The Cavern of Auto-Scroll (Read Desc) close

By yolo

Just a little something I cooked up. It's rather short, but it takes time to beat. Anywho, remove all coins and blocks in the level; basically, don't allow any of the munchers to be knocked off

Super Mario Flash - Epilogue close

By MarioMaster7771

It's time to say goodbye to a very special game and franchise: Super Mario Flash. This means that this is my last SMF level, which is basically a compact compilation of the general level themes in the game (except underwater but honestly, who cares about those, lol). This comes to no surprise that this style is very different from the previous levels that I posted. Go nuts on this one. Here's the playthrough video: And, as always, enjoy!

Gra$$y A$$land Yadventure close

By LazorCozmic5

Mario learns the truth about Toad. Video: Song used in level: Check out my custom music playlist:

SMBTW=World 4-Grape Glacier-L1 Snowy ice close

By Mario Maker

Now after that airship fighting two boom boom's, Mario goes to a glacier with a volcano with grape soda which is deadly. Did Kamek use magic to make the grape soda deadly? all well now Mario is not near that stage yet. The site

boom boom rush close

By francy Y

write in the comments your favourite boss ;) play here : music : super mario bros wii boss battle

Super mario adventure 1-1 close

By Ctulhu the creator

Sorry if in previous level i maked bad but this level is good!

Desert Trail close

By Lyric_TheLegend

Aprilel foolels! i made this in 2 hours no bulli me

The end of SMF2R??? ;-; close

By Nitrogamer verr importat

Generic Grassland Adventure #29 close

By LuigiXD/_29

a supa cul fujn plutfurmin lvl fir u tu jmp rownd inz. haz uslf a gud ul fasinede tiem! (a super cool fun platforming level for you to jump around in. has yourself a good ol fashioned time!)

Volcanic Trail close

By qwertyquop

Play here: Inspired by this comment on the LP Discord: April fools i guess About the level: Built in like a couple hours just for a dumb joke for today, this was also my first posted smc level so so much for the serious actual good level i've been making

The Easiest and Shortest Level Ever (read desc) close

By Build

April fools special level! Even if the title says so, watch out as you may have to use certain things in some areas such as spin-jumping, good timing on challenges, timing into one block gaps, ect. Please take this as a joke, as it won't actually be easy or short. Please don't rate down this level for difficulty or it being misleading as it supposed to be a joke! This level was made in the water update part 2, which is a currently in beta: