Autumn Park close

By Siyahseeker

Be careful in the Autumn Park! Paragoombas and bouncing Koopas are all around here, and you get a chance to use the Tanooki Suit to fly out of there easily. There is a secret exit.

Beachy SMB close

By Nathan nathan

Hey, I'm finally back with a level after ages. Whoops, but I decided to make this since SMB 1-1 is popular. Also, there's a bit of 1-2 in there, so have fun finding that. Hopefully, this is a good filler level despite being a 1-1 rendition ;3

the lost levels 1-1 close

By sanichedgehog2020

dont make fun of it this time

World 1-5 Bowser Airship close

By johnnypro

Mario escapes from the sewers under Bowser Castle and finds Bowser's Airship. He had to destroy it before Bowser destroyed the Mushroom Kingdom

Head in the clouds close

By dimi

Relax in the clouds, but be careful there might be a storm ahead

Run for your life or just die close

By kingkestro777

The only thing you have to do is run and run, for your life, no matter what appears in front of you. Sorry bros, someone might have problems with lag as I see, but its so strange, my pc is not showing it when im playing Checking it since 2 days and still not sure if its ok hahahah (never mind, what happens, happens) Info: 1. Casual level 2. No original music 3. No checkpoint 4. No pauses 5. No type of coins 6. Some might be repeatable challenges. 7. Analyzing every single challenge, they may aren't that extreme hard but many make stress and those will repeat.(this is a medium level for pros :D) My personal reviews: Quiet hard 60/100(is my personal review for the level, because I'm not sure if it even works how i thought lol)

super mario bros special 2-1 close

By sanichedgehog2020

dude the hidden troll blocks dont show up until later

The Desert of the Fake Blocks close


Go to an adventure in the desert of the fake blocks

smbdx2 world H close

By francy Y

bowser land finally after 4 months it's done (and fixed), hope you enjoyed smbdx2 ;) don't worry, i'll publish extra worlds maybe

2-0 Airship Ambush close

By Tony678

An Airship comes to pick up Boom Boom after his second defeat, but Mario jumps aboard! Destroy the Airship and escape without dying!