OTC 7 By SuperO41.7%
OTC 7 close

By SuperO

Only Two Colors

Kaizo Level 5: Snow (My last Level in this year) close

By Progamer5gmaker1

este nivel iva a ser publicado en navidad, pero por esas fechas fue retrasado. Este es mi ultimo nivel en este 2020. El glitch cap 10 se lanzara en enero del 2021



Kamek has made Bowser a magic box in which Mario comes to rescue a friend from the toad, inside the box things turn wrong ...

Snowflake Plateau close

By Sedox14

Hiya! This be Snowflake Plateau, a magical place where be Christmaz everyday!! Unfortunately bad Grumpling decided to take over our place, and we be scared and need help from a hero who can jump!! Music from SMF Custom Music Database and Grant Kirkhope

A Night in The Woods (+ Unfinished Levels) close

By Mario00000000

Very late Autumn Level for Christmas. I hope u all don't mind Here's the final installment of Koopa Valley 4 which I didn't publish https://pastebin.com/kTcc6iGC Unfinished SMF3 Level https://pastebin.com/k2DznxwB Unfinished SMF1 Level https://pastebin.com/fFJWYC6d Unfinished SMF2 Level https://pastebin.com/W7uVVZBT

Gift PresenTation close

By KoopyLoogy

Merry Christmas! If u shift clicked presents in da editor u can select a lot of stuff to put in said presents and Christmas was right around da corner so perfect timing lol I wrapped up dis level up in like a week (Abt da Yoshi coins btw, they were actually originally cheese strats so I converted them into Yoshi Coin paths lmao I'm too lazy to uncheese stuff)

Super Emmy World 2 | Saving The World | World 1-MT close

By 3mmyco0l9

This level was kinda bland and I don't think you will like it too much. But if you have any suggestions for anything please tell me. The real name of the level is 1-Boom Boom's Spinjump Tower and MT stands for Mid Tower.