Super Mario World 1-1 close

By Bowser Blum Blum

Hello Friends, this level is simple, I hope you like it, because last time the first level was not to your liking, I'm very sorry but this level is great, I tried hard I did it so that you can play it and have fun.

kaizo sessions 2-4: the inside temple close

By brogameryt

this one is garbage but i just wanted to get it over with.

Fuzzy Heaven close

By ola_wapo

Prepare your boots for this crazy skies full of enemies, including Fuzzies! Avoid falling or failing and get to the finish!

Ice speed run close


Based on Alpine Rush Speedrun Level, level by seven

SMCW 1-1 El Pantano close

By Tashant

Pues es tengo varios meses que no entro a level palce por esta ocupado en muchisimas cosas pero ahora teno el tiempo y decide hacer una aventura de Super Mario Constructor llamada "Super Mario Constructor Word" es mi primer nivel del mundo por lo que no es gran cosa y sus criticas son muy importantes pues espero bien de este nivel ;) Dificultad: Facil Vidas 5 Monedas Dragon: 3

kaizo sessions 2-3: the outside temple. close

By brogameryt

this one is a bit harder so i made it shorter

Posionous River close

By Tank

The level has some mistakes. I forgot to fux it. Sorry for that! Enjoy Just enjoy

Dry Bone's Vally. (redone) close

By Lord Yolo

Mario has been sent to investigate the disappearance of the Toad wizards. He goes to the dry bone valley to see if the toad wizard of decay is still in his tower.

the galaxy close

By brogameryt

i got lil' lazy at the end. this took MONTHS to make and at first was made with the beta version, but then i swiched to regular super mario construct to make it because all the things that were in beta were moved to regular.