Small Level #1 close

By Neckage

Just a basic level.

AKM - Stage 1: The Haze close

By Eduard

At this stage you will see a clear mist that will pass through the entire level, it can make it difficult to see in some parts of the levels. Custom musics: Forest Interlude - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Unprofessional Shoe Tutorial close

By Neckage

Ditto. Update: Springs work properly now.

Ultra Mario World:Mushroom Fields 2 close

By koopaslayer1042

Mario continues his way though mushroom fields.

Kelvin Kingdom 1 close

By Herobrinesword

With Allah Gold rescued, Mario and Green set off for Kelvin Kingdom, a land still covered in a Nuclear winter even after 244 years.

Volcanic Sands 2 close

By Herobrinesword

Mario and Green decided to take the path with the fleet of paratroopas in a sandstorm on their own. The harsh winds will make walking through the town a lot harder.

Chlorophyte Switch Palace close

By Herobrinesword

With the blood of a toad on his hands, Mario discovers a pipe leading to a chlorophyte switch palace. Here lies the first of five challenges.