Ulterior Motive close

By adam02oc

Once they were out for blood, but they have since become your ally. Stuck high in the clouds, Mario must find a safe path down, his only help being the Bullets he once called foe... This is a level created for the 4th LP Contest and is my eleventh uploaded level overall. Hope you enjoy!

SMWF 3-5 Winter Coaster close

By AllenCaspe9510

Super Mario World Fusion 3-5 | Winter Coaster As Mario reaches the top of the mountain, he founds himself in an abandon winter post where a gondola is been placed, and it seems like the zip line is broken, but then, Mario decides to take a winter coaster, which leads to a castle, and it seems that an army is being held in that terrifying place. Will Mario be able to survive in the winter coaster without being thrown off the mountain? Find out by playing Super Mario World Fusion! -First Roller Coaster Level, they're pretty hard to make -I'd also had to rush it down

Super Mario Universe: Music Maelstrom Galaxy ★1 close

By Orangetack

~Music Maelstrom Galaxy | Star 1: Beat Block Gauntlet~ The beat blocks from Mario Galaxy 2 and 3D World return. I have become aware that TheTroll73 posted a level with a similar gimmick. I did not copy him, and he did not copy me. If you find the size intimidating, try setting a door to each entrance - SMF3 only allows you to place one checkpoint! Play here- https://sites.google.com/site/levelpalacecopy/home/music-edition-by-lb Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr6yqxZm0h8

SMWD W2-6: Monty Mole Mayhem 2 close

By javien322

After Mario got past the dolphins, the journey continue's. Remembered Monty mole mayhem? (W1-6) this is the sequel of that level. A mere 1 World later. Do you want to play that level? Here is the link to that level: https://www.levelpalace.com/level?id=16678 Just like that level, It has lots of Monty Moles in it. But it is a little different. By the way there was a LOT of trial and error in the development of this level. Then after making AND testing the level out, and rating pending levels, this level is born. Good Luck!

platform 2-5 castle close

By segenanimator

Mario had went to Bowser's castle and he saw a machine shaped like a door that can change the temperature of the whole castle.

To Conquer Mt.Chill [Easier Edition] close

By TheTroll73

Yay the fourth easier edition. Obviously the original level is the best but here ya go. Original level: https://www.levelpalace.com/level?id=9521 Also yea I forgot to change the link of the background before puush deleted but teh white background fits anyway so... Also just after the checkpoint you need to slide and say weeeeee or something Do note you need to know how to use cape mario for one challenge with Bowser's dark matter.

Bob-Omb Battlefield close

By pedro gustavo

Bob-Omb Battlefield - Super Mario 64 demake

platform 2-3 fortress close

By segenanimator

Mario (somehow) found out that the princess is in the airship, so he climbs the fortress to get to the airship

SBFA2: W-1 / Level #3 close

By Bar5723

***STORY*** After successfully making his way out of the cave, as well as being transported into the first bonus stage of World 1 and completing it with no trouble at all, Sean discovers that the pipe he took out of there makes its way into the clouds above the Grassy Hilly Plains. He now has entered the Trampoline Skies. ***ADVICE*** Use the trampolines to bounce up high in the air. But I would suggest staying at the bottom first so you will know where not to fall. There is a new item in store for you: the Cape Feather! Grab as many coins as you can, watch out for flying enemies, and head for the Goal Post!