By StarTigerrr

Mario made it past the hot ice mines, but suddenly, the mine started to collapse! Mario ran as fast as he could until the mine stopped collapsing. He couldn't go back. The only way for our moustache wearing plumber to get back to the surface is to go through the Buster Beetle caverns. They are called Buster Beetle caverns because there are Buster Beetles that can pick up blue brick blocks and throw them. But Mario can pick them up too! Will Mario be able to get to the surface or will he be stuck in the caverns forever? Find out by playing this level!

Read description close

By Nuozzu4

This one is my last level here on LP. Video: hey there! Welcome to another of my weird levels. Rules of the level: 1- break all the bricks you find in your way 2- Kill all enemies (except the red koopa in the gray block after the goomba and dry bone) and always check if there are none left . 3- Above of coins there are a invisible block, hit all invisible blocks. 4- If you die, move the start point and edit the parts you already beated. 5- When you get the fireflower shoot twice. 6- Hold right, jump when you need jump. Sorry but is impossible add a reset warp in this one. Enjoy the level and explain why you rate below 100.

Argicultural Ruins close

By LuigiXD/_29

welcome to Argicultural Ruins! there are three paths to the goal, which meet up near the end, let me know if you get all of them!

Super Iggy Bros. - World 2-Secret close

By IggyHopxD

Super Iggy Bros. - World 2-Secret: Magma Mia! This level unlocks after finding the secret exit in 2-3. I hope you found it, because only after finding it you would be able to play this level! As I said in World 1-Secret, the secret levels of SIB will always be modified versions of levels from other Mario games. In this case, this was an edited version of a level from the unpopular Mario game known as Super Mario Bros Special (, released by Hudson Soft in 1986 available for the NEC PC-8801 and the Sharp X1, and later ported into an SMB1 ROM Hack. In this case, it's an edited version of World 3-1 from said game (, but with a brown cave theme instead of the original water and snowland themes, and with a lot of obvious edits like completely different puzzle-based gameplay rather than lineal gameplay and the bigger variety of scenery. This level was fun to make and play, and so far, I think it's my favorite level I've done for this series. Both in scenery and gameplay, I think I did a pretty good job to make the level kind of resemble the original but still have my personal spin on it. Clues to find the secret 1-up mushroom: "How about, instead of going into the pipe the level would want you to after getting the mushroom, you sacrifice your mushroom with a certain rock enemy and go into a different one? Maybe then you'll find the 1-up. And still be able to progress with the level even though you're missing the mushroom." So I hope you like this level, and of course, feel free to give me your opinion.

1-2 Underground Caverns close

By Game Weirds 64

i make em easy i want to make it feel like my own game

The Last Breath close

By Nuozzu4

TUTORIAL: Level to conmemorate Rank 10! A new level, with a cool concept: Play pinball with the shell. The level is about the typical obstacle of using the shell to take down the enemies only in a more creative and ingenious way. All yellow doors are reset warps if somethings is wrong. I know about the variety of enemy, sorry for that. I made this level before The Great Escape lol. Please explain why you rate below 100 and have fun!

Mario's Key to Victory close

By JetWing34

Just another generic grassland adventure...where you grab the key at one end and bring it back to the hole where you started. Tested and 100% possible. Any questions or feedback regarding this level, feel free to ask away in a direct message on Discord. Discord - JetWing34 #2578

Mario Shorties World 5-2 close

By SMLFlash

Take the Challenge to make it across this level and win it.

1-1 Grassyfields close

By Game Weirds 64

Yeah i know what you're going to say its trash YEAH WELL IDC ALL MY LEVELS GET CALLED THAT!