Super Iggy Bros. - World 2-3 close

By IggyHopxD

Super Iggy Bros. - World 2-3: Piranha Meadows After touching the flagpole posterior to the fortress Iggy had to go through in the last level, he encounters a land full of piranha plants, waiting for our hero to jump straight into their green and sharpened mouth. Help him get through the area! Also, this level has a secret exit that you can find somewhere that leads to the secret level of world 2. How about you find both exits so that Iggy can explore both 2-4 AND 2-Secret? This level, both in its name and its theme (but definitely NOT its difficulty, since this one is pretty easy), is based off an SMF3 kaizo I made back in 2018, "Muncher Park". I was originally not expecting the levels to be so similar, but when I realized how similar both ideas were I thought "Hey, how about I make this level be based off Muncher Park?". So yeah, I did just that. Comparisons aside, I think that both in design and gameplay, since I kept the gameplay easy but still slightly challenging for a W2 level but still added as much scenery as I could without overflowing the level with it. This goes both for the main area (Normal level) and the bonus area (The secret exit). So, I think I didn't do my best, but I did pretty good. Nothing perfect, but nothing terrible. Clues to find the 1-up: "Opposite to the coin block, under the same tree platform." (Yeah, this one is also pretty easy) So I hope you like this level, and of course, feel free to give me your opinion about it. Also, if you're still reading this far, here's a spoiler about which themes 2-Secret and 2-4 are gonna have: 2-Secret: Brown Lava Cavern 2-4: Water + Platforms course (Inspired off how the original World 2-3 of the original Super Iggy Bros was gonna be like)

Mario 'Round The World 2 close

By Gamerclm678

I saw some requests, So i did it. I tried to make the sky look all sunsetty and at the end, have it be night. Yes, This is in Beta v2.

New Year's Strolls close

By Nathan nathan

I made this to celebrate the new year and the new decade. This was going to be out yesterday, but I started trying to finish it too late and so I didn't post it (I finished this last night). Hope you enjoy this, and if you're reading the description please continue... Note: Coins forming an exclamation mark ! means that something is coming. Don't say I didn't warn you. :3

Caustic Castle (Tag with Lazorcozmic5) close

By Nuozzu4 Between Lazorcozmic5 and i, we made this one., the first tag of 2020!! Lazor's part: Orange castle, Main zone (Classical level) My part: Gray castle, Bonus Zone (Puzzle level) In my part, the same pipe you came from is the warp reset, all the yellows door are reset warps At x2800 you have to jump while you pick the mushroom. The level is 100% possible, was tested for me. Rate high and enjoy!

Air Base 7-1 close

By goldenemerl25

A Sky High Base With Some Airships, 5 Advance Coins, Lakitus with Bullet Blasters! Note: At X:5360 There's this glitch, when you defeat Lakitu his body will remain below.

Good bye 2019!!! close

By BananaMan 248

Can you find all of the 5 advance coins? Good luck! If you want to know where are the 5 coins, coment!

I tried (Smc first) close

By barf34

Tried... THere were no checkpoints! So I added them!

Mario Shorties World 5-1 close

By SMLFlash

We are only halfway through the series. Not flat. Not spamming. It's still short. But, The scenery is sky themed.

Super Iggy Bros. - World 2-Fortress close

By IggyHopxD

Super Iggy Bros. - World 2-Fortress: Puddle Puzzle Fortress Iggy entered the grey mini-fortress that he found last time, and when entering, he saw something he didn't really expect: Everything was flooded with all the water that enters from the nearby-found Willy Waterfalls. Not only was that inside, but also a lot of puzzles that he may or may not know from previous levels. How about you help Iggy find his way through this maze of this fortress full of puddles and puzzles? This level was pretty fun to make. I actually started building the ending (Bonus Zone) before the main area of the level, funnily enough. It was kind of hard (even if fun) to make the main level though, because I sometimes ran out of ideas for puzzles or non-repetitive scenery so I had to improvise: That's why some parts might look empty or decorated in a different way from others. But in terms of gameplay, I think it's fine. Don't expect the best level you ever see or saw from me, but don't expect the worst either. Just a decent regular puzzle level. Also, red pipes are reset pipes. NOTE: At x2500, sometimes, because of RNG, the Hammer Bro might jump over to the ceiling and get stuck. I didn't really find any other way to fix it than changing the layout of the blocks, but that would be hard to do because it would change the challenge of that zone. Anyhoo, please don't rate down for it even if there was a solution, because it's not my fault. It's just Pouetpu's fault for programming the hammer bro as such. Thanks :) Clues to find the 1-up mushroom: "Never trust a mushroom. That's one of the constants of this world." (Yes, an Undertale reference, because why not?) So I hope you all enjoy this level, and of course, feel free to give me your opinion.

Super Mario Bros Omega 1-2 close

By hernaneves

Este É O Primeiro Nivel De Caverna, Segundo Nivel Do Primeiro Mundo Do New Super Mario Bros Omega (Tradução/Traduction) This Is The First Level Of Cave, Second Level Of The First World Of New Super Mario Bros Omega