The Island (Part 5): Onward! close

By Nathan nathan

Story: Toad (that was rescued) takes Mario to the next part of this island. However, there are some obstacles that Mario has to face and survive. Description: It's almost been a month since I published a level. This was planning to come out 2 weeks ago. Hope you enjoy it and sorry about the challenges (if there not good at least). I couldn't add scenery in the water because it would follow the boat. :3

Thalassa By Nuozzu499.4%
Thalassa close

By Nuozzu4 New level, called Thalassa based on the fictional planet in Songs of Distant Earth. This level have two parts. The first one its the fireball running, kill all enemys to execute the fireball run correctly. All yellows doors are reset points. The second part its the Boo's challenge. As in Excelsior Tower, you have to play with the Boo and allows him to follow you. Go to the end and win the level. This its one of my best levels that i ever made. About the desing its based on the SMF1 Tag level "Moonlight rave" by SMF1 Level makers. Watch the video if you need help. The blue pipe at x1360 in BZ its a reset warp, the yellow door at the end of BZ too.

Super Iggy Bros. - World 1-2 close

By IggyHopxD

Second level! Iggy finds a pipe in front of his path, and upon entering, he finds himself inside a cave full of strange puzzles and enemies. Help him escape this place! Also, there is a secret goal orb somewhere in the level apart from the normal flagpole which leads to a secret level. Can you try to find it as well? This level took me literally 5 hours to finish, but to be honest, I'm not really proud about how it turned out. The puzzles are fun and all, but to be honest, the way I worked on the design kind of sucks. The scenery is way too repetitive, and some places kind of look awful because of this. But of course, the only opinions that matters here are yours, because you're the one playing and reviewing the level after all. Also, don't forget to try the extra challenge of finding the one up that every level will have. The clue in the case of this level is: "It would be nice to build a bridge. A real bridge, just for you." (Yeah, the phrase I used as a clue is also a reference to the song "El Puente" by the famous Argentinian rock band La Franela) I hope you enjoy this level (If you don't, I understand, because I know I didn't do too much of a good job on it lol), and as always, feel free to give me your opinion.

Volcano Land close

By XPlaza_aX

Have a vol-ecity night!

OST Series: Undertale - 14 close

By qwertyquop

Music: Well, I guess there's no use for this anymore, is there? Man, I really thought this could be my best level, even if it is a vertical level, which I despise. But I think it kind of falls flat in the second half, since there isn't a really fast autoscroll option, but oh well. I worked with what I had, and I think this is a pretty good level from me. About the level: I really enjoyed making this. When listening to the music, I thought of a grand climb, so I made this. I wanted to incorporate something to go along with the level, so I took some inspiration from Terraria and made the spiral staircase.

Super Iggy Bros. - World 1-1 close

By IggyHopxD

Welcome to Super Iggy Bros. This is the first level of the series! Story: One day, Iggy was having a good time with his friends at his house in the snowy island, when all of a sudden, a gigantic tortoise abomination known as Bowser jumped into his yard and took all of his friends! Iggy, annoyed by Bowser's action, decided to go on an adventure to save his friends. He equipped his bag, took his important objects, prepared himself a mate for the adventure and ran to catch this strange creature to save all his loved ones. Will he be able to do it? So yeah people, as I recently announced on my profile, Super Iggy Bros is being redone, since I lost all my inspiration for the original one! Now, it's gonna be all in SMF1, with the same story and the same worlds, but with all-new levels! This is the first level of the redone series. I wanted to go, just as with the original SIB's first level, with a classic, easy, snowy themed level. I took inspiration from various levels of some old Mario games and SMF's levels for this, considering most of them are good examples of classical levels with challenges that aren't too hard, but still keeping the joy and the scenery. Similarly to how I did it in the original series with Yoshi, each level has a hidden 1-Up somewhere, with hints in the description. In the case of this level, here's the hint: "A piranha plant's hitbox is not how you'd think about it, and a koopa in the air is not always as far away as you'd think about it." I hope you enjoy this first level of the redone Super Iggy Bros series, feel free to give me your opinion, and see you in the next level! Also, if you are up to it, I made a poll in my profile's comment section about ideas for the special level I'll make for my 15th birthday (19th of October), so if you'd like to tell me an idea for it, feel free to answer to the comment and scream it out on me!

Mystic Island-2:Rocks and Wrenches close

By solidfire

level two is quite short, but very nice too. It grows on the idea instigated on level one. But advanced with the bonus players of Rocky Wrenches, Floaty Bros, and P-Switch Timing. Hope you guys enjoy, i am trying to make smaller levels, but i will make a huge level one day!

STB World 5-1 close

By Build

Can you try to find all 3 Advance Coins? Updated level again and again and again and fixed the impossible fire flower area, now it just a fire flower block that requires a koopa shell to break it, resulting in a need of a p switch to turn the brown block into coins after switch block. White pipes are reset pipes... Story: After Mario defeated Boom Boom in World 4-Castle, Mario now has to deal with more increasing difficulty in the next worlds and levels. This world will be a Snow/Ice type World, and Mario has to deal with deadly water in almost in every level this world has to contain. Mario will be aware of flowing water that can kill anything that touches it and enemies, the water can give you frostbite, so watch out Mario! sometimes coins will indicate if the water is safe to go in or not. This level will have some water areas that are safe to go in. Mario will have to do some challenges to get pass this level, like having to get the shell to hit the block or like having to get chuck to use him to get up to the pipe, or having to do a switch backtrack challenge. Mario will have to get through the chilling and freezing levels of World 5 and maybe some cave levels too!

Demonic Angel Breakdown close

By LazorCozmic5

Video: STORY: A legendary tale of an Italian plumber fighting against his inner demons and grueling nightmares until his last breath. If it lags it's because of your PC but you're not expected to beat the level either way so you're better off watching the video. Not recommended if you have a severe case of epilepsy though, which I know most of you don't though. My Discord server:

lvl 1 close

By zackybossgamer

im a new commer