Parachute Mayhem(Check the description) close

By Fail Meep

This is a SMC Level so here is the game link and the level code enjoy! SMC: Level:

The Void Tower close

By Lyric_TheLegend

There are three exits to to void tower... Can you find them all?

Sunshine Land-5:Sloping For Success close

By solidfire

This level has new koopa variation explored like caped, and sliding, and kicking koopas. Along with interesting slopes and springs. Very little water in this one.

Sunshine Land-4: Crazy Switch Caverns close

By solidfire

Yet another puzzle level, hope you guys enjoy this one! This one includes a whole bunch of colored switches. A whole lot of cave enemies, and water enemies. This is a level that you can do instead of the Fortress, but you need to find the secret exit in 3-3! P.S. find me in Mario Maker 2! Information can be found on profile page! I have lots of levels, there! MAIN REASON WAS ON BREAK!

OST Series: Undertale - 11 close

By qwertyquop

Music: You know, I would really like to post a level a week for this series, but that would unfortunately be too much for me to handle. I don't know how I would come up with unique qualities for each level, and would just be basically a copy-paste in terms of challenges, so I don't think I would do that. :( About the level: Uh, I'd say this is filler haha, the song didn't really spark any ideas with me, and I actually cycled through a couple until I settled with this theme. Not really sure if it fits, but it's the one that I made most progress on so that's that.

El Nivel Mas largo que he echo close

By Yong4mer

Este nivel lo hice de pura diversion y lo hice con mi hermano, es bastante largo pero me gusto hacerlo hay 3 mapas el primero (yo & mi hermano) el segundo (yo) y el tercero es de mi hermano pero como era muy corto y todavia quedaba espacio, YO aproveche ese espacio,bueno chao. PD:todo esta en español

Super BartekZioomPro Bros World 4-1 close

By Bartek Zioom Pro

Super BartekZioomPro Bros World 4: Night World World 4-1: Night Land

Bower's Tower of Hell close

By Lyric_TheLegend

Bowser has trapped you in in a tower! Escape and take revenge (The level starts right away be ready) This level is really unfair Brace yourself lol

Airship Ambush close

By JonahtheWhale

airship level yay

Super BartekZioomPro Bros World 3-3 close

By Bartek Zioom Pro

Super BartekZioomPro Bros World 3: Snow World World 3-3: Snow Castle