My First Level close

By epro201249s


Super mario world: Shining adventure 4-2 close

By bowser jr

[conveyor city] 4-2-wet sewers. Mario used a shortcut through the sewers, however he will have to deal with several challenges in the dark and the stench.

Adventure to Pole (SMC V8) close

By Skeleboi 173

in this journey, Mario is travelling around the plains during the beautiful night, he is searching for The Pole. legend says that uh, well uh, the euh, it it's well... damn i didn't think i'd get this far NOTICE: Snapshot V8 levels are currently allowed to be published, as mentioned by TFD (MrGerund) Link to V8: Custom Music used: at 3:14 Gameplay video:

How to return to monke close

By Mariogamerxyz

Welcome to my tutorial, this will teach you how to become from a useless human being into a monke. Talk to the toads by order, to understand the steps. Original tutorial:

NSMC 1-1 Chuck Fields (e) close

By valterriitsjames77

Reuploading some of my old levels with subtle changes E = edited

Treasure in Brinewater Bay close

By twisterjoyful26

Bowser has made his latest castle truly impossible, so Mario must venture out to get the legendary Power Orb to obliterate anything of his choosing in his path. The orb is hidden in Brinewater Bay's watery depths. So custom music does not work at all on my part, it just gives me an error saying I need to insert a .ogg music file and that it can’t load. So if you think I need custom music, I need to solve this problem first.

Big Boo's Forest close

By Herobrinesword

Beyond Big Boo's Haunt lies the fabled Big Boo's Forest. Here, you must solve the puzzle to escape. Will you find the key, or will you become one of us? Game Link: Every level of Super Mario Construct is personalized...

Metal Puzzle Volcano close


Since you people were so critical of my last level, clearly not satified of a remake of the level that brought us here today, I've created a series of puzzles that makes use of metal mario. Heads up not to use the brown p-switch until after grabbing the trampoline because I was a stupid and layered certain things incorrectly.

Follow the Meadow Path (SMC v8) close

By JetWing34

PLAY THE LEVEL HERE: As a quick and important notice: Super Mario Construct v8 beta levels are allowed on this website (per TFD), as long as the link to the game is provided. Understandably said, snapshot levels may not be as reliable as codes can be hindered easily when new snapshots are released. With new snapshots, the level may no longer be beatable in the process. By submitting this SMC v8 level, I will check on this level and any other levels in the future whenever snapshots are released. Follow the Meadow Path is another grassland SMC v8 level I created. It has became the easiest-to-use level editor I have used since the years of Super Mario Flash 1. This level features easy to medium difficulty. If you are novice with 2D platform games, it will take you just a couple of minutes to beat it. My suggestion is go to the SMC/YFS Discord server to find a growing library of SMC v8 levels in case you are having a tough time beating this level. SMC/YFS Discord server:

1-1 By SHxCK1.4%
1-1 close


Literally 1-1 from Super Mario Bros Edit: Sorry for accidentally stealing someone's level, did not mean to do that. It's now fixed.

Rudimentary Rainforest close

By baronbrrrrettwastaken

This rainforest is rather easy to navigate, but it's also infested with Koopas, Goombuds, and Goombruhs, so watch out! Can you find the secret exit?