realizes that he is the King of time Chuck king of space and time Mario Without hesitation He went for a pipe and shot into the sky and reaches the first island but it is only the beginning because by defeating him Everything we know as The kingdom hogo disappears by defeating the King time and mario You will have to live all your adventures from the first day until the last. Will Bowser be behind all this? The princess disappeared? Mario managed to save the world discover it in part 2 of this incredible adventure

Old Super Mario Bros 1-1 close

By Fail Meep

EEEE a new series. This series is based on New Super Mario Bros(NSMB) and soon i will have walls that you can go trough and star coins

My final level close

By BlaydeChan

This will be my last level (hence it being bad) I will still be playing other people's levels tho

Super Mario E: Level 1-5 close

By MarioRocks1

Mario made it past the fortress. Now he sees a castle in the distance. But first he will have to make it across a whole bunch of blocks.

Super Mario World Deluxe World 1-Castle: NAB! close

By javien322

Ooh! mario has reached the first castle! let me tell you a few things: NAB in the Level name stands for "Nuts and bolts". Castles are usually Harder and trickier than Fortresses. they have a different type/style of Gameplay and difficulty. Castles Also have no dragon coins. this also triggers on airships. (no dragon coins as well) Good Luck!

Super Mario E: Level 1-4 close

By MarioRocks1

Good luck trying to find the two hidden 1-ups and the crazy Super Star!

SMWF 1-5 Mushroom Mountain close

By AllenCaspe9510

Super Mario World Fusion 1-5 | Mushroom Mountains | When Mario was able to swim across Cheep cheep river with all of those Koopa ports and stuff, he has just realized that the mountain he is going to climb is one of the beautiful places in the mushroom kingdom, "Mushroom Mountain" but rumors said that the mountain holds the essence of flying creatures, will Mario be able to enjoy his climb on Mushroom mountain and be able to reach over to the castle? Find out by playing Super Mario World Fusion! -Due to its height, this entire level took 3 days of creation and verification enjoy

Super Mario World Deluxe World 1-8: Castle Grounds close

By javien322

Ok, we are almost there to the World 1 Castle. isn't that fantastic? We are a block away from the first castle! If your new to my series, you can play my other levels i made in the past. Good Luck! you will need it!

Just a 320x240 level...Wait...NO?! close

By CarlosV

Man, its just a 320x240 level. There is no creativity here. I just made a little level that will be in the spam section... ATENTION: PLEASE DONT USE THE RESERVE MUSHROOM! Tip: in box 13, press down to avoid all the balls of the baseball chuck. -------------------------------------------------- Level Date: -X: 0 Y: 4260 (acceptable) -Difficulty: Medium -This Level is 100% possible. --------------------------------------------------