(Autumn Contest)The Magical Golden Autumn close

By Bowser Blum Blum

This is my level of my participation for the fall contest where I added a text to my level I decided to give it a title and add a label specifying that it is for the fall contest the level is very difficult only for beginners I would really appreciate it if They will vote for me in discord in media. Bowser Blum Blum#2900

The Cave-Dungeon EP1 close

By hexalias

This is a cave with challenging. Once upon a time there was a spike-ball and it hit rocks. The rocks fell and crashed onto the ground, the ground shattered.

Super Mario World: Reborn - World 3.8 close

By javien322

Super Mario World: Reborn - World 3.8 Castle Entrance 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: fixed a cutoff :skull: After some time, Mario is getting close to the World 3 castle, As it's in sight. Although he has to make his way through the perimeter of the castle, Similar to what he did in the very first world. This level is somewhat similar to 1.8, But with a bunch of mechanics switched around. Can he make his way to the World 3 castle? Find out now. GOOD LUCK!

Mario takes a Stroll through the Hills close

By TwinkleStar

A normal, good level. No excessive decorations, no extremely inventive gimmicks, just a plain old classic Mario level. By the way, please add images if you can.

1 dash..... one? close

By SireSatire

Turn on CRT mode before playing for better experience.