First Anniversary here close

By Nuozzu4 One year ago, 04/01/2019 i joined to LP. This level is a conmemoration and curiously it's my 50th level. The level is just a medium level with the typical grassland theme. Please rate high and explain why you rate below 100.

Safari Trails close

By LazorCozmic5

Video: Every consecutive play keeps the corona virus away!

Super Mario Bros 1-1 Remake #69 close

By NESFilipGamer


The Annoying Orange (Read Description) close

By IggyHopxD

ATTENTION: Before you play this level and/or read the rest of the description, please read these three important things you wanna know before playing the level: 1. This level is SUPOSSED to be hard, so be warned if you do not like hard levels. You'd probably like to play something else instead. 2. The level is 100% POSSIBLE, just that very hard, so don't rate down for it. If you don't believe me, try doing the level section by section using test warps, and you'll see it's possible. There are some parts that include tricks you may not know, so in that case, don't rate down for that, just ask me on my profile and I'll tell you how to do it. I'll also say for a fact that I did beat it without test warps, but it's very hard, so if you are brave enough to try the level without test warps, be warned. 3. PLEASE do not rate the level down for it being hard, because rating down a level for its difficulty isn't allowed in this site. If you rate down for something else, I'll most likely understand, but if you rate down for difficulty, I'll most likely tell a moderator to remove your rate and warn you about it, so be careful with what you do and what you don't do. Thanks for reading and understand it! :) Now for the actual description: Over the years, the Kaizo level creators from the SMF community have found a lot of different techniques to add into their levels to make them each time more challenging. From using basic tricks that can still screw up casual players that know those tricks, to glitches that not many people know about because of them not playing around with the game enough. All to make some of the hardest kaizos in history. But today, it's time for you to try out the culmination of all those years of trick-searching and technique-investigating. With all of this said, I present to you, a level with a lot of kaizo techniques all mixed out into one level, that you will have to know if you want to beat this. I present to you, one of my hardest levels made so far (I still may beat this one in difficulty with another future kaizo, but for now it's still one of my hardest levels). For reals now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, humans and monsters, mushrooms and koopas. Everyone, no matter who or what you are, with you all, I present... The Annoying Orange! Now for a better presentation to the level. Even though this level is in part made to be a joke level, this is still what I consider one of the most interesting levels I've made to date. This level is a mix of various SMF tricks and concepts I've learnt, theorized, done and tested throughout these years in the SMF community. You might have seen some of them in my previous levels, while others, because of being concepts I never used in previously published levels (Some were discarded from previous levels and others are found in some of my unfinished/WIP levels), were never shown to the public before. So here's the story of the level: This level was originally thought about by me in early 2018, intended to be an April Fool's level, with the same name and theme, but with a crucial difference: The entire level was gonna be the water + muncher jumps from the beginning, over and over, throughout the whole length. But then, it got boring, and never finished it. Some months later, on June/July 2018, I remembered about the concept, and thought to myself "How about I use the concept, but not for the whole level, and instead, just for a fraction of it?". And that's how this level started to take form. On the next months, I started adding each time more stuff to the level, with some of them being some of my previous concepts I never used in levels (Like the one at around x1200 to x1600, which was a concept I was originally going to use in a challenge level in 2017), or the part at x1960, which is inspired by a Geometry Dash level I've seen where everything is invisible but the orbs you have to touch are visible but with a different color so that you can't see it. After that, this level was left ditched for quite some time, during my inactivite time that was from late September to early December of 2018. When I touched it again in mid-late 2019 I was inspired to continue on it, and added things like some of the A-Coins, the shell jump at x2220, and the Custom Music (And yes, it's an Undertale song :P). In January 2020, I continued the level, and after some hard work on it, after 2 years since the level was started, I finally completed it. And of course, I decided to publish it within the first days of April, as an April fools level. I hope you all enjoy this level, and of course, feel free to give me your opinion.

Castle of terror revised close

By Deceptiblast

it is still a nice castle, but I changed a few things to make it better and slightly harder

Powering Through Porcupuffer Palace! close

By AnemoneLemon

WARNING: I somehow swapped the code and permanently deleted the more polished level code. So report any errors to me or in a review. I'll have to rework some sections. This is King Porcupuffer's Palace. He and his minions run a power plant within. Your mission is to defeat all of the guards within and the Bowser Statue at the end. I made this level in an attempt to completely shatter the idea that "Water Levels are always bad". I hope this level can prove that. This may very well be my last level in Mario Flash, so let this be a tribute of sorts. I've completely redone this description because I found the last one rather lacking... I will make edits based on the suggestions below.

Mario Flash 1: New Reedition close

By vitor21

That level I had already done it and released PG a long time ago. Now I updated this one. Hope you like it. After a while, I like to play with some level. It's not a big deal and sometimes it's not very creative, but have fun nonetheless. Original level below:

Bananaramen's Levels Medley close

By bananaramen

"Do you remember?" (This level has 5 Advance Coins and Secret Exit) Sources(Video of other users...): Japan Travel Dot World Rusty Bucket Bay Ice Fortress (No Movies :P) Toy Toot Twinkle MARIO ☆ As*en*i*n Spy Mario Gravity Planet Tick-Tock Woodland Dolphin Volcano Luigi's Engine Room Wind Hanging Garden Bullet Bill Waterfall and more levels?↓ Thank you for enjoying.

Read desc close

By Nuozzu4

Video tutorial: Sorry for repost, but i took the advagement to fix the bonus zone. Whatever, another level where you've to think. Let me explain some things: 1- Yellow doors are reset warps, as always. 2- There's invisible blocks above coins, as always too. 3- Don't kill the red parakoopa at the end of the zone. 4- Don't rush to grab the star 5- Check the video if you need help The level is 100% possible, was beated by me 9 or 10 times. About the level, i choosed this theme since Lazor prefer the cave's blue tiles. In this level there's no pit and a hammer bros.

beach level close

By francy Y

music: mario & luigi Superstar saga welcome to bean bean island