Super Mario World Deluxe World 3-C: Flooded Castle close

By javien322

After Mario gets through the Flooded Castle Entrance, He ends up in of course... Flooded Castle! In this level, You have to face many challenges ranging from Cannonballs to Torpedo Te- Wait. Did I just say FLOODED CASTLE? I am not even kidding this level takes place Underwater! Just like W3-F. And this level has a similar type of plot as 3-F, except it has a Different type of water gimmick: The water is invisible! Can Mario move on to World 4? Find out as you play! Good Luck!

Super Mario Concept Coins 2 close

By yolo

Here we have a concepts. I've fixed as many cheeses as I can but make note that I've resolved some by simply just making it not worth your while than impossible. The concepts in here are: - Different enemies, Same area - Randomize - Shopping for power-ups with coins - Don't move back 6-7 blocks - Sinking in water - Don't stop jumping Upon entering use the mushroom in stock to get past the spikes

New World Hills {Check Desc} close

By EchoesHeart

Super Mario Construct: Pastebin: Welcome to my latest level, after probably like six months of inactivity and one username change, I am back! Formerly known as II_DragonKing_II, I have decided to try something different or better from what I've done in the past. Hope you like it!

Sunshine Land-Tower: Fencing Over Lava close

By solidfire

I love the Music here, and the boom boom fight. I try to make all these unique. Also, it is a really good looking tower level.

Mario and the switch trains close

By Lyric_TheLegend

Thanks Solidfire for letting me know about the cheese in my level! This is an edited version of my level made to prevent chese.

Sunshine Land-3: Riding the Rising Tides close

By solidfire

A water level, on land. Does anyone get mario maker vibes from this? Rising water, P-Switches, And no slopes! This water level is such a treat! P.S. Fisxed (tried) the issue with the music going away. BTW, If you havn't noticed by now, this is a beach world!

Super Mario World Deluxe W3-7: (Ghost) House Flood close

By javien322

After Mario Beats the fearful Cave Land, Mario ends up in a ghost house. That's once again in a lake. Can Mario escape this Ghost House?? By the way, The Doors which have White tiles underneath them are Reset Doors. Good Lu- YoowOW! ouchuweuweuweuweewewewOUCH! Dang It! I fell down the stairs when I wrote this script.

The Land of Keys 2: The Keys to the Castle close

By Hexagon42 The second level of the land of keys trilogy. Try not to go insane :) Code:

Super Mario World Deluxe World 2-A: Cannon Airship close

By javien322

After Mario beaten the White Valley and burned his eyes out, Mario Came across the 1st airship in the game. This level is mostly cannonballs. That is the main enemy in this level. This is the first level in my series to have an airship theme. I hope you like it. This is also the first level in my series to be Hard. While all my previous levels in my series were Easy and Medium. And in layer 2, I put some crates in the beginning of the level to make it look like the Twin Towers from New York City. And as always, Good Luck!

Ulterior Motive close

By adam02oc

Once they were out for blood, but they have since become your ally. Stuck high in the clouds, Mario must find a safe path down, his only help being the Bullets he once called foe... Full game play can be found on my youtube channel: This is my eleventh uploaded level. Hope you enjoy!

To Conquer Mt.Chill [Easier Edition] close

By TheTroll73

Yay the fourth easier edition. Obviously the original level is the best but here ya go. Original level: Also yea I forgot to change the link of the background before puush deleted but teh white background fits anyway so... Also just after the checkpoint you need to slide and say weeeeee or something Do note you need to know how to use cape mario for one challenge with Bowser's dark matter.

Sunshine Land-7:Yoshi Stretches His Legs! close

By solidfire

First Yoshi level... This isn't the first appearance of him, but first one that uses his, quirks, to the max! Can you find all the hidden berries, and swallow them with Yoshi? I bet not!