Clibing the montain. close

By xavier

Difficulty: medium I don't know how to put music or custom backgrounds, I hope you like it While Mario was saving Peach he met a toad who told him that Bowser kidnapped Toadette so Mario decides to save Toadette.

(Mundo 1) 1-2 Croset 2 (Cat Worlds 1) close

By Migcat48CW

Disfruta la Segunda parte del Nivel familiar en super Mario Construct. Nota 1 : Mi familia me digo que si vamos hacer la tercera parte de el nivel familiar de hecho ya esta terminado. Nota 2 : Gracias a las personas que me ayudaron desde que entre a levelpalace . Nota 3 : Solo entrare en estos días al level palace a subir los niveles de la otra cuanta osea los siguientes niveles : Historia de (Cat Worlds 1) (Mundo 1) 1-1 Croset 1 (Cat World 1) (Mundo 1) 1-2 Croset 2 (Cat World 1) (Mundo 1) 1-3 Croset 3 (Cat World 1) (Mundo 1) 1-4 Croset 4 (Cat World 1) (Mundo 1) 1-5 Croset 5 (CSS) de (Cat World 1) (Mundo 1) 1-Interruptor Amarillo (Cat World 1) (Mundo 1) 1-6 Croset 6 (Cat Worlds 1) (Mundo 1) 1-7 Croset 7 (Cat Worlds 1) (Esta en proceso de creación). Nota 4 : Un agradecimiento especial : Al Sr o Sra brogameryt Al Sr o Sra Christopher Al Sr o Sra 3mmyco0l9 Al Sr o Sra Fail Meep Al Sr o Sra NESFilipGamer Al Sr o Sra priyaasthana Al Sr o Sra Tashant Al Sr o Sra wilserkormak Y Al Sr o Sra XV 15. Nota 5 : Nivel hecho desde 0 por que accidentalmente elimine el original.

Mario Shorties World 8-3 close

By SMLFlash

7 Toads have entered to help you reach Bowser. Can you beat him? Hopefully. This is the last level. Now, the surprise will be here soon.

The extreme run close

By Christian 45

This is my first extreme level I've made and yes, it is extreme. (Also, double upload!)

Super BartekZioomPro Bros World 4-5 close

By Bartek Zioom Pro

This one is a Dark Castle. World 5 is coming soon. P.S. I dont think some people might enjoy this, but fine.

Mario's Adventure DX World 2 close

By Super_Constructor29654

Some of the areas may be bland... but here you go! My second World to post!

OTC 8 close

By SuperO

Only Two Colors

SMWA: 2-1 Pokey St close

By wooliestplate89

After Mario busted out of the backdoors of the castle he used a warp pipe that Sand Express owned.

SuperO World 4-2 close

By SuperO

Beneath these rocks is a horrible cave. Full of thorns everywhere.If these thorns sink you,you will suffer greatly. Go with care.