mario at dooms gate :part one out of 3 (Halloween) close

By skelebone2_0

hate my levels, like my levels? whatever go to heck! No, really! You as Mario aka the doom slayer, have to evict some demons from Mars.

SuperO World 2-1 close

By SuperO

Hopely you know doing small spin jump because there are much small spin challenges in this level and they are harder than 1-1 and 1-2.The level is very hard but not impossible.Also,I added a new challenge.

The legend of Mario the Ocarina of realms:part one close

By skelebone2_0

its ocarina of time mate plz play it its part one ps boss music may not work. Choose your path, the challenges are optional, but doing them gives you a greater reward! oh and plz not to much hate it huts ya know.

A ghost house level close

By mandrut2003

I fixed the problem with blue door

Bionick mini-boss B5 close

By misterMario

this stage has two endings so you choose nessa fase tem dois finais então você que escolhe

under mario smc ver part 2 the ruins close

By skelebone2_0

this is the part 2 some of you have been waiting for im sorry if neo bowser city my last level was bad but i am trying ok im trying to make good content k good so here it is part 2, part three snowdin will come in 1 week! ps the first battle tells you what to do ps sorry for bad spelling