SMB 1 Redux 1-2 close

By ErskeTheBeast

I hate making underground levels lol.

Chocolate Journey close

By mariofan532

Mario was going to give Princess Peach a chocolate cake but Boom Boom came and stole it. Mario must go to Boom Boom's Fortess and get the chocolate cake back.

FLIP (fixed) close

By B L U E B E R T

(i encountered a bug that made the game freeze, i fixed it) My first new game back! FLIP is a new Level Palace series I am making with a unique concept. Go through pipe by pipe by pipe and you will notice.... hehe something strange or familiar. Use your exploration skills to find the exit in----------- THE RUINS [critiquing my own level I think my issue with this level would be that it may be a little too short. I plan to fix this in the future by editing the level size on my own if possible to provide more exploration]

Mario's Moon Adventure close

By Build

After Mario got through the dark side of the moon, now Mario will have to get to the bright side of the moon, but the only way to get there is by going to a cave later in this level, and after that, Mario will arrive at the bright side of the moon. It will be so hot like at the boiling point of water, so Mario wore his spacesuit when he was in the spacecraft earlier before landing on the moon. Mario will have to watch out for black zigzag podoboos as they inhabit the dark side of the moon, because there is no light and they can't be easily be seen like with the Ninjis. The moon cave will also contain active lava, but it will look grayish/black. After Mario gets to the bright side of the moon, Mario will have to watch out for some more enemies and probably some zigzag podoboos in this level, and boney enemies are nearly everywhere. After Mario gets to the end of the level, Mario will enter his spacecraft and launch off to a new place to explore on. Can you try to find a warp pipe that sends you to where the US Flag was planted on in the bright side of the moon? Difficulty: Medium/Hard - Updated level code

Super ascii art world 4-2 close

By Vinicius BC

Super ascii art world: Music Country ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Level 2: Green stone mountain


By Golden Apple

Mario made it to the Brick Block desert. There are lots of dangerous brick blocks that jump left and right. They also camouflage into normal brick blocks. Can Mario make it? This is the sixth level of the Forgotten desert in the Newer Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. I hope you enjoy!

KIoMK 10th Level: Storming Bowser's Castle close

By Mesopotamia

Koopa Invasion of Mushroom Kingdom 10th Level Story: After Mario was caught in Bowser's sinister trap and defeated Boom-Boom, he was wrapped out of the trap and the doors to the castle are finally unlocked. Now, Mario must storm Bowser's castle and defeat Bowser once and for all! However, as he approaches Bowser's throne room, he finds that there is nobody in the room and that Bowser left a message to his minions about his whereabouts...

SMB 1 Redux 1-1 close

By ErskeTheBeast

First level I upload.

Old Super Mario Bros. 1-4 Another grass level? close

By Fail Meep

Welp this series is back To climb walls you must hold the direction and jump

Forest of the Void close

By Beanbag

This is very precision heavy, requiring quick thinking and crouch jumping. 15/02/19: Prior to Fail Meep's review, I fixed a few things!

First Impression close

By DeltaRuneRalsei

Enter the Palace of Flames and escape. Not too hard.