~★~ The Perfect Run ~★~ close

By Markeyruiz97

after getting banned for 1 month i posted my next level. this level will get you through almost every theme in SMF2 again. This level has 3 exits.Can you find then all?

Grassland Plains close

By Markeyruiz97

A basic SMF1 level.Not my best work but it will do for now.

Boo's Mansion close

By Brendan

♛ Tribute to ZeldaMaster12 This is a tribute level to Zeldamaster12, who won my contest back in June… add him – he’s an awesome user who gives great reviews. Here’s the story: Mario is invited to Boo’s mansion, and ends up getting lost while wandering off looking for the bathroom. Btw Mario hasn’t gone to the bathroom yet, so if he gets scared, this little Italian plumber’s pipes are going to leak like hell. ;)

The New Ice Age close

By Brendan

This was a tribute level to one of my favorite users - Orangetack. He gave awesome reviews, and was an extremely helpful member of PG.

Mario's Adventure close

By Brendan

*This level was originally part of my SMF1 series "Mario Adventures"* It’s officially the end of my best series, and Mario still cannot find where Bowser is hiding. Time is running out – in just a matter of days Bowser could be finished developing his rumored secret weapon of mass destruction. Find him!

Mario's Pool Party close

By Brendan

♛ Tribute Level for Mario Blight It's OFFICIALLY SUMMER, and Mario is throwing a pool party, but Bowser has unleashed his minions and they are wrecking havoc on the party. Additionally, they have Mario Blight locked away. Find the key and free Mario Blight.

Another Warm, Spring Day close

By Brendan

✉ Tag with JJ7 I’ve done a lot of tags recently… this one was from quite a while ago… last year I think. I actually forgot all about it. Unfortunately, JJ7 is no longer on PG, so I decided to post this tag we did.

A Hike through the Mountains close

By Brendan

✉ Tag with Legocaleb Hello everyone! I haven't posted a new level in what feels like years. This is a tag I did with Legocaleb, and this is supposed to be level 4-1 in his series. There were originally some problems, so I posted it instead (it's now on his profile as well). Legocaleb - Up to 2000x Me (BT98) - 2000-4000x Please review! Also, please note that this is NOT my official first SMF2 level. This is actually my fourth (I will post my first three later). Enjoy! :) Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5O9gE0crZI

Tribute to LariosonicWJT close

By Brendan

LariosonicWJT is one of the best reviewers of the site (which is probably why he's a level critic). He's very nice and, despite not actually watching football that often, he won my Superbowl contest/bet 3 or 4 weeks ago. :P

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level close

By Leer201

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