SMMI | Dry Desert Island - 6 - Spiky Wilds close

By StarTigerrr

I'm back! After a year of a break, I am back with making levels. If you don't remember me, make sure to play (and maybe rate) some of my older levels. I am getting used to SMC and I like it. Mario is still stuck in this never-ending desert. To make things worse, he must beat pokeys and spikes in this level. Will he be able to do it? Let's find out!

NSMC 4-3 Alpine Rush close

By valterriitsjames77

Mario. This level is going to test your speed in climbing hills and mountains. You came through the rocky hills, and the valley of rocks. Now you must come to the Alpine Rush (no not the German car thing) to test your speed. Bombs may blow up and become wasted energy, but your dignity, strength, and determination will not. Good luck Mario. You will need it. Also this level is probably a few months old.

Super Mario World: Reborn - World 2.8 close

By javien322

Super Mario World: Reborn - World 2.8: Wacky Zone ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- You might be asking yourself, Why is this called the wacky zone? I'm glad you asked! This level has some weird and quirky features that weren't used before in previous regular levels that make this one wacky. This includes puzzles, Desert lava and even dodging spikes while on a moving platform. You might have to play this TWICE to fully understand everything in this level. GOOD LUCK!

3-1 wood industry close

By BeeperPeeper

I worked hard on this so.... have fun making!

2 close

By BoonAndTheRingo

2 i created this out of boredom

Map mania close

By Bunger Mania

Plz give good tips

flower zone close

By Key scratch

Level with many dangerous colors

2-6 Bowser's Airship madness close

By BeeperPeeper

You already Defeated Bowser Right? let me tell you what happened after the fight... Bowser fell into a autumn forest then one of his troops found him in that place and that one troop is the galoomba! galoomba called everyone of bowser's troops and aided him and bowser has told a new plan to every troops to invade different places! that is the story after bowser was defeated.

Lava By Key scratch77.5%
Lava close

By Key scratch

The level was made by two people. Me and my friend. I am Key Scratch Friend - KirillsPoddubskis KirillsPoddubskis - made a level I have decorated