Scarlet Devil Journey close

By Plume 4.0

There's been a red mist covering over the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario was sent by Peach to investigate the mist coming from a mansion that recently appeared out of nowhere. After some months I've made a new level.

Extrasolar Extremes of WASP-76b close

By Build

This is my 100th level special and it will be a very hard and challenging level as it takes place on the atmosphere of a extrasolar hot Jupiter, where it rains molten rain in the night side, has intense wind speeds, and there will be extraterrestrial airships dashing through the higher atmosphere. There will be a variety of challenges throughout this level and some of them will be difficult such as the bomb jump and superball switch run. Also you get your lives back whenever you die after reaching any checkpoint to make up for the difficulty and to reset the level to prevent unseen issues from occurring. My 100th level special was originally going to be multi levels in one level, featuring different extreme exoplanets that you can choose to go to at the beginning, but SMC has some limitations in the current version when it comes to having very lengthy maps and levels, as it would begin to lag after having more than 200x or y filled in a single map and end up taking a long time to load when more tiles are filled in multiple maps.

Unnamed Level Part V close

By Softendo

Every single day i wake up, look at the mirror and question myself.. Why am i not a cute anime cat girl?