Grand Rocks close

By Nuozzu4

A medium level, no crazy puzzles or weirds glitches, happy? I made this level in 3 hs or less. Rate high and enjoy!

Bowser's Castle IV close

By Shadomatrix

The fourth part of the Bowser's Castle series explores Bowser's hidden factory, where he makes all his bullets, burners, and lava bars, as well as how he turns toads into bricks. Your mission is to shut down the factory. This level is about as hard as the last one, except this time, there isn't much enemy spam. Some of the challenges in this level are very frustrating. Such as the chain climb towards the beginning of the level. The enemy spam (which was a problem with my first three levels) is saved at the end, in a boss battle. Since a large portion of the level is autoscroll challenges, I decided to leave out some of the scenery.

Mario 'Round the world close

By Gamerclm678

Mario travels the world searching for dragon coins, finding all sorts of cool locals in the process! (Note: the koopa with switches in map 3 is for a dragon coin, it's a timing puzzle, you take the koopa's shell when the koopa falls down from the puzzle, and you get a star, then kill the spinies and get the dragon coin. while it may seem more convenient and quick to simply jump in the spinies and use your invincibility frames to get out, the star just is nicer, because you get to keep your cape.)

A Kraizy World: 1-1 close

By GhostlyBlaze

Description about levels like this: This is just something I wanted to build for a while. It's just some "simple kaizo tricks" built into a world. This is "nothing extreme" like my other levels so it should be "fun". There will be checkpoints in these types of levels. I didn't want anyone to use the mushroom so I just put 1/1 HP. Hopefully you peeps enjoy these levels. Description about this level: This is just some "simple" kaizo tricks put together in one level. There is nothing "too extreme" about this level. There is also a checkpoint so look out for that and enjoy. Coin Indicators: Yellow: To indicate where to go Red: Shell required for this section Green (collum): Optional path Green (one): Yoshi required for this section Blue: Spring/Throwable Block required for this section arrows that are facing up and down (connected) means that you have to do a duck jump. Video Link of Me Beating It: This is the first half of the level: This is the second half of the level: (Not here yet because the shell+bob-omb jump is hard to complete but it'll come soon)

The Muncher's Cave close

By GhostlyBlaze

Plot: Mario has become too lazy and decides to take a stroll outside. He takes a few wrongs turns and ends up in a spooky place. All he can do now is to push onward to find the exit. Description: This is a pretty hard stage to beat. It has no checkpoint and goes on for quite a while. It also has a fast auto scroll along with a kaizo trick. It's muncher themed so I hope you peeps enjoy. There's also some item "juggling" (with one item). Hold onto the p-switch! Tip: For the galoomba part with the muncher bridge, you're gonna want to throw the galoomba onto the "bridge" at a distance where you can bounce off of him a few times as you make your way across. You also have to do this quickly if you want to keep your p-switch. 1.drop your p-switch 2.grab the galoomba 3.throw him onto the "bridge" (be at a distance & height where you can throw him onto it correctly) 4.grab your p-switch 5.bounce on the galoomba to make your way across 6.finish the level Hint: The pics make it look easier than it seems. ^_^

Luigi's land - World 1 close

By BananaMan 248

Please don't coment: ''This user did not provide a review.'', because I don't like this coment!...

Dry Dire Desert close

By Luigi_Awsome


level 1 By boris36.3%
level 1 close

By boris


Koopas in the snow close

By Gamerclm678

Travel through the snow and into the freezing cave! (credit to Lazorcozmic5 for the underground background)

1-1 nes close


please like this took me a long time

Mystic Island-6: Frigid Rapids close

By solidfire

Hey guys, i personally don't beleive this level is that good (and i have the obvious superior mind). This is another snow ice physics............... so sad, but a smaller one. Kinda short, still has a checkpoint tho. Explores a bit more deeply the bob-ombs, fire bros, nipper plants, and ice blocks. Have fun looking for the secret exit, that will take you to WARP ZONE!!! P.S. J.K. guys, im sure your mind is probably superior to mine. J.K. mine is superior, and will always be

Super Mario Zielinski World - Chapter 1 close

By MarioMaster1

My first level, just a little something I created to pass the time.