SMC Castle Stage (Read desc) close

By UltraSonicFan

Here's the code for the stage: DONT copy the code in the code box! Here is the game's link:

In The Forest (part 2) close

By BananaMan 248

Game: Part 1: And please don't coment: ''This user did not provide a review'', because I don't like this coment!

Castle Run close

By Lyric_TheLegend

Sorry for it being so short Even though it says hard, I meant to put medium. Also: Thx to "Build" for the cbg

El Talar By Nuozzu496.7%
El Talar close

By Nuozzu4

Remastered version of this level, i fixed some things for example, now you are forced to do the glitch xD How to do the glitch at x2760: If there is a floating block and you are Big Mario/Luigi or Fire Mario/Luigi, you can use it to launch yourself. To do this, crouch and jump into the block, and stop crouching so that Mario/Luigi's head gets placed inside the block. Then, just as with top-screen blocks, trying to move towards its center will launch you the other way. It is possible to get a crouch-jump boost off of a block that is high enough without bumping the block. This means that you can boost without falling back down immediately, and boost off of breakable blocks. Rate high please and enjoy


By Triplebarrel

Version 4 - Changed map 3 completely - it's now an open area for the goal point rather than an enclosed one-screen map with an orb. Version: 3 - Added different music to map 2 and got rid of the layering issue from the pipe what leads you to map 3. Made minor gameplay and design changes - fixed some of the things TFD pointed out. Version: 2 - Made minor gameplay and design changes - fixed most of the things NESFilip pointed out. WARNING: What you are about to see is a level by triplebarrel which is above 50 seconds long. Player discretion is advised. In all seriousness though, this is probably my best level. It took only a couple of days to make and I LOVE the way this level turned out. Please vote so I can know what to improve on in my future levels!

Chapter 3: Mario can swim in the lava close

By BananaMan 248

Please don't coment: ''This user did not provide a review.'', because I don't like this coment!...

Icebound Cavern close

By Segomac

A snow cave level I made last year that's all about shooting fireballs like a maniac. I used the health mechanic because screw losing your power up for getting hit once. I made some slight changes from the original level, but's here the video in case you'd rather watch the level and defeat the purpose of the site where were suppose to share and play other people's levels. Edit: Fixed the reset warp softlock at the end of the level.

Hop-Hop-Hop (!) close

By MarvoDust

Hop your way to victory! *Warning for headphone users* (Music is Celeste B-sides No More Running Mix, looped)

World 230-4: The Pyramid Of Ra close

By KyleTheWraith

Level 4 for the series "Mario & The Lost Continent" After defeating the menacing Boom Boom, Mario sees a large desert from a distance and a pyramid., he might find answers there so he checks it out. Aside from the quicksands in the desert, the pyramid contains a lot of hidden traps, so it's best to observe and look out for anything suspicious. Oh yeah, watch out for Tut-Ankh-Ahammer.