mario in kaizo close

By mammoth

try to reach toadette if you reach toadette with cheats you are a loser and an idiot

Spiky Sewer Castle close

By Big Mac

This is a difficult level. It's not a castle or a sewer, so it's a combination of both a castle and sewer.

desert land By ollie15.3%
desert land close

By ollie

its a land that is in desert

1-1 remake close

By Gamer Foxy913

I just came up with an idea. I know i said i quit, just yesterday, i was thinking i should make a 1-1 remake and let YOU decide if i should quit.

Koopa Troopa Canyon close

By SMKdude

Mario is Infriltrating Bowser's base in Desert Land. Can He make it?

A new adventure close

By Hiom_Master

A new day, A new mission, after a meeting Mario got a new mission that will save the world, as any other day. --------------------credit------------------ mushroom kingdom song = overworld song = underground = secret area = -------------------------special thanks------------ MrRuby for play-testing the map

Don't look backwards! v. close

By Vencedor

Bug that you can enter in doors looking backward fixed


By qwertyquop

Tell us in the review if you want to participate in this megatag series, or DM us on Discord if you want to join! Me: Your Best Buddy#2974 MarioConstructor: Just Nothing#8799 Retro64: Retro64#7178 As for the people who are participating in the megatag I announced earlier, there's a message for that in the level.

Level UP Remake No.3: M and the Mini Bob-omb Maze close

By WahluigiKing

Well, after a long time of not uplaoding a level... here I am, with a new Level UP recreation! Disclaimer: As per-usual, I don't claim any rights to the level design... I'm just a fan with a cool idea... Subscribe to Level UP! Here's the video that inspired this build:

bowser castle(imortal bowser) close

By mammoth

my imortal bower kill you hehehe