Pyramide Run close

By Jirachi

Just a simple level. ;] This took me 4h to make but here it is. There are 2 ways to beat this level 1. Normal way (Boss) 2. Secret way (Key) I still can't get a link for screen shots. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


By StarTigerrr

Mario was going through the jungle, jumping up walls, defeating enemies on his way, but then he found a big lake surrounding the tower. There are lots of bridges across, but also Boomerang Bros, Ninjis, Chucks... If he wants to get to the tower, he needs to cross the lake. Enjoy!

MARIO VS COVID-19 part 1 close

By francy Y

the mushroom kingdom is in danger , mario you must stop bowser

Super BartekZioomPro Bros: World 4-4 close

By Bartek Zioom Pro

I moved to Super Mario Construct because of all SMF games Going away on May 22th. Anyways, this time is Poison Night. Enjoy! Oh and btw, I might try remaking all levels from World 1, World 2, World 3 and 3 Levels of World 4.

Di-Elemental(Fire/Ice) Castle close

By Build

Play it here: - Updated level, fixed the warps and exits so they work correctly. Mario enters a di-elemental Castle and there are some areas with ice and fire. Mario will have to beware of both elements and a icy boss fight at the end. Will Mario get pass this hard castle, or will he burn/freeze to death inside this challenging castle level?

Help Mini Mario! close

By Nathan nathan

I finally got the chance to upload this. I know this was late (supposed to be out on Mario Day), but at least I released this. This is the longest level I've ever made so hope you enjoy. Sorry for not posting levels for a month and happy April Fools Day. :3 SMF2 Remixed Hack:

just go up (and down) close

By francy Y

music : super mario powpowpow world 2

Arabian Nights (A Boring Traditional Level) close

By yolo

If you happen to be wondering. I hate this level. This is unimaginative, luckluster and not me at all. Blame Nitro. He's the one who asked if I was going to make a 'Traditional' level. So here's your average medium level- I hope you suffer playing it, Yours sincerely, yolo If you're recording, use this: Though if you are recording, note that if you opt to enter the door then there is a small chance the level is impossible. The code above could only go so far with dealing with SMC's jankiness. Walkthrough:

world 8-4 close

By francy Y

Mario has finally arrived at Bowser's Castle for the princess[4/4]

world 8-2 close

By francy Y

inside the castle , is this the right castle? [2/4]

Niro's Chamber: Nile River close

By Niro

I accidentally set the difficulty to Extreme .^. This one should be Hard but ehh :v PS. If you cant beat kaizo levels, stop reviewing them. Goodluck! Gameplay: