Bowser's Air fleet close


Bowser gathered up a air fleet to catch Mario! Can Mario make it through?

Everyone hates autoscroll: Lava Falls close

By The Flying Dutchman

Greetings, I worked over 1 month on this level and i tore myself mentally apart trying to beat this in one go, but that doesn't matter. I'll use the first feedback for minor tweaks, then i won;t change this level anymore as i'm pretty satisfied myself with the result. Note these things while playing: 1. arrows pointing down imply a trustfall: you gotta land on your raft, which is always centered and 6 blocks wide, keep this in mind at all times. Arrows pointing down at an item signify you'll be needing it. 2. coin trails are indicators where to go, they are mainly important for leaps of faith: follow the coin trail to land on an object that is not your raft, these objects can also be falling platforms so react quick at all times, coins combines with arrows down imply that obstacles may obscure your raft and you need to follow the trail to land ontop of it. 3. arrows pointing t the right imply you gotta go quick, quantity increases the urgency. 4. you do not get any checkpoints after the first one (which is at the very start of the official level) i did this with the reason that the music lasts till the exact end of the level, this might make the level extremely stressing and difficult to beat, but i put in some warps though if you really feel the need to cheat. 5. the powerups you're granted are to prevent any cheap/flash freeze deaths 6. lava zones are indicated by pillars, these are for a big part 0 forgiveness platforming sections with high difficulty. 7. you are given a lot of moments for a short break, use these to take a very quick breather as the length may cause stress. 8. if you get to 0 lives, please stop playing, this level isn't anything for you. if you get 99 lives, go get a break, this level already took it's toll on me testing it. (this is why i put in so many 1-ups) Fact: the raft is coated in the same skin of dolphin which is extremely lava resistant somehow, mario isn't intelligent enough to wear it himself though. if you were wondering what music i used: Runescape3 ~ Lava Falls and Bloodbath This level is a grandmaster challenge, it's not kaizo but it won't be easy. Enjoy! or not. Stuck? welcome to the cheat zone! 1. music may help at times, especially at the first lava zone at the start 2. dolphins/podobo's on their own are free challenges, the raft offers you a safespot for all of these 3. if you fail to time the jump with the shell at the end, you can still get through the spikes using 2 mushrooms (press z, jump on the spikes, pick up the mushroom, jump out. 4. stress gives you a fake sense of difficulty, everything is much easier if you don't worry about it. 5. checking the editor may help a lot of you really can't get through things

New Super Dimen Land World 2-2 The Fire-Water Cave close

By Dimentino

Hey! I know that the other level stills in pending but I don't care, I had this level since 2017.

Filip's Adventure: World 3-5 close

By NESFilipGamer

Filip's Adventure _________________________________________________________ World 3: Water _________________________________________________________ 3-5: Underwater Cave _________________________________________________________ Story: Welcome to the last underwater level for now or the 100% last. It's gonna be an underwater cave and your gonna need a star to complete the level. Also join my Filip's Adventure Server so you can keep updates for my series:

multi level close

By salvo 2009

overworld castle and underground

kazio.... 1-1 close

By rek


3-4 Bowsers Runaway train close

By LRaySki

Mario Learns that bowser is coming to pay a visit to slow mario down after getting a report of mario still alive. Bowser will try to stop him. Hopefully mario will defeat him and get to the next island to get closer to bowser. Mario also learns that the island with the train is large so mario might be here awhile.

Full Speed Cast l e l close

By Softendo

This is pretty much a "perfect speedrun" level, where you have to hit all the 4 switches of the level to make the invisible tiles visible, then get a key to unlock Birdo's top secret room and beat the level, but you have to be fast, since the Switches only last for a short period of time. The Ultimate Hint: When you hit a Switch, a music will play, it will tell you how many time is left 'till it "expirates". But be careful, if you hit another switch while the music is still playing, the music won't replay until you hit another one.

1-2 Bridge to Mushroom Kingdom close

By Super Gavin Brothers

The warp pipe that leads to the Mushroom Kingdom is blocked, so Mario needs to cross the bridge instead. Will he make it in the second level of my series?

Cheep-Cheep Island Remastered close

By GameHappy

Hello there. It's been a long time since I posted a level. I decided to finally post a level again to see how different people review levels than when I used to post levels. This is a remastered version of my first level posted in Level Palace. The changes are not too drastic and not too small so if you enjoyed the first time I posted this level, you may enjoy this version even more. If you have a reasonable problem with this level tell me and I'll try to fix it as long as you change your review after. Thank you for taking the time to read this and enjoy the level I made.

New Super Dimen Land World 2-1 The Outside Cave close

By Dimentino

Hello there! Do you remember me? Probably you don't. I didn't published levels since 2017 because... I don't know, lack of interest. But, I'm back, with the level 2-1 On my series, an outside cave (Why I am saying this, the title speaks for itself). Well, I hope you enjoy

The space close

By io2