SMCW 1-2 La Cueva close

By Tashant

Mario le toca ir Hasta la cueva para llegar a su siguiente punto que seria en el desierto, pero se encuentra con boom boom que se robo todos los minerales de la cueva por lo que tendra que luchar contra el Tiempo: 400seg Monedas Dragon: 3 Vidas: 5 Nivel: Corto pero intenso

Mario Return to Yoshi Island-R World 1-1 close

By jjjgyg1

World 1-1 Monty Mole Island Original Level/nivel original: Sp: Después de un largo tiempo, mario return to yoshi island regresa y esta vez en SMC. Incluyendo Cambios en la decoración, nuevos enemigos, etc. En: After a long time, mario return to yoshi island returns and this time in SMC, including decoration changes, new enemies, etc. Sp: a pasado un tiempo desde la ultima aventura de mario, mario va de vacaciones a dinosaur lands pero al llegar se encuentra la zona infestada de enemigos, entonces ve una text box y resulta que bowser de alguna manera a alterado los climas de todo dinosaur lands menos yoshi island y ahora mario tiene que viajar a traves de 7 mundos para que todo vuelva a la normalidad. En: It's been a while since Mario's last adventure, Mario goes on vacation to Dinosaur Lands but upon arrival he finds the area infested with enemies, Then he sees a text box and it turns out that Bowser has somehow altered the climates of all Dinosaur Lands except Yoshi Island and now Mario has to travel through 7 worlds so that everything returns to normal.

SPW 1-1: Jagged Jungle close

By Phrotonz

There are 3 red coins for you to find!!! (Collect all three for an extra challenge)

My sister's level close

By MarioConstructor

Before you play this level, I want you to read a description first. Important : This is not my level. This level was created by my 10 years old sister. Introduce : My sister has created this level and she ask me to published her level on Level Palace. I don't know is it a good or bad level.

Starlight Sanctuary close

By MarioConstructor

Before you play this level, I want you to read a description first. -----Important----- This is not a kaizo level. This level don't have any power-up (except before Bowser battle room) because 90% of level can be passed by small Mario only. The level is very long, but I made 3 checkpoints for this very long level. The most important thing is please do not rate low because you can't win a level and do not randomly rate a level with your mind only. Don't forget to tell a reason if you rate low in this level. Finally, I spent about 3 days in making this level. Have fun. -----Introduce----- This level is the challenging level with a star theme. It may very hard for someone. But if you are really pro, you will easily beat this level. -----Tips----- The arrow will navigates the way you must go or the place you must jump on it. Follow the normal arrow first. Then follow the wooden arrow last if don't have any normal arrow that you haven't reached yet. The brown coin will tell you as a dangerous spot. Something about this level Lives : 12 Times : Infinite Special challenge : (none) Note : This level may very hard, but it's still 100% possible to wins this level. -----Credit----- <Custom music credit> Origin site : <Custom background credit> (Orangetack's CBG database) Image used

World 2-2 "Fire Snake Pit" close

By kowalski

Sorry for the wait I was waiting for the update to come so I wouldn't get in trouble for using beta content. PS: BTW this might be the hardest level I ever made

kaizo sessions 1-4: the castle. close

By brogameryt

video here!

1-1: Goomba Grasslands close

By ColdFloofyGamer

It's a basic 1-1, what did you expect?