Subterranean Animism 2 close

By Nuozzu4 Before open smf1, check the code, its a smf3 level! Ok, after made 50 smf1 levels, now i decided make some levels with the other games. I decided make a little series with smf3 and smf2 but due that the games will be removed i just cancelled it. This is the second part of an old level i made in 2015. About the level: Blue pipes are reset warps. The theme here is the pinball's chase, as i did before, you have to use the shell to hit some items and solve the puzzles. The difficulty suggested here is between medium/hard. Please rate high and have fun!

First Anniversary here close

By Nuozzu4 One year ago, 04/01/2019 i joined to LP. This level is a conmemoration and curiously it's my 50th level. The level is just a medium level with the typical grassland theme. Please rate high and explain why you rate below 100.

One Last Sigh close

By Nuozzu4

Video tutorial: Video tutorial 2: Iggy's tutorial (In spanish): Sorry for repost, but i took the advagement to fix the bonus zone. Whatever, another level where you've to think. Let me explain some things: 1- Yellow doors are reset warps, as always. 2- There's invisible blocks above coins, as always too. 3- Don't kill the red parakoopa at the end of the zone. 4- Don't rush to grab the star 5- Check the video if you need help The level is 100% possible, was beated by me 9 or 10 times. About the level, i choosed this theme since Lazor prefer the cave's blue tiles. In this level there's no pit and a hammer bros.

Dehesa 2 By Nuozzu496.2%
Dehesa 2 close

By Nuozzu4 This is Dehesa 2, the second part of one of my early levels made in May 2019 and in my opinion one of my favourites classical levels alongside with Pasturelands and Sunrise. This level is a tribute to Segomac because i got inspired on one of his levels. The theme here is play the level three time as small Mario, Big and Fire Mario. As you can see in the image, thats the position to shoot correctly. Please rate high (100 lol) and explain why you rate below 100! and don´t rate 99 please...

Thalassa 2 close

By Nuozzu4

Tutorial: Fixed all flaws mentioned by LC5. Sequel of Thalassa, this is a puzzle level with the p-switch concept insipired by the p-switch level made by Mrcvk3 Use the yellow doors to active the p-switch and unlock the zones. The white pipes are reset warp. All the level is possible, was tested by me. Rate high and enjoy! Explain why you rated below 100 and don't rate 99 please... Difficulty suggested: Medium to Hard

Desired Cave close

By Nuozzu4 This is my tribute to Jetwing34, the level is based on some of his typical backtraking levels adding some of his typical challenges. You have to go to the end, grab the mushroom and back to the start without damage. Yellow doors are reset warps and the pipe in the image too. The red koopa at the end isn't decoration, its if you need kill the twhomp. The level is possible so don't cry in the comments and rate high please!

Manresa Cave 2 close

By Nuozzu4 Level with the freeze frame glitch. Sorry for the big cutoff at the side1 section, problem of the game, not the level it self... -Use the blue pipes for reset warps - Blocks without coins around are mushroom, wait to grab the mushroom Rate high and explain why you rate bellow 100...

The Last Breath 2 close

By Nuozzu4

Video: hey there! Welcome to another of my weird levels. Rules of the level: 1- break all the bricks you find in your way 2- Kill all enemies (except the red koopa in the gray block after the goomba and dry bone) and always check if there are none left . 3- Above of coins there are a invisible block, hit all invisible blocks. 4- If you die, move the start point and edit the parts you already beated. 5- When you get the fireflower shoot twice. 6- Hold right, jump when you need jump. Sorry but is impossible add a reset warp in this one. Enjoy the level and explain why you rate below 100.

The Last Breath close

By Nuozzu4

TUTORIAL: Level to conmemorate Rank 10! A new level, with a cool concept: Play pinball with the shell. The level is about the typical obstacle of using the shell to take down the enemies only in a more creative and ingenious way. All yellow doors are reset warps if somethings is wrong. I know about the variety of enemy, sorry for that. I made this level before The Great Escape lol. Please explain why you rate below 100 and have fun!

Caustic Castle (Tag with Lazorcozmic5) close

By Nuozzu4 Between Lazorcozmic5 and i, we made this one., the first tag of 2020!! Lazor's part: Orange castle, Main zone (Classical level) My part: Gray castle, Bonus Zone (Puzzle level) In my part, the same pipe you came from is the warp reset, all the yellows door are reset warps At x2800 you have to jump while you pick the mushroom. The level is 100% possible, was tested for me. Rate high and enjoy!

Returning Home, Last Level: Garden 2 close

By Nuozzu4

The last level of this serie, the final garden! Mario and Luigi escaped from the cavern and they found their way home, the forgotten garden they abandoned. This level is a lakitu rush, so try to be fast and avoid lakitu. The castle after the flagpole is your home!

Returning Home, Level 4: Dark Cavern 4 close

By Nuozzu4 Level 4 of this serie, Mario and luigi decided to go under the forest because they thought it would be more easy, big mistake they made, not only is more harder, also its more long. Try to beat the cavern and find the exit! About the level, is based on my old Dark Cavern saga started in 2011. The level is 100% possible! Watch the viedo if you need help. Rate high and explain why you rate below 100.