Bowser's Frosty Fortress close

By Mariobrigade2018

My first level. Thanks to Mr. Mario for the structure of the level.

Generic Ghost House (See Desc.) close

By Happy_Gav12345

On this site, we don't see many Ghost House levels for SMC because of two reasons. First, there is no tileset for it, and second, Boos are not even in SMC. So I decided to actually experiment with multiple tilesets to make a decent looking ghost house, but it wasn't easy. All wooden textures in the game are too bright for a ghost house, so my options were limited. Hopefully a new update will add some new features to make a real ghost house level.

𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘰 𝘭𝘰𝘧𝘪 *˚✦ close

By deciduu

Come and vibe with Mario, who's had a long day adventuring! (This is not an actual level, rather a place where you just vibe with Mario!) (Don't take this seriously. It's a joke level.) (Best experience with headphones!) Credits: ` songs in here ~ ` and check these artists out! ~ oddwin - falcon (f-zero) oddwin - snes (snes) inverted colors - cosmic cove (super mario) nokbient - sleepy time (kirby) elyon - astral observatory (zelda) cyberfriend - 2 am (donkey kong) raisi k - patience (super mario x zelda) jtbs - return to twilight (zelda) jabbu - gazing at the horizion (zelda) aviscerall - lullabyes (super mario) acid rain - after hours (animal crossing) mars - malie city (pokemon) kevatta - bossa star (kirby) kira ruka - the days when my mother was there (persona) frad - first date (super mario) ~ the artwork is by me! ~

3-2 2 Bridges 2 Goal close

By Mr Chocolate Donut

OH YEAH History: The honey of bridge

Sand Brick Roads close

By Gamewikiwizz

This is my second level, thoughts and criticism would be appreciated of course. I waited to upload because of the update but if it is too soon then I will be willing to take it down and wait until I can upload it again, or whatnot. Music Used:

Undertale (Capitulo 1) Las Ruinas close

By Tashant

Decidi hacer este nivel de Undertale por originalmente de Vencedor por lo que seria una gran idea ademas que ahora que tengo tiempo, el nivel es Lo mas aceptado posible del juego Undertale espero que los disfruten ;) Vidas: 40 Tiempo: 500seg Monedas Dragon: 1 Dificultad: Medio (pero hay una parte un poco dificil)