Baddie Box Plains close

By Shutterclick

Wow, I haven't made a level in months. I guess that's what happens when you get too caught up in other things. I've been messing around with Baddie Boxes in the editor, so I decided to make a level (mostly) about Baddie Boxes! I hope you enjoy.

Starry Ice Caverns close

By twisterjoyful26

Enter the icy cave in a high mountain marked with stars as you make your way through pipes and cold water. I wanted to make the cold water as un-cheeseable as possible, so I used Eeries. But they can be cheesed with invincibility frames and plus it’s kind of enemy spam. So I used lava blocks. You can still swim on the top part if you can maintain yourself. Buzzkill…

OTC 29 By SuperO35.4%
OTC 29 close

By SuperO

Only Two Colors

The summer tower close

By Emir55

This is my last level before the holidays! I will make always a level like this before the holidays!??

SMB1 W1-1 close

By julians

The First Level Of Super Mario Brothers 1

Super Mario Bros. The Full Adventure Demo (W1) close

By CrazyCookiesOFFICIAL

I'm remaking the entirety of SMB in one level. This is the demo. Enjoy.

(Mundo 1) 1-8 Croset 8 (Cat Worlds 1) close

By Migcat48CW

Solo disfruta este nivel después de mucho tiempo :)

Golden Grasslands - 1 close

By CrazyCookiesOFFICIAL

Here's an old level that I never got to finish. I completely forgot what I was going for. At least its relatively complete!

IM BACK!!!! close

By brogameryt

play and read the text box!!! new level coming out soon