SuperO World 1-3 close

By SuperO

Look out! Escape from thwomp because it is known as supercrusher. Also,there is a bullet bill! It is very fast and nobody could not catch it! But , I believe you!

El glicheo cap 7 close

By Progamer5gmaker1

tared mucho pero tiene 5 mapas...

SuperO World 1-1 close

By SuperO

Hurry up otherwise you may die! A hard level is waiting you.But you can finish this level with small spin jumps. Good luck!

Jump Castle close

By jifshyy

This is an old castle you find yourself in. To get out you must jump past every obstacle you find. (contains kaizo jumps, if you want practice then check out "Kaizo Practice")

Bioniky world 9 close

By misterMario

WARNING: if you didn't understand the ending, well it was a trap, and Mario + Yoshi fell into it !! and it was the back door AVISO: se você não entendeu o final,bom era uma armadilha,e o Mario + Yoshi cairam nela!! e era a porta dos fundos

showcasing all the new things from v6.1 close

By robinarensgamer

this is a level showing you all the new things as of version 6.1!

Small Level #1 close

By Neckage

Just a basic level.

AKM - Stage 1: The Haze close

By Eduard

At this stage you will see a clear mist that will pass through the entire level, it can make it difficult to see in some parts of the levels. Custom musics: Forest Interlude - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest