Challenge in the Chocolate's Castle! close

By Rambocam7

Have you the skills required for beat this level? Hope you enjoy this one and can find (and reach) the secret exit!

Siege of the Castle of Titans [200th Tag Level] close

By Epsilon

(Part 1/2 of the Castle of Titans Storyline) Read the Story Here: Music: Boss Music: Przem1994's Part: (Grassland: x0 - x4000) 09dhowell's Part: (Cave: x4020 - x8000) Zeldamaster12's Part: (Underwater: x8020 - x12000) Editor:Teije's Part: (Sky/Athletic: x12020 - x16000) Lord Apoplexy's Part: (Volcano: x16020 - x20000)

autum cruise close

By wolf870

A level similar to one of my other levels called cascade cruise. In my opinion, this one is much, much better.

SMBTW=World 3-Tropical Island-L3-The fishy chase close

By Mario Maker

Sorry for the long wait of levels, I was busy. Click on this link for the texture by Nitro

Cargo Hold close

By JonahtheWhale

agree would love to see more mario cosplay.

world 6 level 2 flying flowers close

By DrBrains

The Island (Part 4): The Green Castle close

By Nathan nathan

Hi, it's been almost 2 months since I published a level. I'm not sure I can finish this series (since Adobe Flash will not be available in 2020), but I'll try to keep the series going. I didn't even realize that it's been 2 years since I made levels for this series. The level may look a little bland due to lack of inspiration. Not sure if it's a good level but I definitely know that I can improve from this. Anyways, hope you enjoy this :3 Story: Toad sends Mario to rescue one of the Toads in this fortress. Although there are no Toads on screen, Mario does find one after defeating Boom Boom. Toads are not only in castles or fortresses, there are in other places too. There are no advance coins because I think they're not needed in this kind of level.

Cascade cruise close

By wolf870

level game

Kaizo levels close

By Bob123

kaizo levell so yay lets all have fyn yaya

The Lactose free diet Castle close

By Sasho

you'll have to play it using the cannons & given items i do not intend you to play it with any preset power ups i think its easy but tricky, so i i will put it up as medium anyway, it has slight backtrack puzzles but i dont think its thats hard. bombs and power ups are all to be used i tested everything, if qeustions aksed i will try my best to give answers regarding the issues when i have free time to spend i probably wont read reviews, so if you rather vote without the effort to type leave a simple one or just a numbered rate well have fun i geuss, i had uwu also the music used is Edits; roofskip fixed, Thanks to orangeack regarding the help.

The 5 trials of the Blue forest. close

By wolf870

Mario has a bad dream that boom boom kidnaps him and takes him to a blue forest. Mario wakes up and realizes it was true! Mario now needs to complete 5 trials then fight boom boom to escape.

Speed Level #3 close

By Vinicius BC

I haven't published this series in a while. But the third level is here. PLAY ON SEE THE TRUE CODE